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Why invest in a white label chatbot solution?

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Why invest in a white label chatbot solution?

Before we discuss White Label Solutions and its advantages, imagine a situation in which a long-term existing client asks you for a specific requirement after a long time. However, you are forced to say no because you don’t have enough bandwidth or in-house capabilities to undertake the requirement.

Let’s take another case. You have tried to provide additional services and offerings to your customers but while trying to expand your portfolio you face certain setbacks and challenges that you weren’t aware of. This is quite usual and normal because you realise the limits of a project only when you work on it on your own.

Another situation can be one in which you are a small enterprise trying to compete with larger enterprises in the market. Since they have a competitive edge with more resources you struggle to keep up with them but have clients you cannot, or don’t want to disappoint.

Disheartening, isn’t it?

We hear the discomfort and we don’t want you or your customers to be disgruntled. That’s why Engati offers a unique White Label solution. It is for small and medium sized enterprises to keep up with the increasing competition and grow their business.

White label solutions are pretty much similar to the enterprise systems but with more simplicity attached to it.

What is white label solutions?

White Label Solutions are essentially fulfilment services in which one company does the work for another company, which places a request.

For example, if company A is looking for a particular service that it can’t deliver on its own, it will reach out to company B that can fulfill the demand. Therefore in this case, company B does the work but doesn’t display its tag or brand. Company A takes the credit for it and presents the offering under its own brand. This way company B can resell these services to its own clients under their own brand name.

You may want to ask why would company A do all the work but not ask for credit. We have your answer right here.

How does it work?

Let’s say, company A is an end-to-end digital marketing services provider and has a number of clients asking for different kinds of specialized services. Now instead of hiring a full-time, in-house team for each kind of specialized service, they outsource some of their work. This might be the case in which the project is short-term and doesn’t require a full-time employee dedicated towards that project. In such a case, company A will provide certain specialized services to their clients under their own brand name, but the real work will be done by company B.

Let’s take another example from Engati itself.

Engati specialises in building top-notch chatbots with the highest quality features, tech integrations and advancements. A number of businesses reach out to Engati when they have customers requesting for chatbots. Now, either these businesses can invest a huge amount of capital, resources and time on creating a chatbot building platform from scratch. Or they can simply tie up with Engati.

Therefore, Engati does all the work and manages the tech side of it and the business can focus on expanding its offerings and managing the customers. This way, Engati and the business individually do what they are best at.

It’s a win-win for both!

7 Reasons to use white label solutions

White label solutions provide a plethora of benefits. It is especially useful for full-service marketing agencies, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, resellers, and tech enthusiasts. Here are 7 reasons why you should sign up for a White Label Solution.

White label solution can help you scale your portfolio of services

The first and foremost benefit of using White Label Solution is that it helps you broaden your existing offerings. You may want to add more offerings to grow your business but you don’t have to specialize in each and every service that you offer. In this vigour to broaden your services you can simply opt for White Label Solutions, let the other company worry about technology so you can manage customer relations.

Moreover, you get to sell these services under your own branding and take full credit for the services.

This strategy will help you pitch various services to your clients that you don’t own yourself. You don’t even have to worry whether there are enough resources to get the work done. All you have to do is sign up for a White Label Solution and offer additional services to your customers that come with the tie up.

Read more about how chatbots increase sales!

It will help you reduce costs

By outsourcing services to a white label solution provider you don’t have to maintain an in-house team of specialists that come on-board on a full-time basis.These are the following kinds of expenses that you can avoid once you opt for White Label:

  • Salaries for full-time employees
  • Employee benefits
  • Leave management
  • Evaluation and appraisals
  • Overhead costs
  • Training costs to train the in-house team that you on-board

Getting inside of it and looking into the details may not show how much you spend on these items. However, when you look at it from a broader perspective you realise how much you end up spending on this side of the business.

Here’s an example. Suppose you have a huge client base that persistently asks for chatbot solutions. Now in order to meet that demand in-house, you have to recruit for suitable profiles. You will need a team of software engineers, product managers, solutions engineers, QA, customer success, performance assessment, DevOps, etc.

This will come with a recruitment cost, training & development cost, engagement & management cost, as well as retention cost. Summing up, this will be close to thousands of dollars.

Calculate the average salaries and all of the overhead cost to check whether using a White Label Solution will be comparatively more cost efficient. We are telling you, it will be.

It can help you include additional revenue sources

For every additional service that you offer to your clients, you generate an incremental revenue stream for your company. Moreover, with a third-party service provider taking care of the technology and service delivery aspect, there is no limit to how many additional services you want to offer to your clients.

What is important is to resell the services so that you are able to meet the expectations of your clients. In the end, if they are looking for something in different or in addition to what you offer, you can always check with your White Label partner.

It helps improve your service quality

Once you sign up for a White Label Solution, you don’t have to worry about the quality of services that you provide. To ensure that you don’t have to relook at the quality, you must tie up with a renowned White Label Solution service that offers high quality services.

Of course, you can share your feedback and let the service solution know what your clients are looking for. This will help them improve and meet customer expectations. Moreover, feedback is important to seek growth and improvement.

Now, when you tie up with Engati and offer Engati chatbots to your clients, you must always keep an open mind towards customer requests and Engati’s offerings.

This will help you maintain a proper balance between the offerings and services. As a result, you will be on top of both sides of the business to assure high quality and good customer service.

It can help you improve client retention

When you have specialists and experts working on the technology and service side of the business, you get all the time to focus on client retention and customer success.

You will act as a one-stop service solutions partner for your clients and help them meet their technology needs. So, every time your client shares a request you won’t have to say no because your service partner will help you meet these needs. With sufficient in-house capabilities you will be able to deliver what is required.

This way, you achieve customer success, improve customer retention, provide high quality services and improve for further growth.

It will help you improve the brand image

Using White Label Solutions, you can ensure that you deliver what you promise to your clients and build a good reputation in the market and industry. Once you are able to provide a wide range of services, offerings, and solutions, you will be able to maintain a consistent competitive edge and grow your business.

Industry leaders will recall you for your services and reach out to you for guidance. Prospects and leads will reach out for your high quality and ace solutions. As a result, you will get more recognition and establish your own brand name at the top of the industry.

It can help you attract more clients

Once you establish your brand name in the market and get recognition for your services, more clients would want to get your services. The more service offerings that you have, the more clients you can pitch your offerings to. When you have a good industry reputation and high quality services to offer, you will automatically attract more clients.

Also, with someone taking the responsibility to fulfill client requirements and services, you will have more time to prepare your sales pitch. You can invest more time on client acquisition, client engagement and client retention for improved business growth.

Therefore, with White Label Solutions you won’t just ensure high quality services for your existing clients but you will ensure increased customer acquisition and retention as well.

Why choose white label with Engati?

Let’s give the answer to the much-awaited question. Engati White Label Solutions is the right choice for you because you-

  1. Get to build your own brand
  2. Focus on your business growth
  3. Provide high-quality technology solutions
  4. Improve customer retention
  5. Get access to bot experts and specialists
  6. Receive exclusive 24X7 support

For your client base, Engati provides the support, technology, ready-to-build and ready-to-use chatbot platform. Also, you get your own platform licensing, branding and business growth.Want to know more about Engati White Label Solutions?


White Label Solutions provide various benefits, especially for small agencies. It will help you grow and sustain your business in the long term.

Have you ever tried using white label solutions for your business? We would love to hear from you so please feel free to share your experience with us.

If you haven’t tried White Label for your business before, check out White Label solutions provided by Engati. With Engati’s chatbot technology, you get to grow your business under your own brand name. Moreover, you get access to top-notch quality chatbots and improve customer satisfaction like never before.

Register with Engati and become a white label partner today.

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