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What is Engati?

Engati, in a nutshell, is a platform that focuses on helping you make your customers’ lives easier. We’re always looking for ways to help you reduce your customer effort and increase your customer satisfaction.

We won the 2021 CODiE Award as the best artificial intelligence driven technology solution, but we’re so much more than that. At our core, we’re just a large group of people with a grand vision — helping you create an amazing customer experience.

Our amazing features (and how they could help you)


50+ languages

Only 26% of internet users understand English. So forcing your customers to interact with you only in English is a bad idea. You want to be able to make your customers feel comfortable and treat you as one of them, instead of having them treat you like an outsider.

To be one of them, you need to talk like one of them, and your Engati chatbot can help you do just that. Engati allows you to engage and support your customers in over 50 languages, allowing you to be globally local.



One again, this is about making your customers feel comfortable. Your customers spend their time on various channels, and we want to help you reach them on whichever channel they happen to be using at that moment. Essentially, we’re trying to help you make your customers lives easier. 

We make it possible for you to chat with your customers across 15 chat channels, as well as email. 


OneView inbox

What’s the point of going omnichannel if you can’t manage all your customer conversations in one place? Engati’s OneView inbox pulls all your customer conversations across channels, with multiple agents and your bot into one inbox. This eliminates any need for you to constantly hop across channels to find messages (and also reduces the chance of missing a message from your customers.

And our conversation stitching feature allows you to see recent conversations that your customers had on other channels as well, so that your live chat agents always have context and never have to frustrate your customers by repeating a question.


Proprietary NLP engine

Our proprietary eSenseGPT a Generative AI engine uses semantics and advanced intent and entity recognition to enable your chatbot to understand your customers’ queries and deliver the most appropriate and helpful answers. It automatically takes care of several aspects of text preprocessing like stopwords reduction, parts of speech handling, context handling, spelling mistakes handling, stemming.



Integrations galore

With Engati, you can integrate your chatbot with your ticketing and CRM systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc. It even allows you to integrate with Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and the whole suite of Zapier integrations. 

You could go further and integrate Engati using JSON REST APIs.


Easy bot training

Engati makes it easy for you to train your chatbot continuously so that your bot evolves as your business grows and your customers’ needs change. 

Instead of just adding one FAQ at a time, you can bulk upload your FAQs to save time. You could even automate the training process by using our DocuSense technology. This allows you to upload a document to the bot, and the bot will parse your document, going through 12 pages every 8 seconds and be able to pull answers to your customers’ questions without you needing to manually train the bot.


Intelligent conversation routing

Some conversations need to be handled by a human. But the issue that annoys customers the most is that they tend to be bounced across agents till they find the one that can actually help them.

With Engati Live Chat, you don’t need to worry about your customers having to deal with that. It intelligently routes your customer conversations, based on context from their messages, to the agent who is most equipped to handle the conversation and wouldn’t need to transfer or escalate the conversation.


Analytics dashboards

Engati allows you to get extensive insights from your customer conversations, representing the data in great detail via its analytics dashboards.

You could even integrate Engati with Google Analytics to dig deeper into your customer’s minds and improve your customer experience even further.

Industries that benefit from using Engati



Imagine this, a potential customer arrives on your eCommerce portal. They see a product that catches their attention and they are considering buying it.

Now, they’re looking for some specific information about it. But they just can’t find it. What do you think they’re going to do?

Well, for 53% of online shoppers, this situation is going to make them say “I’m outta here!”

Your customers want instant answers to their questions. They’re not going to write an email and wait for you to answer it. 

In fact, according to Forrester, 44% of online shoppers believe that live chat is the best feature that an eCommerce site could have.



Go back to your college days, cramming late in the night for an exam. How’d you feel when you couldn’t understand something? Didn’t you wish you could have someone come to guide you and solve your doubts?

What if you had an intelligent chatbot that could answer those questions in an instant, taking your exam prep to a whole new level?

Engati helps you make that happen for your students, allowing them to learn at their own pace, in the most effective way possible. 

Engati chatbots can even notify your students about exam schedules, assignment submission deadlines and much more. In fact, they could even be used to collect assignments from the students instead of making them navigate through your website or portal.

Quick tip: Here’s an article on chatbots for elearning.



What if you could share quotes, sell policies, handle claims, and even collect premium payments over WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or your customers’ favorite channels? Wouldn’t that be an effective way to reduce customer effort? Even online notary services are possible across the channels.

An Engati chatbot could help you do all that, send policy documents, and even collect and verify your customers’ documents, over their favorite channel.



Planning trips can be rather stressful for your customers. But not when you have an intelligent chatbot to help them plan their itineraries, book their flights, and make reservations at their hotels from one place. Your bot could even be used to let your customers pay for their tickets, and hotel rooms without navigating through any website or mobile apps.



Chatbots are used widely in healthcare. They are used by healthcare providers to access patient information and history. They can even be used to help with diagnoses by let patients know which symptoms they should check for. These bots are not meant to replace doctors in any way. The idea is for these chatbots to assist doctors and help them perform their jobs more effectively.

Our top use-cases


Customer service

This is where we excel the most. Our solutions have helped our clients scale up their customer service tremendously. It allows them to engage far more customers than they ever did before. Qatar Insurance Company managed to handle 10.5x more customer conversations with their chatbot than they could before using an Engati bot.



You can use our AI-powered chatbot to drive sales and collect payments in a manner that is more convenient for your customers. All you need to do is integrate your chatbot with Stripe or another payment gateway.

You could even drive personalized product recommendations for your customers for your chatbot, making your pitch more relevant for them. 

It’s so effective as a sales channel that Tokio Marine Insurance managed to get 330 new customers via their Engati chatbot in just 1 week.



Your Engati chatbot can share relevant information and content with your customers. You’d be focusing on providing value here.

But your chatbot’s marketing capabilities are not limited to simply sharing content. It’s a powerful tool for lead generation as well. It allows you to collect customer information and store it in Google Sheets or your CRM. And if you integrate  your bot with Google Calendar, it even allows your customers to book appointments, demo calls, etc.



An Engati chatbot can be rather useful for your HR team as well. They could use it to simplify your employee experience, and even to streamline your onboarding process. Your team could use it to learn about the company’s policies and get other necessary information. You could also use it to engage with prospective candidates before they interview with you and share necessary information as well as answer all their doubts after they get done with their interviews and are considering the offer.

Your employees could even use it to apply for leave, ask HR queries, and even request payslips and other necessary documents.

Try us… and leave a review

Don’t just take our word, try us out. Explore the Engati platform and experience the magic that it works for your CX. All we ask is that you leave us a review on ProductHunt when you fall in love with Engati.

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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