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22 EdTech Startups Revolutionizing The Education Industry

Engati Team
Jul 13
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Edtech stands for education technology, dedicated to developing and applying the tools in the classroom to create a more engaging and individualized learning experience. Interactive screens, virtual classes and MOOCs are all examples of EdTech.The goal of EdTech companies is to improve student outcomes, enhance their learning abilities and reduce the teaching burden on instructors. 

From 2021 to 2025, the global Edtech space is expected to grow by $112.39 billion with an annualized growth rate of 17.85%.

Big names like Udemy, MasterClass and Teachable are known in the Edtech industry and might get all the attention. But there are plenty of small and medium-sized fast-growing Edtech startups that are revolutionising the education industry and are worth keeping an eye on in 2022 and beyond.

22 EdTech Startups


About Them: Byju’s is one of the leading Edtech Startups that turned into the leading global unicorn, providing personalized learning programs. It aims to transform learning into fun through their interactions and 3D learning classes, which will help the students to score better.

Founder: Byju Raveendran & Divya Gokulnath

Year Founded & Location: 2011, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: UpGrad is one of the best Edtech startups in India, providing a plethora of affiliated programs from top universities around the globe. Their 1 on 1 mentorship and support for placement make them stand out in the market. UpGrad provides a range of courses from MBAs in business to MBAs in law, insurance, software, blockchain, and many more.

Founder: Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, Ronnie Screwvala

Year Founded & Location: 2015, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO

Lead School

About Them: Lead School is a technology-based school transformation system that creates an integrated system to assist K-12 schools in developing curriculum and teaching methods and ensuring children acquire a high-quality education. The EdTech company helps in the digitization and transformation of inexpensive private schools to better serve children from average and low-income households.

Founder: Smita Deorah, Sumeet Mehta

Year Founded & Location: 2013, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: YES


About Them: Udemy is a platform providing courses on different topics and fields, from marketing to yoga and singing to UX/UI. It is the leading global marketplace for learning and teaching online , where more than 50 million students learn from over 175,000 courses taught by masterful instructors in 75+ languages.

Founder: Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, Oktay Çağlar

Year Founded & Location: 2009, San Francisco, CA

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: StuDocu is a note-sharing platform that allows students to share class and exam notes. Users are able to access vast amounts of free and premium learning educational material.

Founder: Marnix Broer, Lucas Van Den Houten, Sander Kuijk and Jacques Huppers

Year Founded & Location: 2013, Amsterdam

Using Chatbots for Student Support: No


About Them: Yuanfudao is the largest online live education platform servicing primary and secondary school students in China. Yuanfudao has a userbase of 1 million paid users and it offers a comprehensive curriculum spanning from primary school English, and Mathematical Olympiad to all-subject courses in secondary school.

Founder: Ke Shuai, Xin Li, Yong Li

Year Founded & Location: 2012, Beijing, China

Using Chatbots for Student Support: YES


About Them: Preply is an ed-tech online marketplace for finding tutors from different languages. The Preply platform contains a "structured learning" option for those that want a tutor to help them take a more organized route for different programs. The enterprise has over 100,000 students on its platform.

Founder: Kirill Bigai 

Year Founded & Location: 2012, Brookline, Massachusetts

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: Lingoda is an online school for learning a language from experts across the globe. Lingoda offers group or 1-to-1 classes in English, German, French, or Spanish, both basic level and CEFR-aligned courses. It has its learning material in-house, which helps standardize the methodology with over 70,000 students and 1,400 teachers.

Founder: Fabian and Felix Wunderlich

Year Founded & Location: 2013, Berlin, Germany

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them:GoStudent is a platform for online tutoring. The website assists in the search for tutors in 14 different school subjects, ranging from math to English. According to the website, there are over 10,000 students. With a $1.6 billion valuation in November 2021, GoStudent became the most valuable K–12 education technology platform in Europe.

Founder: Felix Ohswald

Year Founded & Location: 2016, Vienna, Austria

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: Brainly is a social learning community. Users can ask questions about a variety of school subjects. To earn points, they must assist their peers. The number of Brainly users increased from 150 million in 2019 to 350 million the following year.

Founder: Michał Borkowski, Tomasz Kraus, Łukasz Haluch

Year Founded & Location: 2009, Kraków, Poland

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: Camp K12 is a global school have been teaching children to code with live classes online since 2010 and allows students to learn online through creative live classes. Camp K12 provides live sessions on coding, math, and English to children aged 5 to 18 years and has 11+ years of experience in online learning and teaching kids to code with 1,300,000+ hours of learning delivered. 

Founder: Anshul Bhagi

Year Founded & Location: 2009, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: YES


About Them: Cuemath is a live-class learning platform for math and coding. Classes are held on Cuemath's platform, with video calls and personalized worksheets. Parents can track the progress of their child on the app and follow up on the progress, which updates after each class.

Founder: Manan Khurma

Year Founded & Location: 2013, Bengaluru, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: YES

About Them: is one of the most unique Edtech startups in India. It is an online climate school. It is an online school aimed at solving difficult climate change problems. Their aim is to bring some action to climate change. This budding company recently made news by raising $1.4 dollars from prominent angels. 

Founder: Anshuman Bapna

Year Founded & Location: 2020, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: YES


About Them:Mycaptain is an online platform where you can learn what you love, live, and online with young professionals. The team believes that students need to be able to make informed career choices and they envision enabling a societal mindset shift when it comes to different offbeat and traditional careers in the country, and eventually the world.

Founder: Mohammed Zeeshan, Sameer Ramesh, Ruhan Naqash, Fatema Hussein

Year Founded & Location: 2013, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: YES


About Them: Classplus is the easiest-to-use institute management system that helps conduct online tests, student performance, attendance, fee management, and much more on your institute’s mobile app.

Founder: Mohammed Zeeshan, Sameer Ramesh, Ruhan Naqash, Fatema Hussein

Year Founded & Location: 2013, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: YES


About Them:RangeForce believes in levelling up SOC and cybersecurity professionals through advanced cybersecurity defence training while accurately and quantitatively assessing your team’s existing skills. Managers can track the team's performance with reporting features.

Founder: Taavi Must

Year Founded & Location: 2019, Manassas, VA

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: EduRev provides each student with the freedom to learn what they want when they want it, and even at the pace they want it. Not only that, EduRev analyses you and shows you, your strengths and weaknesses, then tells you how to improve on them. Further, EduRev is finding the best teachers from across the country to deliver the highest quality to everyone and not just what is available near to your house.

Founder: Kunaal Satija, Hardik Dhamija

Year Founded & Location: 2014, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them:eduTinker is a one-stop student management platform. It combines learning management with ERP solution for schools and coaching centers, that allows teachers to schedule classes, create daily timetables, distribute and evaluate assignments, auto-mark attendance, grade online tests, share study material, boost classroom interaction and more.

Founder: Akash Aggarwal, Nilesh Gupta

Year Founded & Location: 2020, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: Outschool has created an educational platform for small live classes designed for homeschooling. Specifically, students and parents can choose from over 1,000 live classes designed for children, including ballet, drawing, STEM skills, and anthropology. To date, the company has had 500,000 students take at least one class and a total of 140,000 classes.

Founder: Amir Nathoo

Year Founded & Location: 2015, San Francisco, CA

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO

Culture Alley

About Them: Culture Alley is best known for its free language app “Hello English”. Hello, English is the top free educational app. It makes learning English easier through videos and the option to take specific classes. It became the top learning app on the Play Store within 8 months of its launch.

Founder: Nishant Patni; Pranshu Patni

Year Founded & Location: 2012, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: The platform started with the Malayalam language which is spoken by 50 million people and is very popular in the southern regions of India. The main focus of the platform is to help students upskill to be able to get their dream jobs. Today the platform has courses in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

Founder: Mohammed Hisamuddin and Rahul Ramesh

Year Founded & Location: 2017, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: LearnZillion is a learning platform that combines video lessons, assessments, and progress reporting. LearnZillion empowers teachers to spend less time building student-facing materials from scratch and more time meeting their student's needs.

Founder: Eric Westendorf and Alix Guerrier

Year Founded & Location: 2011, USA

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO


About Them: Newsela is a fast-growing education technology startup with a single ambitious goal: Meaningful classroom learning for every student. It is a literacy-focused ed-tech startup company, offering leveled and standards-aligned informational content that is available in English and Spanish. Newsela serves 90% of schools, including over 37 million K-12 students and 2.5 million teachers.

Founder: Matthew Gross

Year Founded & Location: 2016, USA

Using Chatbots for Student Support: YES


About Them: LEVEL is a successful ed-tech company, creating an effective and easy live learning service for students and learners across the world. Students can choose the perfect tutor among unlimited options for a demo class. The Level app takes pride in replenishing the comprehensive knowledge of our students with discrete subjects, arts, and a plethora of academic acquisitions that develop the dynamics of our students and boosts their confidence to face the challenges square in the eye.

Founder: Sai Arni, Ashwitha Chinnamail, Narender Reddy, and Srikanth Sammeta

Year Founded & Location: 2017, India

Using Chatbots for Student Support: NO

Why do educational platforms need chatbots?

From enterprises to education, people are finding chatbots to be really convenient tools. In education, chatbots are often leveraged to enhance information access to students and offer an interactive platform.
Modern, tech-based methods provide fast and comprehensive access to information. This facilitates improved decision-making and actions. With chatbots sporting designs and architectures, supported by datasets, protocols, and rules, students can access the knowledge they are looking for.
Chatbots are fast, and lots of people can use them at the same time. For students, timely access to information is essential. Application-based or web-based chatbots are often handy when it comes to seeking information.
Students can use chatbots designed by their schools to access relevant academic and non-academic information.

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