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Support Automation

What is support automation?

Support automation is a process that increases the value of customer offerings with a reduction in the cost of doing business. Any innovation that streamlines or oversees customer support functions can be determined as support automation. As an integral piece of CRM, Customer Support permits businesses to oversee business connections adequately in order to improve and sustain customer loyalty and retention while decreasing overall business costs. It permits organizations to recognize issues, comprehend customer needs, track all communication, and gain analytics on performance.

As organizations extend their customer base, extra weight is set on their customer support teams. That is, on the grounds that more customers mean more support demands, and except if you procure more reps, your group will require help dealing with the spike in volume. This is the place support automation extends your group's capacity and lets you unravel more cases with fewer operators. 

Automating support tasks not just assumes a significant job in scaling your customer support group but also scaling your business in general. Without a doubt, you may like your traditional, manual method for getting things done. Be that as it may, as you acquire customers, your reps will get exhausted attempting to shuffle each approaching queries. What's more, when reps are overworking the quality of your support drops. With 33% of customers ready to churn after one poor service experience, support automation could be the difference between the developing or plateauing customer base.

What is Proactive Support?

Proactive support implies getting in front of a customer issue before it heightens or even occurs. Proactive support and commitment can help creates customer trust and long term connections, yet what precisely does it mean? Proactive commitment implies identifying methods by which customer experience can be improved without the customer requesting it or even knowing that it’s possible. For instance, a message telling a customer that her flight is not on time, an email educating a customer that a new design from their preferred shirt brand is available, or a phone confirming to guarantee that the delivery address on record is right. 

Proactive support and engagement go well beyond standard reactive support. Responsive support implies trusting that a customer will connect with an issue—yet regardless of whether you have a solution to give, the customer is likely previously disappointed with your image. Trusting that a customer will connect with an issue resembles trusting that your houseplants will begin withering before you water them.

Proactive Support Automation

This is the approach which is a blend of proactive support and support automation. It means providing support with automation even before a customer approaches the organization with his/her issue or even before a problem is developed. Since it blends two innovative concepts, the outcome is something that organizations should focus on.

Chatbots in support automation

Chatbots are becoming a great tool in the support automation industry. They have been growing in use. From being rule-based to now getting powered by AI, they are improving on a constantly increasing scale. Chatbots are changing the notion of customer support. They are being able to change the customer perspective of interaction more towards them rather than humans. Today, the percentage of people preferring to chat with bots in increasing.

Some benefits that chatbots bring in are: 

  • Answer Customer Requests Instantly 24*7: Chatbots are available all day, every day, they don’t have shifts, they can help in significantly reduce the wait time as well as the response time.
  • Relieve Your Support Team from Recurring Questions: Chatbots automatically answer repeating questions, so an organization’s employees can concentrate on high-value undertakings! Thus, helping improving overall performance with increased productivity and output.
  • Chatbots help in creating Support Tickets: Chatbots after asking many qualifying questions will assign tickets to the most appropriate agent or related department. It can create an alert to notify the teams. The chatbots can also guide user to the previous agent to avoid the user from explaining the problem overall again to a new agent.
  • Provide measurable customer experience ratings: The chatbots can be constantly trained and taught to respond to newer queries. It can also itself trigger alternative action when the user is not satisfied, actions being leaving a message, live chat, etc. Chatbots can provide data which can be seen for every single user to for overall analysis. 
  • NLP powered: Chatbots access databases and powered with NLP, they can understand as well as give the most appropriate responses for complex complaints or requests.
  • Fewer tickets creation: Chatbots become the first point, many simple queries can be resolved by chatbots faster. Thus, lesser ticket creation and only for ones that require human intervention.
  • Multilingual: Chatbots from Engati can converse in more than 50 languages. With such features, language as a barrier becomes irrelevant.

RPA  in customer support

As we move into the time that is endeavoring to use leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to a great extent, one developing innovation picking up force is RPA - which stands for robotic process automation. While most organizations are as of now acquainted with RPA in a generic sense, as an automation answer for backend processes, another type of RPA is emerging toward the front, one who is conveying successful, cost-sparing answers for customer support technological and operational difficulties. This "customer-facing" RPA is subsequently helping call centers accomplish more, and thus, significantly improving the customer experience. 

The customer journey starts with the absolute early introduction that a customer forms of the brand and envelops all the encounters and encompasses all the touchpoints over the whole customer lifecycle, including every one of their needs, preferences, and pain points that develop en route. It's at these different touch focuses where RPA can genuinely be transformative. Without a doubt, while back-office automation is urgent to decrease the strain and offer help to the front office, customer-facing RPA can totally change the whole customer experience: 

  • Shorter Transaction Times: Delivering quick customer-facing service is essential, particularly for call centers who consider focuses that mean to please and might want to help add to consumer loyalty and not ruin it. With RPA, information is synced from overall systems in a single place, which can be later retrieved from this one particular source.  This not only increases operational speed but also prevents customers from getting more irritated. Also, call center operators won't need to REPEAT inquiries to acquire same data. This hugely assists to manage enormous volumes of incoming service requests, as well as minimizing backlogs, improving the productivity of representatives while permitting them to concentrate more on the customers. 
  • Error Reduction: Appropriately customized and mapped customer support RPA software can perform and streamline countless business processes with no worry for human error. The distinction being it directly impacts the customer, bringing about fewer customer complaints and customer callbacks, and just superior customer experience. 
  • Extended Front End Automation: Simultaneously, RPA can be utilized in the front office to improve customer communication alongside different purposes of the customer lifecycle. For instance, it can trigger a notification when it's a great opportunity to line back up or follow up with specific customers, or if a customer has presented a request or complaint, or even send automated messages to customers in regards to new services or products. 

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