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5 Benefits of integrating multilingual chatbots

Erica Isunarjo
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5 Benefits of integrating multilingual chatbots

Chatbots, or virtual assistants, are better than humans when it comes to picking up new languages. They can converse in dozens of languages, so users can come from anywhere and say anything. Take Duolingo's multilingual chatbot for example, they can speak French, Spanish, and German and have a native-like fluency.

Natural-language chatbots are essential tools for organizations like yours who are expanding outside the neighbouring market and into countries with promising new groups of customers. Get ahead of the curve and start building a chatbot for multiple languages. This’ll give you an important competitive advantage. If you simply don’t see the point of integrating a multilingual chatbot for your website, maybe this will change your mind.

Customers interact with your brand in their native tongue with a multi-language chatbot

While many consumers are multilingual, they’re more at ease buying in their mother language. The truth is that people rarely make purchases from English-only sites. The language determines how long they stay on a website, so if you’re not able to speak to global customers in their own language, you’ve got a problem. Customers won’t spend their money on your brand. Give language more thought if you want to compete with international firms. Also, considering the global nature of the world you’ll want to enable localization for your bot.

A natural-language chatbot can engage customers in their native tongue, across regions and countries. Don’t count on an instant translation or web application. Think about the languages your bot has to speak. If you’re speaking English and consumers speak Spanish, there will obviously be a communication gap. Be certain you’re able to hear people clearly – in other words, embed a chatbot on your website. The volume of work you have to put in is great, but there is great potential for interacting with customers using vernacular language. Include every potential language that people speak.

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It’s easier for your business to reach a wider audience

You've catered to local clients until your resources and scale of operations enabled it. Now, it’s a different story. You want to meet the high end of your organization’s possible earning potential. So, what do you do? Without a good translation and localization strategy, it’s impossible to enter the global market. Teach your chatbot as many languages as possible. The more languages the bot can fluently converse in, the more individuals will want to buy your products and services.

Create a multilingual domain specific chatbot to answer real-time queries. Are you curious to know how top multilingual bot creators are writing their dialogues? What resources do they use to edit or proofread content? Here's a short list:


It’s important to get the right match between the word and its grammatical nature. If you have a passion for language and writing, Grammarly is the perfect tool because it enables you to edit and proofread content for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Edit Minion

Creating a great chatbot experience is all about mastering the art of storytelling. Use Edit Minion, which scans the text for weaknesses. Further, it scans the content and gives you a report.

Hemingway Editor

The aim is to make your chatbot more human with multi-language support. The Hemingway Editor can help you transform your writing and make it more readable. Just a few changes to complicated sentences and you’re good to go. Your chatbot needs to be localized. The Word Point is able to provide reliable grammatical translations. Localization is made really easy by detecting customers’ language preferences and invoking the right languages in the bot. As you’re looking to support various languages and countries, take into account this option.  

A multilingual chatbot helps you stand out from the competition

If you can’t stand out from the crowd, you can’t thrive. Chatbot technology is already here, but not all business accept it. According to Forbes, only 57% of firms are using bots or planning to do so. When it comes to the adoption of multilingual chatbots, the percentage is significantly lower. Integrating a multilingual bot into your website will help you stand out from the crowd. A chatbot that speaks customers’ preferred languages will help them feel understood and feel like they matter. Which is why having a mulit-language interface is crucial.

It won’t take ages to build a global brand. When you have a multilingual bot, you can speak to people in the language that they speak. What happens is that you personalize your outreach for each person. This specific type of personalization works for different dialects, such as British and American English. The bot addresses customers directly in a personalized manner. This includes one-to-one messages, segmentation, and even addressing people by their first names. So, don’t be surprised if your brand wins over new business.

You can save time and reduce employee language training costs

Have you been trying to cope up with new ways to improve your online customer service? Training staff members in other languages isn't the answer. You can’t train your employees in every possible language. They wouldn’t be able to learn that many mother tongues even if their lives depended on it. What you should be doing is teaching the bot to converse in various languages. This will ensure a superior customer experience by eliminating communication gaps caused by users making inquiries in non-English languages.

This is the chatbot era. Many renowned companies have used and will continue to use chatbots to interact and provide customers answers. For instance, H&M uses chatbots in retail to bring the best of online shopping. It can define the style, suggest outfits, and dislike selections. You’re missing the big picture. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft all have chatbots that meet multilingual needs. You’re not a big player in the market. Not yet, anyway. Being multilingual enables you to reach out to potential clients at the right time. Basically, you can focus on high-value clients and connect with them for immediate assistance.

Chatbots can mind their manners

Some days are just bad days. A smile and absolute politeness don’t guarantee excellent customer service, but it certainly helps. If you’re not polite, you risk upsetting people. Being professional and polite isn’t always easy. That’s why you need to integrate a multilingual chatbot to your website. Not only does a bot stimulate human conversation, but also drive better engagement by being polite.

Moreover, all multilingual chatbots respond in an appropriate way. They can be really helpful. A native multi-language chatbot doesn’t have emotions, so it can respond politely if it’s programmed to do so. No matter what the person is saying, the bot will ensure the optimal experience. Millennials, in particular, want everyone to be nice and polite and you can’t afford to disappoint them. If you can’t meet the demands of the younger generation, you won’t stay in business for too long.

Final Thoughts

Multilingual chatbots are gaining in popularity. You can use a bot to walk customers through troubleshooting problems and provide the necessary assistance. Boost your business by addressing people in their native language. The world is more connected than ever. Therefore, the need for multi-language support has become a priority.


A good solution for you would be to use a tool like a multilingual chatbot. There are many benefits to integrating a multilingual chatbot for your website. As a result, you can reach out to customers who aren’t native speakers of English and make your business more personalized. So, discover bots and their multilingual capabilities.

Now you can build your very own multilingual chatbot with Engati and boost your business by making it more customer-friendly.

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