40+ Shopify forums to engage a 40Mn+ audience

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shopify forums

Shopify Linkedin Groups 

1. Shopify Product Community

Reach - 8.2K

Description - A community for Shopify users on LinkedIn. This is a place for to talk about tips and tricks and share our expertise. You go to places for resources and conversation about all things ecommerce, DTC, products tips and tricks.

2. Shopify Experts, Freelancers & Agencies

Reach - 1.2K

Description - Join this community of Expert Shopify partners, freelancers & agencies. The community focuses on building an e-commerce empire together by helping merchants sell more online with Shopify.

3. Shopify Store Owners, Experts, and Developers

Reach - 11K

Description - This is a group for Shopify Store Owners, Experts, & Developers to share ideas, concepts, apps, and resources. 

4. Shopify Community 

Reach - 10K

Description - There is a lot going on over at Shopify. They offer basic services that allow you to create an e-commerce site quickly and inexpensively. More advanced resources, like their app store and community of developers & designers, allow you to take your site to the next level. However, it is easy to get lost. Some sites look great, others don't. The purpose of this unofficial Shopify Community is to discuss what Shopify users should be doing and what they shouldn't be doing.

5. Online Sellers Community for Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal Sellers

Reach - 6K

Description - Join the Online Sellers Community to discuss your questions, case studies or query regarding ecommerce or online selling.

6. Shopify Store Owners

Reach - 640

Description - This Shopify Store Owners group was created for sharing knowledge of eCommerce store owners.

7. Shopify for everyone

Reach - 478

Description -This shopify community shares knowledge and news related to Shopify.

Feel free to create polls and ask questions - we would love to share our expertise with both fellow developers and store owners.

8. Expert Designer for Wordpress, Shopify, Wix Website

Reach - 2K

Description - Looking for  Expert in WordPress, Shopify, and Wix Website Design? They’ve got you! . Build your E-Commerce website, Blog Website, or Personal Website with the Best Designers and Developers

9. Shopify Hacks, Tips, Tricks and more...

Reach - 2.7K

Description - Talk about Shopify tips, tricks, hacks, shortcuts... you name it!! 

10. Shopify Women's Network

Reach - 1.5K
Description - This group is designed to empower women to confidently use Shopify to grow their brands online. Join us to learn more about the platform, technology, and app integrations, stay up to date with trends, and industry events, discuss and share challenges that are typical in building a commerce business, and most importantly build a community.

Shopify facebook groups

1. Shopify Dropshipping Hot products

Reach- 40.2k

Description- This group aim to bring drop shipping businesses/suppliers/drop-ship platforms for product automation and drop-shippers together so you can start your own business online and be successful.

2. Shopify Store Owner

Reach- 8.7k

Description-This group has been made for shopify store owner to share the knowledge and learn from it.

3. Shopify Experts

Reach- 18.4k

Description- This facebook group is currently one of the fastest growing e-commerce groups. When you advertise with them, you are sure of targeting the right people.

4. Shopify Dropshipping store design

Reach- 12.6k

Description- Are you looking for an expert to build a professional shopify store for you or you are looking forward to doing great marketing for your store to increase sales? If yes this is the perfect group for you.

5. Shopify eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Reach- 26.9k

Description- This group brings together Ecommerce businesses so we can talk about Ecommerce Topics, Strategies, Tactics and help each other to be successful. Here people are always ready to help each other to solve problems, share resources, discuss ideas and best practices.

6. Shopify Store Design

Reach- 12.7k

Description- This Page is all about Shopify Store Design and Custom Development.

7. Shopify group

Reach- 6.0k

Description- Have questions or finding your shopify store in complete chaos? This group would be perfect for you to resolve any queries you have.

8. Shopify Experts | Designers & Developers

Reach- 16.4k

Description- This group has some of the most effecient shopify experts who can guide you within the intial stage of your shopify store and make it much more convenient Shopify store experience.

9. Shopify Store marketing

Reach- 9.8k

Description- welcome to the shopify store training advice and support group,

This group is about providing safe, force free, positive reinforcement base training behavior advice.

10. Shopify Dropshipping for beginners

Reach- 38.8k Memebers

Description- Over the experience of 8 years the admin have built and scale multiple Shopify dropshipping websites which are earning on average $18k monthly. Now he is here in this community to help any shopify users facing problems with the tool.

11. Shopify Expert

Reach- 55.0K members

Description- This group has been made for question answering about dropshipping and also those who want to share dropshipping knowledge with other members.


Reach- 9.6K members

Description- This group was created to sell products and services.

13. Shopify for beginners

Reach- 5.8K members

Description- This group is only for Shopify beginners who want to start shopify dropshipping.

14. Shopify Marketing and Web designing help

Reach- 7.9K members

Description-  This group helps shopify store owners with full digital marketing, branding and redesigning for sales guaranteed ONLY if you are ready to invest in our marketing strategy.

15. Shopify Store Ecommerce Beginners

Reach- 8.5K members

Description- This group is for people who are starting their shopify journey or dropshipping journey. Latest tricks and tips will be shared here which will help you kickstart your shopify journey.

16. Shopify for Beginners

Reach- 3.8K members

17. Shopify Dropshipping For Spocket & Oberlo

Reach- 1.4K members

Description- This group is for Every store owner that needs help at driving organic traffic that will enhance the sales conversion boosting.

18. Shopify Dropshipping Community

Reach- 10.6K members

Description- Shopify Dropshipping community is an online group that covers issues to do with dropshipping business,setting up Shopify stores,niche selection and Facebook ads in general.

19. Email marketing for Shopify store owners

Reach- 6.4K members

Description- This group will help you to create an efficient email marketing campaign for your shopify store.

20. Global Shopify Entrepreneurs

Reach- 8.4K members

Description- Best Place for store owners where they can find New, upcoming and seasoned Shopify Entrepreneurs and share their Store to get Tricks and Trades from the Shopify Experts.

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