Chatbot templates for your business

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Chatbot templates for your business

If you want to start an online business, the smartest thing you can do is to integrate a medium where all your customers can contact you. Effective communication with customers can forge success in the digital world. And here’s an AI tool that has caught the market’s attention for a while- chatbots!

The growing popularity of chatbots has become a fact. For the past two years, companies have been more focused on creating them than ever before. However, it didn’t happen overnight!

People have been trying to create a robot able to communicate with humans since the early 1960s, like ELIZA, ALICE and SmarterChild. But since then, we’ve made a huge step forward, with AI and chatbots ruling all sectors of industries now.

Chatbots are one of the applications of artificial intelligence with explosive potential. These programs are designed to simulate conversations with the customers and automate tasks for those busy entrepreneurs who want to invest their time and money into crucial things.

The ability to deliver customer support round-the-clock has made them a pick among several sectors of industries today. At industries like e-commerce, potential purchasers are making buying decisions at times that are most convenient to them, rather than adhering to traditional business hours.

As chatbot applications shift into more technical areas, there is a demand for experts or chatbot platforms who can develop the technology to respond to a wider spectrum of questions and issues. Companies thus focus on delivering chatbots that effectively address niche queries on social media sites or any only online websites, paving the way for entrepreneurs who want to expand into similar areas.

Sounds interesting? Read on to find out how to build one for your business, and here’s the kicker- we’ll teach you how to do it for free!

DIY chatbot platforms for effortless bot-building!

Now when it comes to building a bot for your websites, there are two ways to achieve it. You can either create a bot by coding, or you can opt for many services out there which provide you a substructure to build a chatbot on. These DIY chatbot platforms have all the background work done, from coding to a vendor team to ensure the smooth running of the chatbots created.

Coding is costly. Besides, if you’re unfamiliar with coding, you will require a team to do so. You also need to make sure the data is secure. Coding is a time-consuming process and regular chatbot testing has to be done for legibility and accuracy. Viable data and the USP of your product reaching your target audience is also a must-have if you want to derive the full benefits of chatbot technology.

The DIY Chatbot platforms have proved to be the ultimate salvation for beginners and non-technical users without much knowledge in programming and coding. Incorporating Machine Learning and Natural Language Process programs into the platform, which are the key aspects, leaves you with only creating the conversational flow and the tasks that you want the chatbot to perform.  

Thus, designing these bots is as simple as dragging and dropping from a set of pre-defined functionalities, coupled with some scope to modify and customize them for your specific business objectives.

What are the chatbot templates?

Chatbot Templates are pre-built intelligent bots that you can directly use to integrate with your website. These ready-to-go templates can be modified according to your needs and launched at your website with minimum effort. Every business is different and has a wide range of requirements that it expects an AI tool like a chatbot to consummate. Hence, chatbot templates come in many varieties and continue to grow innovatively as the world progresses into more opportunities. Though their basic function might be automating interactions, they have their own set of functionalities and come in infinite use-cases.

How to download free chatbot templates?

Follow these simple steps to build a bot for your website using templates:

  • Visit the Engati website. Towards the top of the page, you’ll find ‘Bot Marketplace’ among features, blogs, partnerships, demo and more.
  • Click on Bot Marketplace and browse through all the templates available. Choose a template that fits your needs and watch the demo to see how your bot is going to look like. Download the chatbot template for free!
  • You can customize the conversational flow and make use of ‘intelligent nodes’ to enable images, videos, carousels, multilingual features and much more to make your bot smarter.
  • The templates are skeleton structures of your bot, so feel free to personalize it with your own themes, logos, company name, etc.
  • There are 14 integrations available, that includes- Website Chatbots, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Viber, Line, Telegram, Slack, Kik, We Chat, Mobile Apps- iOS and Android, Skype and Skype for Business
  • Go to ‘deploy bot’, copy the code and paste it in the HTML code of your website, preferably between the body tags. And voila! Your chatbot is ready to roll!

We have over 150+ templates to meet every business need!

Chatbots often fall out in the market because there are so many of them and most of them use the traditional method of an FAQ system. To make a robust chatbot for your website and reap maximum benefits, you’ll need to procure smart technology which is fresh and people can be excited about it! People have always been thrilled by the idea of talking to a robot, so you can take this fact to your advantage and build a bot that stands out from the crowd. You can make your conversational flow witty or integrate multilingual features or even make it voice-enabled! Use intelligent nodes to do more!

Our dev team is coming out with bots that will fill out every essential in your business. We’re expanding our Bot Marketplace with new, multifunctional bots every day! From HR to hospital, school to a fashion store, and therapy to personal assistant, we’ve got it all covered! Visit the Bot Marketplace to browse through 150+ best chatbot designs and build a bot that stands out from the rest!

Some of the most-preferred chatbot templates by our clients

  • HR Recruiter Bot
  • E-commerce- Product browse
  • Education Bot
  • Automotive- Lead Generation
  • Education- School
  • Healthcare- Appointment Selector
  • Travel- Trip Planner
  • Insurance- Policy Selector
  • Telecom Bot
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Real Estate Bot
  • Hotel Booking Bot
  • Trip Planner Bot
  • Quiz for Market Research
  • User Onboarding
  • Restaurant Bot
  • Cinema Bot
  • Banking Bot

Explore many more such smart templates at our Bot Marketplace!

For further information on bot-building, come join our Webinar that is to be released soon!

Thanks for reading!

With so many templates at your disposal, building a chatbot couldn't be easier. All you have to do is register with Engati to get started.

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