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50+ Ecommerce forums for reaching 5 Mn+ audience

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October 11, 2023
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Ecommerce forums

Facebook groups

1. Dropify - Hacking Shopify and Dropshipping

Reach - 151.5K

Description - Shopify - Dropshipping - E-commerce - Ecom - Selling Online - Marketing - Digital Entrepreneurship - Facebook Ads - Google Ads - Snapchat Ads - Online Business

Welcome to DROPIFY, Facebook's fastest growing E-commerce community here to help you LEARN, SHARE your journey and CONNECT with like-minded individuals!

2. Business Entrepreneur E-Commerce Startups

Reach - 144.2K

Description - A group to connect eCommerce startup to the customers directly or vice-versa

3. Shopify eCommerce Entrepreneurs 

Reach - 26.5K Members


Description - With over 26000 members, the Shopify eCommerce Entrepreneurs group brings together Ecommerce businesses where you can discuss Topics, Strategies, Tactics and help each other to be successful. We are here to help each other to solve problems, share resources, discuss ideas and best practices

4. Shopify || E-commerce || Dropshipping  

Reach - 101.9K

Description - #Shopify #ecommerce #Dropshipping

5. Shopify Experts Dropshipping Guide

Reach - 40K

Description - This group is for everyone to post help needed and to guide each others on DROPSHIPPING using SHOPIFY, WOOCOMMERCE, EBAY, AMAZON, ETSY, WORDPRESS and other Dropshipping Platforms

6. The Original Ecommerce Organic Traffic Mastermind - Dropshipping - Shopify

Reach - 14.7K

Description - The Original Ecommerce Organic Traffic Mastermind group is meant for all current and aspiring ecommerce business owners want to grow their business with organic traffic. Our destiny is to be the baddest-ass community for ecommerce entrepreneurs to share and learn SEO, Content Marketing and other Organic Traffic Strategies from each other.

The group's purpose is to enable each of us to generate more traffic and sales for our ecommerce businesses, through crowd sourcing only the best ecommerce organic traffic strategies.

As the group's founder, I want to personally welcome you. My specialty is in organic traffic for ecommerce brands. Specifically, helping ecommerce businesses grow with my SEO and Content Marketing strategies which are tailor made to grow traffic and sales for ecommerce brands, while lessening their risk of relying solely on paid traffic.



7. eCom Growth Hacking and Traffic, Creatives and funnel Secrets 

Reach - 24.9K

Description - Learn the exact strategies and techniques used by successful eCommerce entrepreneurs to scale their stores 7 figures and beyond. We share the case studies, experiments, secrets of building a profitable media buying account, and stuff on funnels and creatives to improve your overall bottom line.

8. eCommerce Sellers Association 

Reach - 71.3K

Description - eCommerce Marketplace Sellers Association is India's 1st Association for protecting Seller rights. We deal with Marketplace for any changes that happened on the portal.

9. Start your dropshipping business | shopify | fb ads | amazon fba| ebay 

Reach - 57.1K

Description - Our goal is to share with you our amazing and valuable content and product reviews to help you become highly profitable in your dropshipping business

10. Dropshipping and E-commerce sharing

Reach - 11.8K

Description - This is a group for all Dropshipping users. We will update the latest news on dropshipping in this group, and share the winning products from Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce websites, as well as e-commerce marketing. We're looking forward to growing with you together.

11. eCommerce Growth Hacks - Strategies | Dropshipping | Online Marketing

Reach - 11.6K

Description - This is a place to share and learn everything about eCommerce Growth Hacks.

12. Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Reach - 65.9K

Description - A forum for discussion, learning, and growth on Shopify, eCommerce, digital marketing, Adwords, SEO, SEM, web analytics, content, CRM, etc. The purpose of this group is to bring together a passionate community of eCommerce and online business builders to help and encourage each other.


Reach - 9.6K

Description - This group is created for business-minded eCommerce store owners. this is where we will be getting ideas, asking questions, fixing store issues, and making sales.

Share ideas on Shopify, Etsy, big cartel, woo-commerce, CBD store, Redbubble, Digistore,

It is for both buyers and sellers. you can invite people as many as possible to join this group. this is a real and active group

14. EPOCH: Shopify eCommerce, Advertising & Digital Marketing

Reach - 11.8K

Description - A mastermind group to discuss and share hyper-advanced online marketing strategies.

15. eCommerce Marketing Hacks

Reach - 5K

Description - This group is built specifically for eCommerce Brand Owners who want to get consistent sales online. We’ll be sharing with you how to generate hundreds of sales per day, then nurture those customers to build a 6-figure eCommerce business.

On top of that, you’ll also have the opportunity to mastermind with other amazing entrepreneurs in the space.

To get the most out of this group, don’t be shy, and contribute to the conversation.

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Linkedin Groups

1. STARTUP SPECIALISTS NETWORK - Entrepreneurs Business Startups IT Social Digital Media Jobs Marketing

Reach - 913K

Description - Startup Specialists Network - Digital Global Online Group for Entrepreneurs and Startups is one the LARGEST moderated community for startups, investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, IT, HR, venture capital, mentors, small business owners, entrepreneurship, women founders entrepreneur jobs, business, startup marketing, founders, social media, coaches, VC, tech, funding, recruiters, funding on LinkedIn.

So whether you are a startup or an aspiring entrepreneur in fintech, media, social media, HR Tech, blockchain, healthcare, human resources, marketing, legal, data science, tech, health tech, agritech, media, ecommerce, healthcare, robotics, AI, social welfare, future of work, an innovation-led or any emerging technology-led vision holder this is a place for you. As a student, women entrepreneur, entrepreneur, startup, or a hustler wanting to scale up - this is the group for you.

2. Ecommerce Experts.  #1 Group for eCommerce Best Practices.

Reach - 156K

3. E-Commerce Network

Reach - 266K

4. InternetRetailing - for leaders in eCommerce and multichannel retail

Reach - 63.6K

Description - Join the group for sharing the latest customer loyalty strategies and evolving propositions and formats driving growth in new and existing retail markets 

•discovering the latest technology, systems, logistics, fulfillment, fraud, and payments solutions

•exploring new services for online retailers, merchandising,, presentation and more

•participating in group discussions whilst challenging and supporting each other’s opinions and analysis 

5. Enterprise Ecommerce News, Best Practices, Tips, and More

Reach - 5.9K

Description - Discuss the latest developments in enterprise eCommerce, share best practices with peers, and exchange ideas in a collaborative environment.

6. FBA Amazon Seller, FBA High Roller, Amazon FBA Competitive Edge, Ecommerce

Reach - 10K

Description - This group is open to everyone whether you are an Amazon FBA/Ebay/Wish/Online seller, want to become one, or are just browsing around. 

7. Magento Ecommerce Professionals

Reach - 26K

Description - Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution offering merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store.

8. eCommerce Executive Network- Online, Mobile, Marketing, Analytics, Big Data, Security, Cloud, Retail

Reach - 21K

Description - Powered by Retail Dive, this group is a community for those with a career in eCommerce across the world. This group is designed to discuss Online retail, Mobile payments, Digital Marketing, Shopper analytics, eCommerce, CyberSecurity, and more. 

10. eCommerce Merchants

Reach - 13.2K

Description - eCommerce Merchants is focused on helping online retailers grow their online business by offering peer-to-peer education and partner benefits. 

11. B2B eCommerce for Distributors

Reach - 6.4K

Description - This forum is a way for those currently in the B2B space and those interested in launching a B2B eCommerce initiative for their distribution company to share best practices.

Slack groups-

1. ADvengers Online


Description- ADvengers Marketing Chat is a community created by Ian Fernando for Affiliate Marketers. I want to create a group of members from all backgrounds, Social Media Marketing, CPA, PPC, PPV, SEO, Mobile Marketing and others.

2. International business community

Description- We connect people doing international business with people who can help address their key challenges.

Reach- 868

3. Hustle

Description- The community behind . We discuss entrepreneurship, tech, business ventures, music, etc. Come here to share business advice, seek or provide mentorship, or collaborate with driven "hustlers" .

Reach- 1028

4. Online Geniuses

Description- Over 25,000 industry experts participate in Online Geniuses from across the globe, including VPs, CMOs, freelancers, consultants, and agency owners from every niche in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Reach- 21995

5. Profit Society

Take your business to the next level. In Profit Society we discuss all topics of online business & marketing.

Reach- 1013

6. Traffic Think Tank


Description- Traffic Think tank is a skill based community that can help you connect with people around the world who can help you 

7. Shopify Community

Description- The official slack groups of Shopify with trusted shopify sellers. When you are in the Shopify Slack Community, you are surrounded by thousands of other Shopify merchants, many of which are veteran users. There are also quite a few partners here that can offer additional knowledge on specific topics. 

9. Partner League

Description- Accelerate your growth with founders and professionals at top Shopify agencies, app and theme teams.

10. CRO Growth Hacks


11. MindTheProduct

Description- Mind the Product - Conferences, training, and content for the world’s largest community of product managers, designers, and developers.

11. Product school

Description-  Global leader in Product Management training. 1 million+ product community. Their instructors are top PMs working at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber & Airbnb
Reach- 125295

13. Superpath

Description- For everything content marketing related - from hiring, to industry insights, to networking, and far beyond - Superpath is a must have slack group for any Ecommerce Enthusiasts.

14. eCommerce Academy

Description- This is a global community of founders, entrepreneurs and eCommerce profesionals that learn together how to build, grow and scale eCommerce businesses.


15. solidus

Description- Open source software that brings E-Commerce to Rails.

16. Commerce Community

Description- This slack community is for the eCommerce managers and founders of DTC brands from around the world to discuss all things eCom. The group provides an excellent platform for networking and knowledge sharing between industry professionals. It already has over 100 managers of eCom brands from 5 countries and is exclusive, so it is invite-only.
Reach- 474

14. RevGenius

Description- RevGenius Membership gives you access to content and community to help you and your company scale (at no costs).

Quora spaces

1. eCommerce Services

Description- Get trusted, pre-vetted, and fully-dedicated magento and shopify developers who have a track record of delivering eCommerce Development Services on time and budget. This is the one of the best Quora space to resolve any technical issues which any shopify or ecommerce user might face.
Followers- 984

2. Ecommerce Logistics 2

Followers- 358

3. eCommerce Product

Description- eCommerce Product space is dedicated to all eCommerce Products handlers.
Followers- 391

4. eCommerce Developers

Description- A Quora space with eCommerce Developer For All Your Project Requirement.
Followers- 692

5. We Buy Simply eCommerce

Followers-  1.9k
Description- An eCommerce platform that aims to market carefully selected products.


1. eCommerce - Online Store Owners

Followers- 209k
Description- For anyone interested in the operations of ecommerce sites. Ask your questions on marketing, seo, products, checkout, conversions, etc. They offer and give some of the best helpful and honest discussion to help you sell more

2. smallbusiness: Questions about starting, owning and growing a small business

Followers-  856k
Description- This sub will answer all your Questions and answers about starting, owning, and growing a small business only.

3. Marketing & Advertising

Followers- 425k
Description-For marketing communications + advertising industry professionals to discuss and ask questions related to marketing strategy, media planning, digital, social, search, campaigns, data science, email, user experience, content, copywriting, segmentation, attribution, data visualization, testing, optimization, and martech. Get advice, ask questions, or discuss any marketing-related topics. Our diverse /r/marketing community includes brands, businesses, agencies, vendors, and students.

4. Ecommerce Growth Marketing

Followers- 3.3k
Description- Growth Marketing is a relatively new form of marketing. Product + customer success + market + user experience = Growth makes it new.

5. Entrepreneur

Followers- 1.4M

Without wasting time, let's jump right into the communities you need to dive right now - to expand the reach of your distribution.

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