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14 DIY chatbot tactics

Engati Team
Jan 3
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Chatbot Tactics

Businesses are moving their “bot strategy” from vision to reality. Everyday, there are new tools, platforms and intelligent assistants promising that anyone can master chatbot making, which will deliver real business value.

Unlike the popular belief, chatbot making doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. The easiest way of making a fully functional bot is through a chatbot building platform. In fact, the best chatbots out there were built using a platform. We all agree that chatbot making is easy now. But what makes a chatbot unique and extraordinary to create a personality for your organisation is difficult to comprehend.

Hence, to help you with your chatbot making endeavours, I’ve listed down 14 crucial tactics that you need to make sure to integrate while building DIY chatbots for skillful performance.

How to create a DIY chatbot?


Have a conversational modeler

Conversational modeler basically refers to a feature that acts as a conversational builder. It offers you the environment for building, testing and implementing a chatbot. Create content, build dialogs and connect back-end integrations all in one place! This feature is important for anyone who wants to build a chatbot from scratch and implement conversational AI for making conversations into a meaningful experience.


Carry out contextual conversations

Nobody likes traditional chatbot conversations. If you want to engage your customers better, your chatbot must maintain context across a flow of questions. So avoid point-to-point answers to specific questions and personalise the user experience to keep up a good retention rate.  


Offer multi-platform support

Our life revolves around websites, mobile apps, etc and we know that integrating chatbots on these platforms will make it easier for people to reach out to you. Hence, while building a bot make sure that your chatbot can be integrated at any platform of your choice and chatbot marketing.


Employ human takeover and live chat

Even though customer support chatbots are trained to handle queries, you cannot expect them to perform complex tasks and aid complex issues from the customers. Therefore, what you need to do is to employ a person in the back end to solve such queries. While all the repetitive tasks and questions can be handled by the bot, a person can look into complex queries that come in sometimes. This is called “live chat” software and is essential if you want to provide a well-versed bot experience to your user. Chatbots make this process simple as well. When a chatbot detects a complex question, it will direct the user to the live chat agent.


FAQ bots

FAQs are a great way of providing all the necessary information to your customers when they visit your website. So you can build a FAQ bot to respond to frequent questions and concerns. It is a useful way of organising your information and giving it out to the public so that they can understand you better.  


Provide multilingual assistance

When you have customers in every corner of the world, You should expect to interact with people who don’t necessarily speak in English. So what do you do in such situations? Resort to google translate each time you want to make a conversation? Instead, make a vernacular chatbot so that it can detect your customer's language and automatically communicate your product in their own native language, especially when it comes to chats.


Enable voice conversations

Typing out queries can sometimes be time-consuming, especially when your customer is rushing or busy with work. Hence, provide ai voice bots which can carry out voice conversations and enable your users to accomplish tasks hands-free.


Business-specific bots

AI Bots are being used in every sector of the industry. Constructing a bot that suits your business type can yield great results. So take some time off to visualise what type of bot you need for your business and construct it accordingly.


Mobile SDKs

If you’re creating a mobile app and your business relies on your interactions with your customers, it would be handy to have conversation AI services to handle all the queries related to your app. Most of the apps these days, like say Zomato, Uber, Swiggy, etc consider chatbots as the best tool for customer service.


WhatsApp support

WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging apps currently. With more than 1.5 billion people using this platform daily for communications, there are many businesses out there who indulge in whatsApp marketing. Hence, it would be a great idea to integrate WhatsApp chatbot and automate your customer queries.


Make your chatbot recognize intent and entity

What carries out a meaningful conversation, be it a human-to-human or human-to-robot interaction is the ability to recognise intention and respond accordingly. According to the chatbot vocabulary, intent is user intention, while entity refers to the keywords that the chatbot picks upon to respond to the user. If you want to carry out contextual conversations, you will have to make your chatbots capable of recognising user intent, match it with an entity and respond with empathy.


Train your chatbot well

While conversational AI are booming in the market today, they don’t just pop out of nowhere fully formed. You will have to train the bot properly and don't just train your bot, train it well. Feed it with data, information, responses, greetings and entertainment. The more you feed, the more it grows.


Replicate your bot on all platforms

So you run a business and want to incorporate its page on social media and other such platforms. What are you going to do? Are you going to spend hours together and money to build a Conversational AI for every platform? Well, let me teach you a hack.

You can build a bot, make copies of it or make custom bots immediately and link it on all the platforms and channels you need. Yes, it's true and you can do this.


Analytics on point

Analysing data and statistics is the most important factor in making a good chatbot or a computer program. Analytics the discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in data and applying these patterns can help in effective decision making. When the analytics are apt, they can create wonders for your business.

That's about it, for now

Wrapping up, we hope you found this blog helpful.

It’s time to apply these tips to build your chatbot. Register with Engati to get started.

Engati Team

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