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7 powerful tips to design an amazing chatbot icon

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August 22, 2023
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When it comes to chatbot design, every detail matters, and a chatbot icon is not an exception. So if you want to get the most from your chatbot, you should create an icon people can’t help but click. In this article, you will find tips on choosing the right chatbot icon for your brand and achieving the desired results. Apply the tips given, and you will generate more leads and get higher sales.

Why is it important to design an attractive chatbot icon?

An attractive chatbot icon design will help you to do the following tasks:

  • Grab the user’s attention and increase the click-through rate
  • Boost engagement
  • Create a powerful brand identity

Now you’re probably wondering how to design a chatbot icon. We’re diving right into that.

How do you make a chatbot icon?


Know your audience

Before you start designing a chatbot icon, define and analyze your target audience. Who will use your website? Millennials who like minimalist designs? Or maybe Baby Boomers, who like rustic designs? You should know exactly who your target audience is to design a chatbot symbol or icon that will work well. So the first you should do is to do research and get to know your target audience better.


Find design inspiration online

Well, if you have never designed icons before, you may find it challenging to create a chatbot icon for your brand from scratch. So don’t hesitate to use Google to find inspiration. Visit websites such as IconFinder and FlatIcons and look through available chatbot icons. Choose three items that you like the most and analyze what they have in common. You can use these icons as templates to create your own chatbot icon. You can modify them in the way you like and create a perfect icon for your brand. And don’t forget to use your existing expertise! If you’re a banner ad designer who’s used to creating eye-catching CTA’s, make sure you include that same energy with your chatbot icon. You want your icon to stand out on a page, as it’s a point of contact for your audience.


Humanize and personalize your chatbot

When it comes to chatbot icons, most business owners think that they should use an image of a robot. But the truth is that if you want to get the most of your chatbot, you should humanize and personalize it. It means that you should substitute the image of the robot with the image of the human. Or, if you have a brand animal, you can replace the image of the robot with imagery of this animal.

For instance, if you design a chatbot icon for Mozilla Firefox, you could use the image of the fox. You need to design a character for your chatbot. It will help create an illusion that the user talks to a human, not a robot. It will help personalize the user experience and take the effectiveness of a chatbot to a brand new level.


Take a look at chatbot icons that your competitors use

Why do you use chatbots? The chances are that you want to boost engagement to be one step ahead of the competition.  And, naturally, you want your chatbot to look and work better than your competitors’. So before you start designing your chatbot icon, take a look at icons that your rivals use. Choose the icon that you like the most and analyze it in detail. Pay attention to its color, style, and size. Figure out why this very icon works well for your competitor, and try to design a similar chatbot icon for your brand.


Watch the chatbot trends

The chatbot market is growing fast, and it’s really important to keep up with the trends. So you should watch the market closely. You should have a good understanding of what type of chatbot design is currently popular among users. It will help you to create an effective chatbot and to choose a suitable icon. Don’t focus on your industry only. Look at all the sectors that are benefiting from chatbots. Define the best practices and follow them when creating a chatbot icon for your brand.


Choose the right color

Chatbot icon works in the same way as a call-to-action button. And it means that you should choose the right color that will encourage users to click the icon. The color of the CTA button has a significant effect on the users’ willingness to take action. A few studies show that the color green works well because the human brain identifies it as a signal “Go!” or “Proceed!”. And the red color doesn’t work well because it’s associated with danger and a “stop” sign. However, there is no universal CTA color that suits any website and any brand. Every company is unique, so only you can decide which color will appeal to your target audience the most and create iconic logo designs that match audience preferences. Even if you decide to use logo designing tools for business, you can still incorporate such design elements into the logo creation process. Chatbot icon can match the logo of your brand or the main color of your website. But in any case, it must contrast sharply with background colors and fit the overall color scheme.


Get help from professionals

Are you ready to design a chatbot icon by yourself? That’s great!  Use your creative skills and design an icon that will perfectly match your brand. But if you feel that you lack designing skills, don’t hesitate to get help from professionals in the field. Don’t worry; it will not cost you an arm and a leg. If you operate on a budget, you can find icon designers at freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. As a rule, freelancers provide affordable services but have all the skills necessary to create an ideal chatbot icon in a few hours.


Chatbot icon design is an important element of brand identity design. For this reason, it should look perfect. Put your time and effort into designing a chatbot icon. And if you do everything right, you will be rewarded with increased engagement, a higher click-through rate, and high sales.

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