Building voice assistants on mobile apps with Engati

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Building voice assistants on mobile apps with Engati

Over 2.7 billion users across the world own a smartphone. In both developed and developing countries, the ownership is upwards of 90% of the population. With the increasing usage of smartphones, there is also a tremendous surge in the usage of mobile apps. Mobile Apps are native to the smartphone, have superior user experience, and demonstrate higher engagement rates as compared to websites.

Many enterprises are employing mobile apps to engage with customers and employees along while with providing superior user experience in their interactions. If mobile apps revolutionised digitalisation and access, a Voice Assistant for chatbot is empowering users to adopt this evolution and to do tasks more quickly faster and effectively.

What is a Voice Assistant?

A voice assistant is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition, speech synthesis, natural language processing (NLP), and other AI-related capabilities to provide a service through a particular application.

Gartner predicts that over 30% percent of Customer Interactions will use voice. And that, by 2021, 25% percent of employee interactions with applications will be via voice. In the past, text was the only way to interact with an assistant or a chatbot. Now, voice has taken over.

Customer acquisition & support with a Voice Assistant

Imagine an upcoming e-commerce or a retail store focusing on customer acquisition without compromising on customer support or experience. The store drives this initiative through their newly launched mobile app on iOS and Android with the goal of increasing app installations.

One obvious option available is to employ additional customer support personnel to cater to the increased user traffic.  The other option would be to leverage Siri or Google Assistant to help out with providing the required service. But there is a third option that is far more cost effective and meaningful as compared to the other two.

Fun Fact: 55% of teenagers are using voice search daily basis.
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Engati allows organisations to build voice assistants for a variety of use cases across industries. The voice assistant can be integrated with the mobile app on both iOS and Android operating systems. The Assistant has the capability to mimic a customer support personnel or a user behaviour.

As a user of the mobile app, one can leverage the assistant to search for products or services, get information on a product or a service, get real time information on order status, provide information on both general or specific enquiries and guide on next steps.

5 Key benefits that demonstrate Engati is a leader in the Voice Assistant space for mobile apps

An Engati Voice Assistant:

Can integrate with multiple public and enterprise systems to retrieve and add/update details

Voice Assistants like Google Home, Alexa, and Siri are doing a great job at personalising technology at home. In fact, Amazon is currently working on a technology that will make you talk to your microwave. Who knows, we could be talking to the Uber or Ola app so that it books a cab for us. On the enterprise front, Microsoft is working with Alexa to make people use its Office suite. Further, their recent release is a platform that helps companies build workplace skills using Cortana.

In a similar fashion, Engati helps you build a Voice Assistant for your business. This way your customers can simply talk to the bot within your mobile app and to find solutions.

Engati voice assistants can also be customized to integrate with other enterprise systems like Google Sheets, Salesforce etc., Engati voice assistants can also retrieve and save information via REST, SOAP APIs. Also, it is easy, fast and effective and saves the customer significant amount of time and effort.

Is agnostic to the Operating System and works across multiple smartphones

Voice Assistants today are specific to the operating software. Siri is specific to iOS and Google Assistant is specific to Android. With Engati, one can build a Voice Assistant that works on both of these operating systems and requires minimal coding. So, an organization need not invest heavily on additional engineers to build voice assistants for their mobile apps.

Includes extensive intelligence across a variety of AI based capabilities

When you build a voice or a chatbot with Engati, you get to integrate it with FAQs, Entities, Contextual Conversations, Synonyms, Intent, and a whole variety of other AI based features. These advanced AI and natural language capabilities are native to the platform and allow you to leverage them for your bots in a plug-and-play fashion.

You can even train your chatbot by simply uploading a document with your information for the bot to parse. Thanks to our DocuSense technology, your Engati bot will pull the information directly from this document and use it to answer questions.

Is cheaper than integrating other voice assistants with your mobile apps

Building a DIY Voice Assistant for a mobile app requires additional investment on engineering, infrastructure and learning abilities. With Engati, one can build voice assistants and integrate them with the apps quickly.

Can be customised for language, placement, design and flows

Engati is a multilingual chatbot platform that supports 50+ international languages. To name a few of them, it supports English, Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and more. Moreover, the Voice Assistant can also be customized for placement within the app, fitting the visual design of the app and building the intelligence as per business goals.

As of 2019, Amazon’s Alexa was supported on around 60,000 different smart home devices around the world, providing an excellent example of just how popular the software has become.
- Statista report on Digital Voice Assistants.


Engati is an easy-to-build with chatbot platform. Getting started with it takes only 10 minutes. In fact, it's a DIY platform that doesn't need you to program or code from scratch. In fact, a lot of our customers at Engati are using the Voice Assistant feature and measuring improvements in business, sales, customer interactions and support.

To know more on chatbot technology, try building your own ai chatbot!

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