Engati On Premise Chatbot Platform

Your infrastructure, your way! Flexibility. Control. Security. Compliance


Engati On Premise Chatbot Platform
Your infrastructure, your way! 

Flexibility. Control. Security. Compliance

Why Engati's on premise chatbot software?

Host on your own infrastructure
Deploy the platform in your  infrastructure with ease.
We'll solve your on premise software concerns about compliance.
restriction and correction
Your security policies configured for your control
Data Control
End to end control over the data flow channels
bot support
You decide what suits the business objectives. 
Begin with cloud then move to on-premise or vice-versa

Engati's on premise chatbot proposition

The world is moving towards more automation, self service, future tech conversational intelligence and from menus to conversations as a primary interaction model. If privacy, control and security are prime concerns for your organisation, Engati On Premise chatbot platform is a must-have for you. Driven by AI and automation intelligence, it's a no-code chatbot platform to automate any function in your organisation.
Engati is the fastest growing no-code bot platform globally across 186 countries and more than 20,000 customers, multi lingual and with the most robust and scalable functionality across all domains. With the Engati On premise chatbot platform, you get access to the entire platform along with our NLP / AI engine, focused training, exclusive support and access to bot experts that have built 1000s of bots for companies of all sizes and use cases.

Advantages of Engati's on premise chatbot solution

We understand the need for flexibility in terms of deployment options for businesses. In our commitment towards making you successful, we provide you the power of choice. Take empowered decisions keeping in mind business needs, and ownership.
Require more control over your data, stricter compliance requirements or integration with your back end systems, we cover everything as part of the on premise chatbot platform. The entire platform can be set up on your infrastructure with no dependencies since our proprietary NLU/ML engine that powers the conversations is also pre-packaged with it.
Additionally, the platform can be deployed in a private cloud model. All the standard, renowned PaaS providers are supported - AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

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