Multilingual chatbots using Engati

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Multilingual chatbots using Engati

The demand for multilingual chatbots grows, as you grow. More and more customers expect to interact with your business in the languages and dialects of their choice. This is especially the case when it comes to having customer inquiries. Using multilingual chatbots is vital because communication is vital.

And communicating with customers in their preferred language is an art that successful businesses must conquer. They are now looking for other ways to facilitate translation through neural machine learning APIs in order to translate inbound and outbound messages through multilingual chatbots.

In a similar way, Engati is shaping language translation in chatbots with its chatbot multi language feature. With this, businesses are not just able to cater to customer queries 24X7 but are also able to provide a personalised chat experience in a language, which the customer wants to speak. See how Engati’s multilingual bots feature is going to help you and your business conquer customer support.

NLP and AI technology is needed in chatbot building and it’s becoming more and more accessible

Why did we mention that this technology is easily accessible? It is because the chatbot marketplace is growing fast and if it’s readily accessible as well, then your competitors are probably taking advantage of it already.

So, what’s stopping you if you are all ready to build a multilingual bot?

We are talking about a real digital revolution here. The world of communication has come a long way and chatbots supporting multiple languages are a big, successful part of it.

With Engati, you can build a multilingual chatbot in 50+ international languages. This will not only ensure customer support but will also enable in-depth customer care.

As per a 2016 survey, only 26% of internet users used English as their browsing or messaging language

If you have a huge English-speaking customer base then it’s great if you have an English-speaking bot.

However, if you have a huge customer base that doesn’t prefer English then definitely it’s better that you make use of multilingual chatbots.

It doesn’t end here. Your chatbot must be culturally aligned with your customers.

Technology will help you get access to quality services such as professional translations and sentence generation. But are the promises to your customers limited to these quality services? Wouldn’t you want to take it up a notch and deliver cultural alignment to your customers?

While training your multilingual chatbot you must consider-

1. Dialects

2. Text direction

3. Measurements

4. Currencies, and more

In fact, the way in which you train the chatbot must ensure that the language is aligned with local contexts and phrases. With a genuine localised process you can test the localisation of your bot and see how well your bot performs.

So if the majority of your customer-base is from a country like India, you business is going to witness some drastic growth with multilingual bots.

You can make conversational AI vernacular with Engati

Let your business have a voice with Engati’s multilingual chatbots building feature. The bot will be trained enough to engage your customers in multiple languages. Since the number of queries in English is going to be less than 50% it only makes sense to train your bot in other highly-preferred languages.

The beauty of vernacular conversational AI is that you can customise the conversations the way your customers want and understand. With machine learning capabilities, the bot will be able to learn the intent and prepare itself for future conversations with your customers.

Isn’t that wonderful?

So, with Engati’s multilingual chatbots you can engage your customers across multiple languages, culture and locale.

This way, you will prepare your business to grow into a global brand.

Register with Engati and take your customer service game to the next level!

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