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Best white label chatbot and live chat platform

Jeremy DSouza
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Best white label chatbot and live chat platform

You’re on the hunt. You’ve set your sights on your quarry, 200 yards away. Carefully, you take aim. And then, you pull the trigger.  

Bang. You missed.

Why? Because you tried shooting long range, but your weapon was a shotgun.

It’s the same with business. To go the distance, you need a rifle. And if you want to get into the conversational AI business, Engati White Label is the best rifle you can find.  

What’s so special about Engati White Label?

We push limits. In everything that we do, right from developing features to serving our partner, we go beyond. And we help our partners go further too. But, don’t just take our word for it; here’s what one of our White Label partners has to say about us:

The conversational virtual assistants. We have now taken from just instant message to functionality and productivity enhancers.
— Graham Chee, Engati White Label partner

How financially viable is Engati White Label?

Engati White Label is a powerful and rewarding solution. But numbers speak better than words, so we’ll let you know something we’re particularly proud about.

One of our white label partners just earned a 3403% return on investment within a year of signing up with us.

And here’s the best thing:  

Your profits stay with you. We don’t take a cut on them.

Wondering what you get when you white label our chatbot and live chat platforms?

Your branding

Your logo, your colours, your name, our platform. We replace all our branding with yours.

Extensive training

Coming back to our rifle analogy. If you’re used to shooting pistols, you can’t just buy a rifle and expect to be a perfect shot from day 1.

You need to be coached on it. And our experts train your entire team to use our chatbot and live chat platforms.  

Control over pricing

We don’t dictate pricing models. You get full control over it. It’s all up to you. You get to decide what features go into each of your plans and how much you want to charge for them.

Exclusive support

We’re all about helping our partners. Our team of bot experts are always ready to help you with your white label chatbot and live chat platforms.

Here’s what Graham has to say about our support team:

“Your team that I have been dealing with at Engati has been outstanding. They have made my job so much easier and the ability to think outside of the box in the creation of approaches is outstanding.”
— Graham Chee, Engati White Label partner

The modules:

We’re so much more that a chatbot platform. Our goal is to make digital customer experiences seamless. So, in addition to the chatbot platform, we even white label our brand new, state-of-the-art live chat module.

Want to know what makes them so amazing?

Engati Chatbot Platform

This is where it all began. We’ve put in a lot of effort to make sure it’s the best chatbot platform on the market, and it sure is paying off.

Our 32k+ customers across 186 countries, including IKEA, Herman Miller, JanSport, PwC, Diageo, Qatar Insurance Company, and the Zambian Ministry of Health, have built more than more than 45,000 bots on our platform and are totally loving it.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Here are some of the features they’ve fallen in love with (that you get with Engati White Label)

Propreitary e.Sense NLP engine

Our proprietary machine learning based NLP engine, with advanced intent and entity recognition makes conversations a breeze.  

Supports 54 languages

Our powerful bots can hold their own while conversing in 54 languages, including Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish.

14 conversation channels

Why restrict your clients to 1 channel  when you can converse with them over 14? Our bots can be deployed on your website and mobile app, but also on WhatsApp and 11 other channels.

Drag and drop UI

We believe in making it easy for the user. A powerful platform, with an easy, drag and drop UI.

Voice bots

Why type when you can speak? Our voice-enabled chatbots make multitasking a piece of cake for your customers.

Cognitive search

We revolutionized the way bots are trained. You don’t need to manually fill in FAQS anymore. Just upload a document from your knowledge base and our cognitive search enabled DocuSense technology will assimilate all the information from it to train your chatbot.

Human takeover

There are some questions that need a human’s attention. Our human takeover feature allows you to transfer these to your live agents.


Our chatbots feature integrations to Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Zapier and allow many more integrations with JSON rest APIs.

Engati Live Chat

Our live chat software module gives customers a seamless conversation experience, without forcing them to wait.  

Here’s what you get when you white label Engati Live Chat.

Contextual routing

Conversations are routed to the right agent, the very first time, based on the context of the queries. No more hopping across agents.

Conversation stitching

Agents get to stitch conversations together, across multiple channels. So even if a customer initiates a conversation over your website and continues it over WhatsApp, your agents always have context.

Deployment over 14 channels

We allow you to chat with your customers across 14 channels, depending on whatever they’re most comfortable with.

54 languages

Just like the chatbot platform, Engati Live Chat allows you to converse with your customers in their native language. It helps you come off as one of them.

CRM integrations

We let you integrate with your CRM, ticketing system and other enterprise systems to help you make the most out of your chat system and understand your customers better.

Advanced agent setup

You get to decide your working days and  hours. You even get to decide how many conversations each agent gets to handle at a time and the channels that they handle conversations over.

One-view inbox

Engati Live Chat even sports a one-view inbox for all your customer engagements across channels. Your agents won’t have to hop across channels to engage customers.

Advanced dashboards

You can track agent and team performance with our dashboards that report on SLAs, mode of resolution, etc. for individual agents as well as the entire team.

Supervisor/Agent roles

The owner even gets to assign the roles of supervisors or agents to their employees.

Want a demo of the best white label chatbot and live chat platform?

Want to experience Engati before making your decision? Reach out to us here!

And if you’d like to try Engati out yourself to see why we have the best White Label chatbot & live chat platform, you can try it for free.

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