45k+ bots in the language of your choice

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45k+ bots in the language of your choice

As the world continues to get more connected, as it continues to grow smaller, the demand for multilingual bots increases.

Engati is here to make sure that language is never a barrier between you and your customers.  

Engage with your audience in their language of choice with multilingual chatbots. Partners from all over the world have used Engati to build these intelligent multi language chatbots to connect with customers from all over the world.  

45k+ International Bots

With over 54 languages to choose from, Engati has eliminated all possible barriers of communication. We currently have chatbots deployed in languages such as Indonesian Bahasa, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Filipino, Turkish, Danish, German, Hungarian, Malay, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese, Croatian, Czech, Latvian, Malagasy, Polish, and Russian!  

And what’s more?

Engati supports RTL on its platform. This allows your chatbot to align user-input from right-to-left dynamically. For businesses that operate in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, or in Hebrew, this one’s for you!  

So, build a bot in different languages for the function of your choice with Engati. With 45,000 active bots deployed across 186 countries, you can’t go wrong.

Here are some of our multilingual bots in action with some use cases that you might find interesting.

Our favourite bots in different languages

Global Village

Global Village Brands of the World™ arabic multilingual chatbot with rtl support engati
Global Village

Global Village is the world’s leading multicultural amusement park and the region’s first destination for culture, shopping and entertainment.

The chatbot for Global village was built to facilitate the visitors with the various stalls and facilities that are available in the park, including information about timings, specialties, parking assistance, ATMs, and so on. The chatbot also assists the users to record entries and to quickly get access to relevant information.

360 mall

how 360 mall uses a multiingual chatbot engati
360 Mall

Luxury has a new meaning when you visit 360 mall in Kuwait. As the premier shopping experience in Kuwait, their chatbot, Nouf, is designed to act a virtual companion to 360’s mall’s regular visitors.  

Nouf updates shoppers of events and the latest happenings- From product launches, to special events and promotions. Nouf updates all, and provide answers for frequently asked questions about shops within the mall.


gruppi a hungarian e-commerce engati multilingual chatbot

Gruppi is a Hungarian online retailer specializing in home improvement, hardware, and electronics. Through Gréti, their chatbot, customers get assistance in real-time. Gréti allows customer to browse through the website’s catalogue, providing recommendations based on what the customer’s interested in, and providing additional customer service as well.


elnos shopping engati multilingual italian chatbot
Elnòs Shopping

Elnòs Shopping is the leading shopping destination in the Roncadelle commune of Italy. With its unique IKEA integration, and wide selection of brands, Elnòs is a hotspot of residents and tourists visiting the area.

Their multilingual chatbot provides customer support for frequent shoppers at the Elnòs shopping center. Here, customers can ask questions about the mall in either Italian or English, and the experience stays consistent throughout.  

Roxy Cinemas

roxy cinemas uses an arabic engati multilingual chatbot that supports rtl
Roxy Cinemas

Roxy Cinemas is a movie theatre that combines luxury and comfort for Dubai’s bustling communities. Their virtual assistant that provides a unique cinematic experience to Roxy members via WhatsApp. Roxy cinemas built this bot in different languages to engage with customers from different backgrounds to provide a unique, personalized experience for everyone.  


iMile - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Based in Dubai, and built with the latest technology, iMile is an emerging delivery service. Their multilingual chatbot, Edward is used to track and process orders, handle customer support and sales inquiries.

Farnell Land Rover

farnell landrover uses engati multilingual bots
Farnell Land Rover

Farnell Land Rover by Vertu Motors uses a multilingual chatbot that enables customers to go over service plans, sales plans for new or used automobiles, and send inquiries about the servicing of their vehicle.  


UBU a digital solution in Canada, use virtual assistant to educate about coronavirus

UBU is a digital solution used to help governments fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Based in Canada, UBU deals with the collection, management, and analysis of data. While there are no cures and vaccinations available to combat the virus, UBU, with the power of PENDA, their virtual assistant, is educating citizens about the virus. PENDA guides them towards their next steps; Educating citizens with information about the virus itself, debunking myths, and providing news, symptoms, etc.

Dubai Asset Management

Dubai Holding | Leading Developer | Dubai Properties
Dubai Asset Management

Dubai Asset Management is Dubai Holding’s residential asset management company. As Dubai is a cultural melting pot, a multilingual chatbot is needed to help residents from all over the world to find a place they can call “Home.” Dubai Asset Management’s WhatsApp chatbot is used to manage and provide housing and accommodations for over 100,000 residents.

What's next?

It’s time for you to build your bot in different languages. Engati offers over 50+ international languages to choose from. Get started today to connect with customers from across the globe.

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