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How to create a good chatbot

Avichal Jadeja
Sep 16
5-6 mins

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How To Create a Good Chatbot

If you search for what a chatbot is, you’ll most likely get something that looks like this:

 “A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.”  

While this pretty much defines what a chatbot is, there’s still plenty of confusion. It’s usually followed up by questions like-

“How do we build a chatbot?” What makes a good chatbot versus a bad chatbot?”

And after they ask these questions, we often ask ourselves- are chatbots quantifiably good or bad? And can they be used in every field?

The simple answer to the first question is no, but here are some things you must consider while building a smart chatbot.

So, let’s tackle all of these questions, one-by-one.

How do we build a chatbot?

You need little to no coding experience in order to create a ai chatbot. I know what you’re thinking -

“Really? That’s impossible. So I don’t have to take this course on conversational Artificial Intelligence?” 

No. You don’t even need to know what NLP is, or any other complex languages or concepts like JavaScript, AI, or Machine Learning. 

All you need is an account with Engati! You can add paths (which can utilize a variety of nodes like upload a file, request the identity of a customer, and over 30 more unique different nodes), FAQs and more. With all these nodes, channels, and languages to choose from, you'll be able to easily build a bot in 10 minutes.

A good versus bad chatbot 

What differentiates between a good NLP chatbot and a bad chatbot is how interactive it is. It doesn’t matter if this is by adding less text, more images, or interesting colours and fonts. It should entice the user by having a good User Interface or Experience (UI/UX). With all of this in mind, it should still be simple yet elegant!  

Another thing that you can do to ensure you have a good chatbot in your hands is to prevent any issues or confusions that your user might face along the way. 

This means training it regularly, thoroughly, and to the end of every path, from the perspective of the user. 

I’ve been building chatbots for a couple of years and the number of issues I’ve seen on some websites amaze me. Whether it be incorrect wording, or an error in interpreting the question I’m asking, it leaves me and other customers losing our minds. It makes us want to quit the page and forget about the website. 

Make sure that this never happens and ensure every single use case has been tested thoroughly and you will be fine :)

A good chatbot versus a great chatbot

One of the most important things is to consider the role a business chatbot plays in your CX strategy. Business Chatbots must be used as a way to support live agents by replying to monotonous customer requests. To ensure success, make sure that your chatbot sounds less robotic and more human.

But understand that there’s no need to make the language too fancy and flowery. It’s more important to stay concise and to the point. Then the only differentiator between a human and your chatbot will be that the bot responds ten times faster.

Where can chatbots be used?

A chatbot can be used anywhere. Any field that you could think of can use a chatbot. Whether it’s education, travel, E-commerce or sports betting. All of these fields can (and already have started to) be impacted by chatbots. So it doesn't matter what field you’re in, you can use a chatbot and as long as you can make it a “good” chatbot. 

And finally… 

The most important aspect of a Customer support chatbot is how successfully it can achieve its purpose. It must accomplish any goal that you have in mind for it. Whether that purpose is to convey information, ask for details, or receive customer details. Always ensure that your chatbot isn’t too broad and satisfies the primary purpose of why you developed it in the first place!  

Ready to build an incredible chatbot? Get started for free with Engati and in 10 minutes, you'll have an intelligent digital assistant to support your teams. Register here!

Avichal Jadeja

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