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Do millennials prefer talking to bots or humans? You'll be surprised

Engati Team
Sep 14
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Who millennials prefer talking to?

The direction of technology for the next 15 years is going to be determined by the current generation of millennials. As the first generation to truly grow up with the Internet, there is an ingrained understanding of how technology will help solve problems that were previously considered unsolvable.

There is no concept of learning through human interaction or a manual. With millennials preferring to interact with a non-human bot that instantly answers their questions while providing a familiar user-interface.

According to Gartner Research,

By 2020, consumers will handle 85% of their engagement with businesses without ever interacting with another human being.

Information at the click of a button

No previous generation has had so much information available at a moment’s notice. Either through a smartphone or laptop, most of it being free and open source. Any time that we spend on sending an email, calling, or looking up manuals and finding solutions is a waste.

Chatbots, therefore, are a viable solution for instant access to solutions for a variety of questions and topics. We can upload FAQs and train them using AI to learn and adapt to different people and their language patterns.

Calling a customer support hotline, having to listen to elevator music while rehearsing the question multiple times, and dealing with a phone operator who inevitably puts you on hold is an experience of the past.

What makes chatbots so appealing to millennials?

That’s not to mention their grandparents who would rather just talk to humans over bots in the first place. The answer is that chatbots mesh perfectly with millennials' expectations and the ways in which they interact and have conversations with others around them. Chatbots bring the following:

  • Instant gratification
  • Conducting repetitive tasks
  • Convenience and connection
  • Conversational engagement

    Millennials are more adaptable

    Millennials are also more interested in using and adapting to new technologies more than any previous generation. Chatbots are being equipped to handle complex interactions with customers, especially as the fields of artificial intelligence and natural language processing grow. AI chatbots are more likely to engage with customers in a quicker, healthier way than a static website with several buttons, increasing user engagement and retention. Simply put, the more steps required in finding a solution, the less likely a millennial is to continue using that resource.

    The behavioral traits of millennials and the customer experience promise of a well-designed chatbot are a perfect match.
    - First Source on millennials using chatbots.

    The applications don’t stop with finding solutions

    We use chatbots in digital marketing for lead generation and for transactional purposes, from ordering a pizza to paying bills. The future of interactions between people and technology is changing at breakneck speeds. The implementation of artificial intelligence in every IoT device is around the corner. It’s time companies embrace NLP chatbots and train them to handle customer queries, eventually investing less in time consuming live chat.

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