Top 10 chatbots nailing the enterprise customer service game

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Top 10 chatbots nailing the enterprise customer service game

Chatbots are the future of enterprise customer service, automating up to 85% of customer service interactions. Don’t believe us? Facebook Messenger had no bots in February 2016. 14 months later, there were about 100,000 of them.

Changing trends in customer engagement have led to many innovative ways to use chatbots. It is causing a revolution in customer experience and an increase in customer satisfaction. 

What makes a good chatbot for enterprise customer service

Chatbots, also known as virtual agents, must have the ability to understand what a customer is typing, or saying. They have to understand the customer’s intent, and take actions for the customer. These conversations between customers and chatbots must take place in a secure environment. In a place where the chatbot can hand off the interaction to a live agent.

Why are people using chatbots for enterprise customer service?

Using a chatbot for enterprise customer service has many benefits:

  • Successful self-service with the chatbots saves you from paying expensive human agents. A research by Business insider estimates that chatbot automation translates to $23 billion in savings from annual salaries
  • Interactions between customers and chatbots determine gaps in knowledge bases used by agents
  • Reduction in average response time for agent-assisted support when chatbots handle most of the conversation 
  • Chatbots are multilingual
  • They are well-integrated into other channels like social media, and mobile apps
  • Previous logs of customer service interactions can train Chatbots
  • Chatbots reduce human error
  • AI Chatbots like WhatsApp chatbot are available 24/7 and can help solve complex queries efficiently within a short period of time.

Our top ten chatbots for enterprise customer service

Barista bot (Starbucks)

One of the best chatbots for coffee-lovers. Starbucks has released a bot that orders coffee for those who need that extra boost throughout the day. Available on Facebook messenger, this chatbot orders coffees for those who need that extra boost throughout the day. Try this chatbot template now!

Virtual Artist (Sephora)

Sephora, one of the leading makeup brands, offers an engaging chatbot. users with quizzes to better understand the customer needs. It offers users advice on makeup, reviews on products, what is suitable for their skin type, and more. Visual Artist is one of the services Sephora offers, also known as the Sephora Shade Assistant bot. Based on images the customer provides, the Sephora Shade Assistant boy can shade-match and recommend anything from foundation colours, to scanning a face of a celebrity to offer a list of matching lipsticks. 

Reservation Assistant (Sephora)

Another service Sephora offers in-store are makeovers, which are done on a reservation basis. Reserving has never been easier with the Sephora Reservation assistant. The chatbot has the ability to get 11% higher conversion rates through chatbot bookings for makeover appointments at the Sephora stores. ShopBot (eBay)Ebay, the legacy mega-auction site, has an AI-based chatbot called ShopBot. ShopBot is used to help customers find the best deal on the website. The more the customer interacts with ShopBot, the more personalized their search results they get. ShopBot additionally has a feature that allows a user to search for products via image search.

Whole Foods

Whole foods, one of the most popular health food chains in North America has a chatbot on Facebook that helps customers deal with groceries, deliveries, meals, and catering. With the bot on Facebook, users spend up to 50 minutes engaging with the bot to decide what to eat! Whole foods arranges recipes, products, and can even offer inspiration for users to cook many types of dishes from all over the world (based on their preferences, of course).

The Facebook messenger chatbot also helps users with their recipe options. Say you have a gluten allergy, Whole foods will offer your recipes that are gluten-free. And if you like the recipe, you can directly place an order for the ingredients you need using the bot. It’s a great way for customers to discover new foods, and to build the customer-client relationship.

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Chatbot Lucie (Air France) 

Air France’s customer support chatbot, Lucie is offered on Facebook. She allows users to plan trips while talking to (or perhaps, coordinating with) friends. Lucie also has the unique ability to sense the mood of the customer, based on an emoji sent. Customers have the ability to plan their dream holiday with Lucie by describing their ideas, and preferences. Then, Lucie suggests travel destinations, articles, etc., so customers can plan their dream trip. Lucie informs you about the destination, popular sites to see, and other events happening which is much more satisfying than just booking a flight!

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Stylebot (Nike)

Now, we have a bot that is trained to find shoes for a customer based on their personality? Available on the Facebook platform, ‘Stylebot’ is Nike’s bolder Chatbot for women. Stylebot’s aim is to build a personal experience for each customer. It allows users to send in photos to create their own, custom Air Max 90 colorway, which gives the customer an enriched, personal experience while buying Air Max shoes. 

The bot displays information about shoes, and further directs you to Nike’s website. The bot provides style options based on emojis which gives the bot an overall youthful feel. It manages to make the act of browsing for shoes far more exciting than it already is. So whether you’re the working girl, the sporty girl, or something in between, Stylebot has something for you. 


YouDrive, an Australian rental company developed a bot to make the process of notifying car or rental problems convenient for users. It was also created to accelerate request-processing. The bot offers solutions on the spot for the user. Queries from “how do I start my car?” to “I’ve gotten into an accident, what do I do?” are offered instantly. It sends user-requests to the correct department for quick solutions to problems which is why it's on our top t.  


TechCrunch is a leading technology magazine that uses customer support chatbots to send users more personalized content. Interacting with the chatbot and selecting the type of stories you prefer, adds to TechCrunch’s database to offer recommendations to you. With so much content available online, Techcrunch narrows it down to your taste and preferences, which then leads to positive brand association. 

1-800 Flowers

One of the first florists to offer a chatbot service. It allows users to order flowers and have them delivered. It offers a variety of options. Firstly, the user decides which flowers they want. Then, this directs users to a page where they can customize their orders with notes. It’s a convenient way to make a transaction and saves time for users and clients. And it’s definitely one of the most innovative chatbots!

84 percent of consumers consider customer service to be a key factor when deciding whether to purchase, and only three percent say it’s unimportant.
- Oberlo report on Customer service statistics.

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