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Engati AI: Driving Customer Success in the Modern Era

Kinshuk Kar
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October 13, 2023
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Customer success

Customer success is king in today's fast-paced business world. A primary objective for businesses is maintaining happy and engaged customers, but it's also one of the largest problems they confront. Waiting days for a single response in an age of immediate gratification is just unacceptable.

Fortunately, you can reinvent your customer success approach and drive angry customers away with the help of chatbots. Join us as we examine Engati's cutting-edge features and discover how to win your clients' adoration like never before.

What is Customer success?

Customer success is a business approach that focuses on helping customers achieve their desired outcomes by using a company's products or services. It is not simply about providing customer support or resolving complaints but rather ensuring that customers are successful in achieving their goals and objectives.

The concept of customer success has gained significant importance in recent years due to the rise of subscription-based business models and the increasing importance of customer loyalty in today's competitive market. The goal of customer success is to create a positive customer experience throughout the customer journey, starting from onboarding and continuing through to ongoing support and renewal.

Effective customer success strategies require a deep understanding of customers' needs, goals, and challenges. Companies must establish clear goals for customer success and measure their progress in achieving those goals. This often involves developing metrics such as customer satisfaction, customer retention, and lifetime value.

To achieve customer success, companies must provide customers with the right resources, tools, and support to help them achieve their desired outcomes. This may include personalized training, self-service resources, proactive communication, and ongoing support from a dedicated customer success team.

Ultimately, Engati's live chat feature can play a significant role in enabling customer success. By using live chat, companies can provide customers with instant access to support, and ensure that they receive timely responses to their queries and issues.

Engati's live chat feature can be integrated with chatbots, which can provide customers with automated responses to common queries and issues. This helps to reduce the workload of customer support teams and enable faster resolution of issues.

Moreover, Engati's live chat feature can be used to personalize the customer experience. By using data and analytics to understand customer preferences and behavior, companies can tailor their interactions with customers to provide them with more relevant and meaningful support.

Engati's live chat feature can also be used to collect feedback from customers and identify areas for improvement. This information can be used to optimize the customer success strategy and provide customers with an even better experience in the future.

Overall, Engati's live chat feature is a powerful tool for enabling customer success. It provides customers with timely and personalized support, enables faster issue resolution, and helps companies to collect feedback and optimize their customer success strategy.

Be where your customers are

With messaging and social media apps being all-pervasive, it can really be difficult to manage all the interactions across these channels. Also, you cannot afford to be picky in terms of which channels you want to support because your customers would expect you to be there for you - on your website, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, etc.

But you don't have to worry. Engati will give you the luxury of the widest range of platforms covered from an automated customer interactions perspective. With 14 channels where you can set up your bot, reaching out to customers where they spend most of their time becomes a breeze.

You name it and we have it - Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Website chatbot, Mobile apps, WhatsApp chatbot, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Kik, LINE, Skype, WeChat and more... And the best part is that you don’t need to rebuild your bots. Just set it up once and deploy it on any of these channels.


Know what your customers ask

AI Chatbots work the best when you know your customers very well. Like, what questions they typically ask, problems they face, what tone would suit them the best, and so on.

Typically from what we have seen, more than 60% of the customer queries would fall into common areas or groups of queries. It is very important that you train your bot to cater to these queries for it to be successful for your customers.

Using Engati, you can very easily add FAQs in the system to train your chatbot. Also, here's a highlight for you-

Did you know that you could easily upload all FAQs from a CSV sheet and the bot trains in hardly any time?

This feature becomes very handy if you have FAQs ready with you and you would just need to load them up.

P.S. if you are looking for an FAQ bot for customer success then Engati is your answer

In spite of all your efforts, there are chances that you might have missed out on some common questions. You never know what people are going to ask. Our nifty train feature is meant just for that. If you go to the FAQ Analytics screen, you can see in real-time what all queries people are asking the bot. You can also filter these questions based on which ones were not answered. Then you can use the train button to quickly add a response to those questions, which gets trained real-time.

Engati's FAQ Analytics screen

What is live chat?

You will always have some very specific or complex queries which the bot isn't trained for. Thus, the bot wouldn’t be able to answer those queries. Our human takeover and live chat features are meant just for these cases. Further, the feature makes it seamless for the end user to get answers to what they are looking for.

There is a special path available to trigger the live chat functionality. This allows you the flexibility of linking a live chat request from various places in the bot. Or you can use trigger phrases like “i want to talk to someone”, “call” or “human, please”, etc. Also, it can be triggered when the bot is not able to answer a particular query. You can set up  email notifications by using the send email node before triggering the live chat.

A live chat request first comes in the Customer Support Requests screen from where you can pick up a chat to respond. You can configure the messages shown to the user when a live chat request is triggered. This can be customized based on the agent’s availability. Chat requests can also be tagged to a particular category depending on where they are triggered from. The live chats once picked up, can be marked as resolved. In this case the “Post Resolution” path would automatically be triggered. The automated responses get activated again once a chat is marked as resolved.

Engati's live chat feature

Ace the customer success game

Engati allows you to add multiple support agents for the same bot. Chats can be transferred between the agents and the Support Dashboard will help you to stay on top of the metrics around live chat. Track incoming chat queues, agent efficiency in terms of time spent by customers waiting for a response as well as overall talk times for agents.

All these metrics can also be determined on a per agent level as well at a category level. These features help to create a hybrid chatbot that is best optimized for lowering human involvement. Further, this is done without compromising customer success or customer experience in providing speedy resolutions via the bot.

Do try out these features and let us know how Engati was able to help your customer success needs. Also, feedback on what you would like to see on the platform would be most welcome.

Ready to ace the customer success game? Register with Engati and we'll show you how.

Kinshuk Kar

Kinshuk Kar is the Senior Director of Product Management at Engati, a platform to help leapfrog your customer engagement story with leading-edge technology.
He's passionate about all things tech and its potential to revolutionize how we live.

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