11 EdTech Tools Your Institute Really Needs

Faisal Khan
Nov 9
5-8 mins

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EdTech Tools

Today's classrooms have moved beyond the cumbersome desktop computers that were once the norm and are now tech-infused with tablets, interactive online courses, and even robots that can take notes and record lectures for students both online and offline.

This influx of Edtech tools is changing classrooms in a variety of ways and making it easy for students to stay engaged through fun forms of learning; IoT devices are being hailed for their ability to create digital classrooms for students, whether they're physically in school, on the bus or at home.

As we attempt to prepare students for a tech-savvy job,  the classroom of the future will be tech-heavy. EdTech is the answer whether students are working on a presentation, developing a formative assessment tool, or you simply want a more engaging learning platform. You can ensure that your students have what they need to be prepared and that your learning experiences are as effective as possible by incorporating some of these technologies into your classroom now.

 92% of instructors feel that technology will have a significant impact on how they teach in the near future. As a result, it's critical to comprehend the advantages of edtech in terms of improved communication, cooperation, and overall quality of education.

11 Most Useful EdTech Tools


Kahoot is a great free online educational game creation tool for teachers, ranked 7th out of the top 40 educational technology tools of 2021. Online games or trivia quizzes can be created in any language and on any subject with a few simple steps. Ideal for distance learning or jazzing up an in-person activity, the site recently expanded to include pre-made content and tools for group work, assessment, and more.

Highlights: Online quiz/game creation platform

Plans: Free

Pear Deck

PearDeck is a great tool for elevating direct instruction to incorporate involved student participation, and it's now integrated with Google Slides. Teachers can work together to create engaging content, including audio and visuals, and seamlessly integrate engagement elements into their courses. Pear Deck is a free online instructor tool for creating amazing Google Slides presentations.

Highlights: To create interactive slides and lessons.

Plans: Free


Consider including audio feedback in your Google presentations and forms. How engaging can you make your lessons? You can use Mote to provide verbal feedback, voice commands, voice feedback translation, and verbal responses in Google Docs and Slides, and deliver efficient language training. Mote can be used in the classroom in a variety of different ways. Try it for yourself today!

Highlights: Adding lucrative and interactive feedback.

Plans: Free


With Engati's conversational AI-enabled chatbots, colleges can notify students and faculty with course updates, timetables, important deadlines, announcements, and other information. Another way to use a chatbot can be as an eLearning platform in the form of a learning management system (LMS). By using WhatsApp chatbot as a learning management system, your students get a more effective way to communicate and learn new things - all they need to do is drop a message on the WhatsApp bot and it will explain the concept whether it's 11 pm or 5 am.

Highlights: Conversational AI chatbots as learning management system and communication.

Plans: Paid

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As podcasts have taken the world by storm, why not make it a class project to create one? Anchor is a free podcasting platform that allows students to go further into practically any topic and share their findings with an audience. Every instructor has something to teach through their stories and experiences in this large community. Create free teacher podcasts with Anchor and let your voice be heard and spread.

Highlights: Creating and broadcasting podcasts.

Plans: Free


Evernote will let you and your students keep track of everything they need without the hassle of notecards and notebooks. You may use a stylus to scan handwritten notes, clip and bookmark items from the web, and even extract text from photographs. Giving your students this resource for their own research can be really beneficial. Students can also attach multiple file types to save the information you find during research.

Highlights: Keeping notes and extracting text from photographs.

Plans: Starting from $7.99/ month


Consider Duolingo if language learning is something you want your kids to do. You can teach them one of over 30 languages in just a few minutes every day using this learning tool. If you live in a multilingual environment, Duolingo can also help you communicate with your parents. The bite-sized lessons are ideal for maintaining children's attention or fitting into a hectic teaching schedule. It provides individualised language learning that uses AI and language science to successfully teach language regardless of where the student begins.

Highlights: Interactive language learning platform.

Plans: Free


EVERFI began as a website that offered free financial literacy classes to students. But it has now extended to encompass job exploration, social and emotional learning, diversity and inclusion, and health and wellness. What's nice about the EVERFI courses is that they cover themes that we often suggest should be taught in schools but rarely see in our curriculum. These lectures could be used in advising periods, life skills classes, enrichment activities, or individual study.

Highlights: Free courses, job exploration and skill development.

Plans: Free


Flipgrid is a classroom version of Snapchat. FlipGrid is a wonderful approach to bring more face time into the classroom, virtual or otherwise, if students can use it. It's a safe platform where students and teachers can record video comments, discussions, presentations, performances, and other types of video content.

Highlights: Interactive communication and collaboration space.

Plans: Free


It's no wonder that Tynker is a popular computer science educational site, with over 3,700 coding tutorials to pick from. Teachers who wish to incorporate engaging events like Hour of Code or STEM enrichment programmes into their curriculum will appreciate how Tynker caters to all levels of experience.

Highlights: Coding tutorial platform.

Plans: Free

Google Expeditions and Virtual Tours

Even when traveling is not an option, students can still get a sense of being there. Additionally, Google Virtual Tours and Expeditions have extensive archives that bring history to life and transport students to hundreds of museums, landmarks, and other fascinating locations throughout the world. This tool is really helpful for experiential learning.

Highlights: Experiential learning through VR tours.

Plans: Free


StuDocu is a service for students and pupils who are preparing for exams, tests, etc. Synopses, study materials, manuals, answers to exam tickets, bringing together leading specialists and experts, etc are brought together on the platform by students from different parts of the world.

Highlights: Storage and exchange of educational materials

Plans: Free

Faisal Khan

Faisal is a content marketer at Engati who also dabbles in brand management. As an MBA graduate and a spoken-word poet, he manages to marry his business acumen with an artistic flair.

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