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Engati supports RTL (Right-to-Left) on its platform

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Engati supports RTL (Right-to-Left) on its platform

An immigrant shop-owner in the U.S. couldn’t control his happiness when an American citizen visited his shop and spoke to him in his native language. He said that it felt like “his native country came all this way to say hi!” An incident as small is this was enough to create a meaningful connection between the shop-owner and the customer.

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world but nothing brings a sense of comfort and belonging like connecting with someone who speaks your native language. That’s exactly why Engati is enabling businesses to give a personalised experience to their customers with a multilingual chatbot. The RTL support is one such initiative.

What is RTL?

RTL means Right-to-Left; it’s a feature that enables a bot to align the user-input automatically from Right-to-Left, as opposed to the conventional Left-to-Right used in English. This is an exclusive feature for Middle-Eastern languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, etc, which begin from the right and move towards the left. The script is rendered in such a way that the bot dynamically aligns it as RTL.

Multilingual chatbot

Why have we introduced RTL that supports our chatbot platform?

Engati is always on the lookout for bringing ease to customers and believes that language must never be a barrier between a provider and a user. Engati has a cutting edge NLP engine. It understands incoming questions and text, making the platform user-friendly and customer-centric.

We have designed and incorporated RTL exclusively for the countries in the Middle-East. Like Dubai, Qatar, Israel, and more. This feature will enable smooth, uninterrupted one-to-one interactions between businesses and customers.

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How will customers benefit from this?

If users type in a query starting with an RTL language and continue in the same way or switch to English later, they will be able to find answers in their native language.

In this case, the alignment will be based on the first input’s language by the user.

Do you need this for your business?

If you have a business that is flourishing in the Middle-East, this is the perfect solution for you! Get in touch with us at Engati to explore about this feature and what we are up to with our future plans. We will also incorporate an additional feature where the user can choose a preferred language in the beginning itself.

Take the first step towards connecting with customers without any barriers of communication.

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