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Engati introduces multilingual chatbots

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Engati introduces multilingual chatbots

2019 began with a Dentsu Aegis report highlighting three V's that will drive for the indefinite future digital content growth–

  1. Voice
  2. Vernacular
  3. Video

Multilingual chatbots can be a tremendous asset for any organization, i.e. a bot that can converse with users in multiple languages. This is particularly true in countries like India, that is highly linguistically varied.

The digital revolution in India significantly expanded the nation's Internet user base to include huge numbers of non-English speakers, who far outnumber the region's English speakers. Hence, we saw an emergence of multilingual chatbots.

Moreover, the 2nd generation chatbots have come a long way from responding to user messages with just a single word. They don’t usually have errors in them anymore. And now we are talking about a chatbot technology that serves people speaking different languages.

Plus the world is now more connected than ever before. We need a progressive culture that supports customer demands and lives up to their expectations. AI is helping bring about the much-needed culture of automation and breaking language barriers in every way possible.

Let’s get into the basics before we can get started.

What are multilingual chatbots? Why do we need them?

As we grow globally, more and more customers expect to interact with businesses in the languages and dialects of their choice. This is especially the case when it comes to interacting with a chatbot if you integrate with your website or other channels. In fact, communicating with customers in their preferred language is an art that successful businesses have conquered. They are now looking for other ways to facilitate translation through neural machine learning APIs in order to translate inbound and outbound messages through multilingual chatbots.

Thanks to the advancements in AI, NLP and shared open-source efforts, chatbots are becoming smarter and vernacular. They chat as fluently as any other human does and are also highly responsive.

One of the most exciting areas of advancement in chatbot technology is a single bot’s ability to understand not just dozens, but hundreds of different languages. In fact, this conversation is not mechanical at all. There is true back and forth translation that is phenomenal to witness and experience. So, multilingual bots are definitely shaping up to be an essential investment for businesses. They help cater to a linguistically diverse customer base.

Of course, there have been other factors as well to develop and invest in chatbot technology. It is saving human agents from responding to the same kind of messages over and over. Human resources needs more creative space to think, ideate and strategize and chatbots are helping them do that.

Technology is not limiting it to just English. The support is becoming much broader and wider than that.

Business growth opportunity with multilingual chatbots

This capability makes chatbots an indispensable tool for businesses, considering the fact that expansion is key for all businesses. It’s great to see that businesses now have the opportunity to expand outside their current local market. They are penetrating into countries with entirely new customer bases and new languages. In a similar way, Engati is shaping language translation in chatbots with its multilingual chatbots feature to help businesses grow.

With this, businesses are not just able to cater to customer queries 24X7 but are also able to provide a personalized chat experience in a language, which the customer wants to speak. See how Engati’s multilingual chatbots feature is going to help you and your business conquer customer support.

Multilingual chatbots with Engati

NLP and AI technology is needed in chatbot building and it’s becoming more and more accessible

Why did we mention that this technology is easily accessible? It is because the chatbot marketplace is growing fast and if it’s readily accessible as well, then your competitors are probably taking advantage of it already. So, what’s stopping you if you are all ready to build a multilingual chatbot?

We are talking about a real digital revolution here. The world of communication has come a long way and multilingual chatbots are a big, successful part of it.

With Engati, you can build a multilingual chatbot in 50+ international languages. This will not only ensure customer support but will also enable in-depth customer care.

As per a 2016 survey, only 26% of internet users used English as their browsing or messaging language

If you have a huge English-speaking customer base, then it’s great if you have an English-speaking bot.

However, if you have a huge customer base that doesn’t prefer English, then definitely it’s better that you make use of multilingual chatbots.

It doesn’t end here. Your chatbot must be culturally aligned with your customers.

Technology will help you get access to quality services such as professional translations and sentence generation. But are the promises to your customers limited to these quality services? Wouldn’t you want to take it up a notch and deliver cultural alignment to your customers?

While training your multilingual chatbot you must consider-

1. Dialects
2. Text directions
3. Measurements
4. Currencies

In fact, the way in which you train the chatbot must ensure that the language is aligned with local contexts and phrases. With a genuine localized process, you can test the localization of your bot and see how well your bot performs.

So if the majority of your customer base is from a country like India, your business is going to witness some drastic growth with multilingual chatbots.

Going global with chatbots

Chatbots have gone global. Businesses across the world have accepted and already started tapping on the potential of chatbots.

The technology is attracting individual teams as well. For example, Forester conducted a study last year. It suggests that close to 57% of marketing professionals are using chatbots to generate leads and enhance customer engagement.

Moreover, it isn’t just about businesses or their individual teams. Customers themselves want to interact with a business that provides quick response, solutions and services. Chatbots are helping businesses achieve this exactly.

It would not have been possible a few years ago though. The growth in potential and technology is enabling chatbots to talk to hundreds of customers. All of this is happening at the same time in multiple different languages.

Technology is training chatbots with the auto-reply feature for emails. It is also training chatbots to translate languages, put captions on images, and more.

You can make conversational AI vernacular with Engati

Let your business have a voice with Engati’s multilingual chatbots building feature. The bot will be trained enough to engage your customers in multiple languages. Since the number of queries in English is going to be less than 50% it only makes sense to train your bot in other highly-preferred languages.

The beauty of vernacular conversational AI is that you can customize the conversations the way your customers want and understand. With machine learning capabilities, the bot will be able to learn the intent and prepare itself for future conversations with your customers.

Isn’t that wonderful?

So, with Engati’s multilingual chatbots you can engage your customers across multiple languages, culture, and locale.

This way, you will prepare your business to grow into a global brand.

Your business can have a chatbot that speaks the ten most accepted languages around the globe and open doors to 3 billion people. That is a huge number to cater to and manage.

So, let’s talk sales and chatbots

Sales is about having conversations and building relationships with potential buyers. The potential is increasing with the coming of online commerce where customers can browse through a plethora of products.

This is giving them an opportunity to select from a variety of options. It is giving customers more power to make decisions and become loyal customers for the brands that they trust.

Multilingual chatbots are making on-demand information accessible. That too in the choice of language that customers want to pick. Chatbots, therefore, are creating value in the market and improving customer support.

Such little things add value in the end and promote sales for businesses.

In fact, Gartner has already shared a report in which the forecast says that chatbots will manage 25% of customer support and services. Customers from different geographies respond to chatbot technology differently but it will grow further eventually.

The technology is still relatively new and chatbots may currently be best suited to filling in the gap before the handoff to human agents. Even at this stage, chatbots are expected to bring in cost savings of USD 11 billion in the retail, banking, and healthcare sectors.

However, with advances in artificial intelligence, human-machine interactions will become more commonplace, not just more efficient. At least we are expecting it to reach that level. And longer conversations may develop. Humans and machines are currently working on that.

Key business decisions with chatbots

Another early decision that businesses must take is whether they would want to integrate with one chatbot that supports multiple languages, or whether we would build a separate chatbot for each language.

Ultimately, it is the decision of the teams who want to use this technology on a regular basis. Of course, there is no one common solution to each individual team or business. So, each of them has to pick a solution that best serves their purpose. For example, any changes made to the chatbot in one language needs to be implemented across all languages. Maintaining and updating the bot would be far more efficient if changes could be made to a single bot and applied across all the languages it supported. If a business seems okay with this idea then they can go ahead with this particular type of a multilingual chatbot.

Moreover, translation is now going high-tech. The level of engagement is increasing and improving. Also, chatbots are any day better at picking up a new language than any human being. So, why not make the most of it?

Multilingual chatbots are helping build greater user engagement and customers are speaking in the language of their choice.

Language barriers are often a major reason why customers are unable to solve a problem. On the other hand, it is also a reason why certain businesses remain inefficient at customer problem-solving. Therefore, chatbots are increasingly becoming a convenient option to bridge the gap and offer efficient solutions.

Multilingual chatbots are the future of every business. They will play a key role in defining great customer experience, improving support and growing business results.

Concluding the need for multilingual chatbots

Engati Multilingual chatbots are ready to solve queries in every possible language. It is helping businesses grow, diversify and aim for 100% customer satisfaction in the language of their choice. Now, all we have to do is embrace the technology, take all steps forward and not look back.

Try Engati for free today and watch your business grow beyond borders.

Thanks for reading!

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