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Chatbots In Travel

What are the various use-cases of chatbots in the travel industry?

Chatbots are a super diverse tool that are capable of finding a use case in almost every sector of every industry. When it comes to the travel industry, chatbots have been successful in establishing their presence in multiple sectors. From booking online tickets to hotel reservations chatbots are deeply etched in the modern travel business. Another chatbot use case that we get to see often these days is that of a tour guide. Tourists are using these bots to help themselves explore different destinations and learn more about that place in their own native language. This enables a faster, more personalised and effective travel experience. Other uses include tasks such as booking cancellations, customer service, room service, restaurant services, registrations etc.

What are the advantages of using chatbots in the travel industry?

Gone are the days when travellers had to run behind a travel agent to book themselves travel tickets and lodges and find themselves the best deals for the same. With the help of chatbots, travellers can now do all of the above in the comfort of their home, with travel automation. AI chatbots have become smart enough to understand the customers’ preferences with the help of their internet behaviour to provide them with more personalised search results plus offers that are best suited for the customers’ personality and interests. Additionally, chatbots offer 24/7 availability so that customers don't have to wait for their travel agent to make any last minute modifications to their travel plan or reservations. Moreover, many mobile applications have these tools built in which enable the tourists to have access to all their data and information about the trip on their finger-tips. For more information on a certain tour package, users can easily be directed to the full website of the travel agency. It can also help the tourists with information like weather conditions in a certain destination, list of precautions to be taken while travelling to these regions, currency exchange information etc..
Chatbots are well equipped to plan a 2 way return journey as per the budget and preferences thus making it very convenient for the customers.

Payments via chatbots/conversational agents

Chatbots/virtual assistants support a number of digital payment options which enable the end user to have a hassle free payment experience. In today’s age, cash/debit cards are not the only payment option available. More easier channels such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and other numerous digital wallets have enabled tourists to make payments easily with just a single tap on their screens. It’s a wonderful time to be alive in terms of payments. Chatbots these days support almost all kinds of payment options and digital wallets for easy transactions. Tourists can now save the effort of converting all of their payments to different currencies as the payment gateways built on these chatbots these days are trained to automatically do that and send the converted amount to the merchant. This enables the tourists to focus on more important and fun things like the attractions to visit and the clothes to carry.
Moreover payment gateways these days have become more secure than ever so you don’t have to worry about theft, cheating or other privacy issues.

Eliminating language barriers using a chatbot

Language is among the most important aspects of travel, especially when it’s an international destination. It is not necessary that all regions in the world understand and speak english fluently. Thus, in such situations, language can be a huge barrier when you are travelling to a foreign destination where english is not spoken on a large scale. Fortunately with the help of chatbots, we have managed to find a convenient solution to this problem. Smart AI multilingual chatbots are capable enough to translate one language to another which helps the tourists to understand the native language and communicate with the natives better. Features like camera translator enable to translate sign board texts on a chatbot  using the camera and enable themselves to read store names and directions better. Features like these provide a sense of security in the minds of the tourists and they feel assured that they are not cheated. AI chatbots are not only improving, but are training themselves to translate more and more languages by the passing day. This proves to be a boon for both the travellers and the agencies in both personal and business standpoints.

Chatbots as reservation agents

There is no denying that reservations can be tiring. Be it flight tickets or hotel reservations, right from choosing the right deals to the payment process, it all feels like war sometimes. The good news is, we live in a time of AI. Chatbots have eased this issue for us with the help of AI and Machine Learning. These chatbots are now capable of browsing through the internet to find the best deals for you based on your budget and preferences and also facilitating last minute modifications or cancellations. They have officially managed to cut off the middle-man and directly connect the customer with the business owner. Moreover, all your bookings and transactions can be done at your own comfort and own your own time. You don’t have to wait for your travel agent to get back to you anymore. Instant and easy! With integrations like Google Calendar, you can also set reminders for yourself with attached notes for your travel/reservation planning. Amazing chatbot features like ‘send image’ or ‘image carousel’ help the customer to browse through various options with ease and make the right decision for himself/herself.


Riding on to the new wave of digital revolution, AI chatbots in travel have transformed the way the travel industry operates. It has proven to be of great help, to both business, (to provide better service) and to travellers, specially novice travellers who are not very experienced. Travelling needs to have a lot of things in place and a lot of things checked like the weather conditions, transport facilities, airport regulations etc. which can be a difficult task for someone who is not very experienced. People, in spite of being experienced travellers, sometimes miss out on a lot of things. In such cases, chatbots prove to be extremely useful. They help the travellers to have a hassle free travel experience by checking for all of the above. Also, chatbots being multi dimensional in nature are easily integrated with almost every service or software or website that enables the travellers to have easy access to it.

Also, with features like FAQs, customers can have all their travel related queries answered in lightning fast speed and provide 24/7 availability for the customers. This also helps the travel agencies to serve their customers better by providing them with an amazing, personalised customer experience.

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