WhatsApp CRM Integration

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WhatsApp CRM Integration

What is WhatsApp CRM Integration?

WhatsApp CRM integration allows you to communicate with your prospects and customers on WhatsApp directly from your CRM. The CRM WhatsApp integration ensures two-way communication with your consumers. You can also give your customers other multimedia attachments to rapidly address their problems.

Consolidating all of your WhatsApp conversations with clients and their basic profiles is the goal of WhatsApp CRM integration. You can increase sales and provide simple after-sale support by streamlining the sales process with CRM integration. Additionally, it can help your company automate its marketing operations and keep customers happy with frequent interactions.

The CRM platform organizes customer data and enhances client interactions. If you have been using the two independently, you are aware that juggling and switching between them aren't particularly effective. But now you can streamline your customer relationship efforts into a single channel with CRM WhatsApp Integration for a more efficient workflow.

It's time to integrate any software you use with your WhatsApp communication efforts, whether it be well-known programs like HubSpot and Salesforce or lesser-known ones. You will be able to work more productively, deliver superior customer service, increase customer retention, spur sales, and ultimately help your company grow.

What is the Prerequisite for Integrating CRM with WhatsApp?

A WhatsApp API account is necessary to integrate WhatsApp with your CRM. The phone number used must be legitimate and owned by the business because WhatsApp API accounts are associated with a phone number.

The number used for the API can be either a landline or a mobile phone number, unlike the ordinary WhatsApp app (whether it be for personal use or WhatsApp Business). It can receive voice calls or SMS messages as long as it has that capability.

Users can deploy support, marketing, and other workflows on WhatsApp by connecting their WhatsApp Business Account to conversational messaging services like Engati using the WhatsApp Business API.

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You can move that number to the API if you're upgrading from the free WhatsApp Business app and are already using WhatsApp. To do this, though, the original account that was created for the WhatsApp Business app must be deleted.

Additionally, keep in mind that any WhatsApp API numbers are non-transferable. This implies that after choosing a number for your WhatsApp API account, it cannot be used for another account.

What are the Benefits of WhatsApp CRM Integration?


1. Automate Follow-ups

Send automated messages to present or potential customers and/or clients with information about your products or services. These messages are simple to set up and may be distributed rapidly and efficiently. As a result, you can ensure that your consumers receive the information they require without having to wait or risk aggravation. You may also save the answers to frequently asked questions to your knowledge base and utilize them in the future to save even more time and speed up issue resolution.

2. Improved Internal and External Communications

In addition to enabling you to communicate with clients and potential clients, WhatsApp CRM integration will break down ineffective departmental silos to enhance internal communications at your business. Where the CRM takes care of the external customer support and engagements. It also allows you to communicate across departments and increase the effectiveness of the cohesive efforts put in towards customer relations.

3. Lead Nurturing

WhatsApp CRM Integration enables you to give potential customers and/or clients a catalog, photographs, location, documents, audio, videos, and much more based on their most recent interactions with your team. This is an excellent method for moving them through the sales funnel and increasing your chances of conversion.

4. Assign Labels and Categorization

You can determine the stage your customer is at in their relationship with your brand and customize your communication, create labels, and visually mark customers based on these labels. To organize and streamline your communications, you could, for instance, create labels for "New Customer" and "Order Received."

5. Send Team Notifications and Drip Marketing Campaigns

You can inform team members of any new inquiries, tickets assigned to them, or internally escalating problems so they can act appropriately right away. Create a drip marketing campaign to automate your sales process. To increase conversions, send a series of WhatsApp messages to your leads on a predetermined schedule and follow up with them quickly.

6. Order Tracking and Time-based Messages

CRM integration allows you to interact with clients in a meaningful way and create long-term relationships, triggering time-based or date-based WhatsApp messages, such as birthday messages or anniversary wishes. You can automate messages and information about the status of customer orders so that customers receive timely updates while not overburdening your human employees. This can also help in reducing the WISMO (where is my order queries) queries, as customers can track their order through WhatsApp chat.

7. Customer Feedback and Insight

Once the order has been successfully completed, send an automated link to request client feedback. Businesses that are open to receiving and acting on customer feedback tend to create a positive image in the hearts and minds of their audience. It also helps in keeping track of customer insights, which is indeed useful in many aspects. Companies can improve the customer experience based on feedback and customer insight, leading to more retention and customer loyalty. 

How to Integrate CRM with WhatsApp?

You can streamline your efforts and provide exceptional customer service through a single channel with WhatsApp and CRM integration. 

Additionally, this integration aids in increasing customer retention and boosting sales. 

To integrate WhatsApp with your CRM account, just follow these easy steps.

Step 1

Verify whether WhatsApp integration is supported by your current CRM program. The integration with WhatsApp is supported by some of the top CRM platforms, including Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Salesforce, AmoCRM, and SugarCRM.

Step 2

Sign up for a WhatsApp API account. 

You must upgrade to a WhatsApp API account if you are currently using the free WhatsApp business account.

Step 3

Because this number cannot be changed later, choose the most reachable phone number (landline or mobile) for your WhatsApp API account.

Step 4

Create a workflow for incoming WhatsApp messages by integrating your CRM with your WhatsApp API account.

Step 5

On your CRM dashboard, you can see all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages.


5 CRM Platforms for WhatsApp Integration


It allows customers to generate tickets, view ticket data, and change existing tickets directly from the chatbot.


Freshdesk's unified Messaging API, easy integrations with pre-built marketplace apps, and customized analytics let you respond to problems and scale your business.


Salesforce integration allows you to record Leads, Service Tickets, and Inquiry Functions.


You may categorize customers in Zoho CRM based on their area, requirements, lead source, and even their level of responsiveness to you.


HubSpot CRM allows you to see the conversation history of a Contact's Timeline on HubSpot, create and store message templates, and manage all your sales conversations within HubSpot.

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