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Benefits of white label chatbot platform

Manpreet Kalsi
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Benefits of white label chatbot platform

It’s 2020, the start of a new decade brings upon a multitude of changes in the way our daily lives function. One major aspect that has been evolving at a rapid pace, and which seems to be on the brink of the horizon is the way we communicate with each other. Be it B2B, B2C or C2C, all our conversations are evolving into a newer dimension of AI. So, before we talk about the benefits of a white label chatbot platform, let's look at some of the ways in which AI and chatbot technology is transforming the way we work and live.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI is at its greatest heights. It refers to the use of messaging apps, speech-based assistants and chatbots to automate communication and create personalized customer experiences at scale. Chatbot tech, a division in conversational AI are also rising into popularity swiftly. To an extent where it’s predicted that 80% of the businesses will imbibe chatbots into their functional system this year to carry out seamless conversations across various channels.

Businesses are using Conversational AI to automate customer-facing touchpoints everywhere. They are targeting social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and are introducing voice assistants like Google Home.Conversational AI systems offer a more straightforward and direct pipeline for customers. The technology helps them sort out their problems, address concerns and provide seamless support.

The future of AI tech

There are numerous ways in which we have used AI for assistance. Artificial intelligence is all over us, so are the AI chatbots. These are not only convenient tools used to distribute mundane tasks and cut costs, but these are also an abundant multiplier creating new quality. Whether it's a virtual assistant like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, or a charming chatbot assistant like Enbo, AI-based chatbot support us in different life situations, answering any of our questions instantly.

Chatbots are here to stay. While we humans are bound by gradual biological evolution, there is no such limitation to artificial intelligence. Chatbots have fewer and fewer limitations on what they can do as AI technology gets stronger and more powerful each year. As a result, people will communicate with chatbots presently, as they would interact with people.

Most companies in their day-to-day operations are very close to AI chatbot integration but have not made the transition yet. On average, three out of four executives believe that artificial intelligence will allow them to open up new business ventures, and 85 percent believe that applying AI technology offers a competitive market advantage. The same survey discovers that just one out of 20 companies has integrated chatbots in its processes or offerings.

Moreover, artificial intelligence has made its way into many homes. The technology will soon be indispensable in most households. With more technical advancements, AI and related applications will fulfil the promise that computers would make our lives easier. AI technology will help us live a happier and healthier life. In many ways, it will also help us conserve time, energy, and money.

Engati white label chatbot platform for agencies

Now, you may be an agency with a customer base, a company with a software solution that wants to integrate chatbots, a start-up, or a working idea individual. Develop a cross-channel communication process with deep CRM and other business systems integration without increasing the technical assistance needed for API upkeep. Engati has dozens of partners across a variety of firms and industries. Our chatbots in eCommerce, Healthcare, Customer Service and as part of Marketing Automation Software are ready to help with customer support and CRM systems.Our platform acts as a foundation for various messaging-based business areas and allows our partners to overcome challenges successfully. Use our innovative technology to provide your customers with state-of-art products and make them market leaders. Our professionals are going to assist you in this whole process.

Why choose Engati?

As a primary model of interaction, the world is moving towards more automation, future tech conversational exchange, and menus to conversations. Engati is a must-have solution in your portfolio if you are a digital agency, a customer service company, a consulting firm, a local reseller or distributor of future tech products, or an entrepreneur. Engati is the world's fastest-growing no-code bot platform with proven functionality across all domains, multi-lingual, over 145 countries and over 10,000 customers. With the Engati white label chatbot partnership, you get access to this entire platform along with focused training, exclusive help and bot specialists who have created 1000s of bots for companies of all scales and use cases.As an extension of your current offerings, Engati provides you the ability to create or expand your company in your local market. As a White Labeled Partner, you also have the ability to control your brand and, most importantly, the ability to make business deals as you find fit for rates accepted in your local market.

Benefits of white label chatbot platform

White labelling is a smart move for today’s entrepreneurs. You don’t necessarily have to develop a product now to provide it to your customers and expand your service line. White labelling lets you own a product under your own brand identity, legally! This allows your brand to consist of everything that your customer needs, and everything that’s hot in the market without having to invest much time and resources on it. Chatbots are hot and white labelling a chatbot platform will allow you to sell chatbots to your customers without having to develop the platform from scratch. While technology and training is the distributor’s responsibility, selling and making profits off the product is the seller’s goal.

Here’s a list of benefits of chatbot reselling. You deliver white labeled outsourcing products to your client under your brand name. So, even when you must maintain proper communications with your clients you must ensure that they see only your brand name. Even when you are outsourcing the responsibility you must ensure that you inform how 'your' team is working on their project. It develops trust and they can rest assured that your team is working on their project. Moreover, it is an important business decision. So, when it comes to managing client projects you would only trust a reliable partner.

White labelling can scale your services

The first and foremost, as mentioned above, the benefit of using the services of white labelling is to expand your current offerings. You don't have to specialize in every service you're providing. And by outsourcing them to a white label service provider, you can provide your customer base with a wide range of services.

It can help you reduce expenditure

If you’re a small-scale firm on a tight budget and want to include a chatbot platform in your service-line, white labelling a chatbot platform provider would be ideal. By outsourcing services to a white label chatbot platform, you can escape maintaining a full-time team of specialists. You can avoid expenses such as salaries for full-time employees, overhead costs, training costs, development costs, licensing and much more.

Add another revenue source to your business

Each additional service you provide to your customers will create an added income stream for your business. The key, of course, is to resell these services at a profit margin in order to maintain healthy profitability of revenue.

Expand your customer base

By increasing your service line, you will also attract a new set of audience. White labelling will enable you to a customer base belonging to a multitude of sectors of the industries. The more service offerings that you have, the more clients you can pitch your services to. If you have an industry reputation for providing high-quality service, it will be easier for you to attract clients.

It improves your brand value

Using white label chatbot services, you can ensure that you deliver on your promises to your clients and build a good reputation in the AI industry. By being able to provide a broad range of services, you can position yourself to be the go-to agency for all sorts of services.

White label benefits with Engati

Putting your brand’s name on a product that someone else developed is advantageous in many ways. The benefits of white labelling with Engati are endless but let’s talk about the main advantages of chatbot reselling.

Own your brand

The White Label Platform comes under your own Brand Identity. So, every time you make a sale and sell a chatbot it will go by your own brand name. Engati's branding will not be shown anywhere on the platform. You can use or design your own logo and display it on the bot platform. This will enable you to utilise the technology that we develop at Engati and use it to attract potential customers and work towards conversions.

Grow your business

Use the Platform that is deployed in over 180 countries and used by many businesses around the globe. With white label, the product is as much your product as is any other product that you design or build in-house. This product will meet the same specifications and perform tasks as well as your in-house team’s work would. The only difference is that it will go under your own brand name and you will be able to grow your business with more offerings.

Improve customer satisfaction

Deploy to your customer base to better handle customer queries. Use the Partner Portal to manage them. Moreover, with the increasing competition the only differentiating factor today is how well you serve your customers. Therefore, customer satisfaction is one of the major factors that will help you stand out in the market.

Get access to bot experts

Customizations & Bot Building from our experts are available at a very competitive 24$ per hour. This way, you trust the bot experts for technical support and you focus on customer management.

Exclusive support

The Engati team provides exclusive support to all businesses that join forces with us through White Label Solution. Whenever and wherever you are stuck, the support team will ensure that you find a solution and further help your customers too. It is always a 2-way partnership in which we provide the technical support and you successfully manage your customers.

What you get with white label

  • Platform Licensing
  • NLP
  • Conversational Builder
  • Live Chat
  • Bot Management
  • Campaigns and Broadcast
  • Extensive Integrations
  • Partner Portal
  • Support Via
  • Knowledge Base
  • Community Form
  • Email
  • Bot Experts Access
  • Exclusive Training
  • Branding
  • Logo
  • Theme Color
  • Email
  • Domain

Wrapping up

Join hands with Engati, and be a part of combined success. Add an exciting element to your service line, expand your customer base, cut off operational costs and generate more profits off selling the hottest tech in the market today with Engati white label chatbot platform! Visit Engati to know more! For more information regarding chatbot tech, visit our chatbot and live chat blog page!

Thanks for reading. Until then, explore Engati White label offerings today.

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