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Top 20 Technology blogs to read in 2022

Anwesh Roy
Aug 6
3-4 mins

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Top 20 Technology blogs to read in 2022

1. 10 Must-Have chatbot features (#5 will make customers love you!)

Here are 10 chatbot features that you need to look out for if you’re building a chatbot for your business. Make sure your chatbot has them all. Get the list now

2. 14 DIY chatbot tactics

We all know how easy it is to make chatbots today. But there are a few crucial tactics that you need to keep in mind to build the ideal chatbot for yourself.

3. 15 funniest customer service conversations ever!

Thought you’ve dealt with funny customer service conversations before? We’re sure you haven’t seen any half as funny as these customer support conversations.

4. The 20/20 vision of cloud

Cloud computing expert, Ian Moyse talks about the need for cloud computing and the benefits it offers (think flexibility). Catch his thoughts on Cloud in 2022.

5. 22 Tech Podcasts you need to listen to in 2022

Looking to get the latest tech news or learn about the latest developments in tech while traveling to work or multitasking? Here are 22 tech podcasts for you!

6. 3 Interesting chatbot features to look out for In 2021

Chatbots are here and they are here for good. It is a well-established fact by now. However, what is the features that will make them stay? Read more here.

7. 3 Steps to measure CX impact and align your C-suite around experience

Jeanne Bliss, founder & CEO of Customer Bliss, talks about measuring the impact of your CX initiatives and showing your C-suite the bigger picture. Read now.

8. Asia: Becoming a Powerhouse through AI Adoption

AI is taking the world, especially markets in Asia by storm. We’re exploring AI and its many use cases in markets such as China, Japan, and India in this blog

9. 5 new rules guaranteed to build customer trust

CX expert and founder of Beyond Philosophy, Colin Shaw, shows you how to win your customer trust with his 5 powerful new rules to build trust. Read now!

10. 5 key rules of behavioral journey mapping

Behavioral Journey Mapping looks at four aspects (Rational, Emotional, Subconscious, and Psychological) & we put these layers into the existing journey map.

11. 5 ways how AI can improve your business’s software testing

AI is improving & simplifying the life of developers & testers everywhere, by automating processes & allowing testers to provide accurate results & bug finds.

12. 6 CX Fundamentals of Organizational and Human Adaptiveness

MD of Eglobalis Information and co-founder of the ECXO, Ricardo Saltz Gulko talks about the fundamentals for increasing the adoption of technology and services.

13. 7 powerful tips to design an amazing chatbot icon for your business

Here’s our list of things to do while designing a chatbot icon for your business — Ranging from getting inside your users’ minds to analyzing competitor logos.

14. 7 Tips to improve chatbot marketing | #6 is a game-changer

Enhance your marketing campaigns with chatbots and speed up lead generation. Get 7 hacks to take your marketing to the next level with intelligent automation!

15. 7 ways to generate leads for your eCommerce business

The hardest part of an eCommerce business is all about acquiring new leads, here are the 7 interesting ways to generate leads for your eCommerce business.

16. 8 Ways AI Will Change the Future of Marketing in 2022

When AI is used in marketing, it will boost lead generation, SEO, content creation & distribution, and many other functions. See how AI is transforming marketing

17. A quick guide on how to survive and communicate during a global crisis

Adriana Tica, an expert marketer, talks about the manner in which you should communicate with your customers in order to survive and thrive in a crisis.

18. Customer success — Let Engati help you ace the game

When you have the power of LIVE chat support for your chatbot, why would you want to leave a customer frustrated? Here’s how to ace the customer success game!

19. How to address the most complex customer queries in real-time

Imagine that you could answer the most complex customer queries in real-time, without forcing your customers to wait on hold. Here’s how you make that happen!

20. 5 powerful agent productivity hacks

Learn how to serve even more customers, while making your agent’s lives easier. Explore our 5 best agent productivity hacks (with a bonus hack) right now!

21. 7 ways to promote your eCommerce store in 2021

An eCommerce platform needs to be mobile-friendly if you want to attract more customers, retain them and gain customer loyalty. Check out the article now!

Anwesh Roy

Anwesh is the Senior Vice President of Engati. Driven by a passion to deliver value through AI-driven solutions, Anwesh is on a mission to mainstream Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Data Analytics applications.

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