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     "text": "1. Anton Kraly.
2. Felix Thea.
3. Steve Hutt.
4. Caroline Balinska.
5. Kevin Indig.
6. Matt Schlich.
7. Ben Jabbawy.
8. Kurt Elster."

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Top 20 Shopify Experts to follow for 2022

Engati Team
Nov 2
7-8 mins

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Key takeawaysCollaboration platforms are essential to the new way of workingEmployees prefer engati over emailEmployees play a growing part in software purchasing decisionsThe future of work is collaborativeMethodology

Looking for Shopify experts who can help you accelerate your Shopify store sales? Well, setting up a Shopify store is easy; but challenging because you have to keep pace with your ever-growing competitors.

Here is a list of 20 Shopify experts that you should follow in 2022

Anton Kraly

Instagram | LinkedIn

Anton Kraly is the founder and CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle. He focuses on empowering people through eCommerce and better marketing. He and his team are constantly researching and testing to discover what works best in digital marketing and eCommerce. 

Felix Thea


Felix Thea is the Shopify Masters Podcast Host with over 5 million downloads. Shopify Masters provides the knowledge and inspiration you need to build, launch and grow a profitable online store. Join host Felix Thea each week as he interviews successful e-commerce entrepreneurs and unpacks how they're building businesses that allow them to live the life they want. Shopify Masters is ideal for first-time e-commerce entrepreneurs that want to learn how to increase traffic and sales.

Steve Hutt

LinkedIn | Twitter

Steve Hunt is the host for Shopify Podcast Host @ eCommerce Fastlane. He helps Shopify direct-to-consumer brands (DTC) to drive positive business outcomes through efficiencies, revenue, and lifetime customer loyalty. He assists in helping in establishing a unified, multichannel, strategic vision for commerce brands by applying real-world know-how and understanding.

Caroline Balinska

LinkedIn | Twitter

Caroline Balinska is the founder of Just Ask Parker. Just Ask Parker is a Shopify Marketing Agency Expert at your service! The one-stop Shopify resource for social media, SEO, PPC & Developers!

Kevin Indig


Kevin Indig is the SEO @ Shopify, and writes the Growth Memo and record the Tech Bound podcast

Matt Schlich

LinkedIn | Twitter

Matt Schlich enables ROI-driven conversational commerce on Facebook Messenger for brands like GoPro, Kiehl’s, and Universal Music Group. He is the founder of Chatbots Magazine, and ex-digital advisor to Lil Wayne and he us listed in Forbes 30 under 30 twice.

Ben Jabbawy

LinkedIn | Twitter

Ben Jabbawy is the Co-host of The Ecommerce Marketing Show. He is the founder and CEO of Privy.com, the leader in eCommerce marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The mission is to provide the tools, education, and support small eCommerce brands need to grow their online stores and build thriving businesses. Privy is used by over 500,000 stores in 180 countries and has driven over $6B in sales.

Kurt Elster


The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is hosted by Kurt Elster, a senior eCommerce consultant, and a Shopify Plus Partner. How are entrepreneurs supposed to grow their Shopify store? That’s what The Unofficial Shopify Podcast aims to answer. Discover new opportunities to grow your store from the world’s most successful Shopify entrepreneurs. 

Lucas Walker


Lucas Walker is the host of the Rolled Up Podcast. This is a world-class business podcast, with experts and guests, exploring clusters of industry podcasts hosted by industry veterans, experts, and leaders.

Dylan Kelley

LinkedIn | Twitter

Dylan Kelley is currently building the Klaviyo agency for top brands. He is the host of the Wavebreak podcast, pushing the limits of what’s possible with email and SMS marketing for DTC brands. We don’t just follow best practices, we create them.

Joe McFerrin


Joe McFerrin has 10+ years’ experience driving online product sales and branding, developing eCommerce user-interface designs, and optimizing Google ranking/ traffic/conversion rates, primarily for online retailers. To date, he has designed, developed, and marketed over 50 successful online stores with multi-million $ revenues. 

Keith Matthews

LinkedIn | Twitter

Keith Matthews is the founder of Milk Bottle Labs, one of the longest established and trusted Shopify Agencies in the world. Milk Bottle crafts exceptional e-commerce experiences on the Shopify & Shopify Plus platforms for brands worldwide. Milk Bottle Labs are the only dedicated Shopify Experts in Ireland and have a client base across the world.

Steve Chou


Steve Chou is an e-commerce expert, speaker, influencer, and founder of MyWifeQuitHerJob.com. As a successful e-commerce consultant, Steve has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs successfully start their own online stores. He also shares his e-commerce expertise as a contributing author on several leading business publications, including BigCommerce, Klaviyo, and ManyChat. His podcast, My Wife Quit Her Job, is among the top 25 marketing on all of Apple Podcasts.

Peter Pru

LinkedIn | Twitter

Peter Pru has built, grown, and scaled multiple 6-7 figure online businesses across multiple industries. He’s achieved multiple Clickfunnels 2-Comma Club awards for earning over $1,000,000+ in sales in his businesses using funnels. He’s the founder of the E-commerce Empire Builders where he shares his tactics and strategies for building wilding profitable eCommerce businesses. He is also the founder of Untapped Focus which is the first all-natural supplement for entrepreneurs & high-performers.

Claus Lauter


Claus Lauter is an Ecommerce Growth & Conversion Optimization Expert, Shopify & Klaviyo Partner, and award-winning e-commerce store owner. With over 20 years of experience in eCommerce and marketing, working with SMEs as either an owner, director or independent adviser. he has developed a proven system that helps online merchants convert more traffic into sales & revenue. The strategies and methods he uses and teach are compatible with most major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, etc.

Bart Mroz

LinkedIn | Twitter

Bart Mroz is a seasoned information technology professional with over a decade of experience providing solutions and support for a wide variety of clients and organizations. Agile and adaptable with deep roots in the local technology and startup community. The ideal balance of leadership, technical knowledge, business analysis, client management skills, an entrepreneurial spirit.

Chase Clymer

LinkedIn | Twitter

Chase Clymer is the Co-founder of Electric Eye, an agency that increases sales for eCommerce brands. Chase is also the host of Honest Ecommerce, a weekly podcast, community & educational resource providing online store owners with honest, actionable advice to increase their sales and grow their business.

Nishkarsh Sharma


Nishkarsh Sharma is the Co-Founder and Coach at Digital Dukaandaar. Nishkarsh is an eCom entrepreneur with expertise in Print On Demand (drop-shipping). Being mentored by the world’s bests, Nishkarsh’s love and belief in education have led him to share his knowledge about eCommerce with 1000s around the world through his events, programs and coaching.


Jason Goldberg

LinkedIn | Twitter

Jason Goldberg is the 4th generation retailer who has been lucky enough to have a front-row seat to the digital disruption of commerce, He is a regular contributor to Forbes, host a popular e-commerce Podcast (The Jason & Scot Show), serve on the board of directors of shop.org (the digital retail arm of the National Retail Federation). He has been voted one of retail’s top global influencers by Vend for four consecutive years and in 2017 and was inducted into the National Retail Federation “The List” of people shaping the future of retail.

Brett Curry

LinkedIn | Twitter

Brett Curry is an online marketer, eCommerce strategist, and speaker, but first and foremost he’s an entrepreneur. Brett’s passion is helping eCommerce companies grow their businesses through creative marketing efforts. Brett is the author of the Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping published by Shopify and the creator of the Smart Google and YouTube Traffic Course in partnership with Ezra Firestone. The majority of his time is spent running an online marketing agency and leading an amazing team of talented marketers.


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