Chatbots in travel: How to build a bot that travellers will love

Parousia Khan
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Chatbots in travel: How to build a bot that travellers will love

The world is changing rapidly. Automation is in. Online travel bookings have eaten into the business of more traditional travel agencies. How do travel agencies get a leg up? Many businesses have spent a lot of time thinking about this.

Personalization is the key! The online websites provide cookie-cutter efficiency-driven options lacking a conversational touch. Well, new age interaction mechanisms and channels are going to change and disrupt how travel and many other industries work. Online websites and apps are limited in their options and strict menu-driven structure to make it very easy to explore and evaluate. The world has moved to an interaction-based approach with the advent of chatbot messengers.

This change will be the singular factor by which customers, employees, vendors, and others are going to interact with your business tomorrow. The ability to have a chat conversation with the context being maintained will be the primary way customers will prefer to interact with your business.

Begin by thinking about an interaction that goes like this

User: Hi

Chatbot: Hi Joe, how can I help you today?

User: Was thinking of taking some time off in August and visiting friends in London?

Chatbot: That’s wonderful, London can be very beautiful in August. Did you have any dates in mind?

User: Yeah, was thinking around the third week, fly in from New York on a Wednesday and fly back on a Sunday.

Chatbot: Awesome, would you prefer a day flight or an evening flight?

User: An evening flight

Chatbot: Perfect, I have 4 options showing from New York to London direct. Would you prefer to see the lowest flights first?

User: Yes that would be good

Chatbot: Here they are-

  • EWR – LON Airline XYZ Flight 1 USD 324/- Depart 5:45 pm – Arrive next day 2:30 am
  • EWR – LON Airline ABC Flight 24 USD 338/- Depart 3:45 pm – Arrive next day 12:30 am
  • EWR – LON Airline MNZ Flight 16 USD 354/- Depart 4:15 pm – Arrive next day 1:15 am
  • EWR – LON Airline BCA Flight 16 USD 379/- Depart 4:30 pm – Arrive next day 1:30 am

Chatbot: Do you like any of the above choices?

User: Yes, I like the 2nd one.

Chatbot: Nice – would you like to book a hotel for your stay in London

User: No, will be staying with friends

Chatbot: That’s great, how about an airport pick up and drop

User: No will take the tubeChatbot: Anything else I can help you with or can we proceed to lock and load the plan?

User: Let’s lock this plan

Chatbot: How would you like to pay, CC, Paypal, bitcoins or bank transfer?

User: Let me use my credit card

Chatbot: Here is the payment link

(Payment processed)

Chatbot: We are all set – I will send the confirmation to your email address and also attach it to this chat at the end. Is there anything else I can help you with?

User: Yeah, I need a map of London and a Tube map if possible

Chatbot: Sure thing, I will also email it to you along with some more details on attractions and what to do when in London. Would you also like me to send you the best watering holes in London?

User: Yeah that would be cool

Chatbot: We are all set, am building the package now and expect an email in less than a minute with all the information and confirmations. Have a great trip and do come back if I can help with any changes or more information. I have included your trip ID in the package and you just need to quote it when you need assistance. Bye and thanks!

How to build a travel bot in 10 minutes?

Gone are the days when travellers had to visit an agent or click through several websites to book and plan their vacation. Travel bot have successfully replaced all the manual interactions and can take commands from the user to complete any given task! From flight bookings to recommendations for hotels to places to visit! Travel chatbots can do it all!

Now, you’d be wondering “travel chatbots do seem promising, but making one is going to cost a lot of money, time and resources”. Building bots is no more a hard task that requires a lot of coding and programming. With technical advancements and you can make full-fledged, well-abled bots in just 10 minutes!

Now let me demonstrate how to get started with Engati, a chatbot building platform and build travel bots for your travel business.

  1. Create an account or register for free at Engati.
  1. As soon as you create your account, you’ll find yourself on this landing page where you can get started with building a bot immediately.
  1. Click on ‘create bot’, give your bot a name, describe your bot, select a use-case category, restrict domains (optional) and click on ‘build from template’ to select from our various, multi-functional bot templates and hit the ‘preview’ button to see how your bot is going to look like.
  1. Once you’re done previewing your bot, click on ‘create’ and you have your bot ready! Yes, it’s that simple! You can also customise the conversational flow, create paths, add FAQs, train your bot and add broadcast, Live chat, and multilingual features!
  1. Head to the ‘deploy’ section to integrate your bot on 12+ platforms or even choose between JSONAPI or Zapier that lets hundreds of more integrations possible.
  1. And you’re done! Enjoy your newly made bot and reap its maximum benefits!

Some of the travel chatbot templates for you!

Travel - Trip Planner

This is a chatbot template that helps travellers on flight bookings based on information captured on travel dates, airline preferences, and seating options. The chatbot also users allows to choose a flight for travel and forward the request to the travel agency for completing the booking.

Trip Planner Bot

Travel chatbot that takes away the decision fatigue of your gone are the days where they need to scroll through websites. They provides destination options in carousels which helps visualize the location. Helps in planning the trip end to end. Transport details are dynamically provided.

City Travel Guide Chatbot Template

A chatbot that lets you book flights, hotels, and cars. It also displays top activities in any preferred city.

Hotel Booking Bot

A simple starter level Travel chatbot that is powerful and efficient. It allows you to book rooms and services. Use it as a template for your customers and gather momentum on your hotel

website.Tourism Bot

A chatbot template that allows users to review and book tour packages. For the travel planner & operator businesses it gives a great opportunity to capture leads information while engaging with them on a bot.

For more such templates, visit our Bot Marketplace!

Wrapping up!  

Thinking about building your own travel bot? Get in touch with our experts at Engati.

For more information on chatbot technology and chatbots in the travel industry, here’s another blog!

Thanks for reading!

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