Why customers prefer chatbots over travel agents

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Why customers prefer chatbots over travel agents

Why We Prefer Chatbots Over Travel Agents

Going on a vacation is the favourite getaway for most of us. Applying for leaves and holding our breath to get them approved. It is enough to prove how desperately we need a break at times. In fact, the latest advancements in technology has given us much more freedom and choices to make reservations anywhere, anytime we want. Unless, of course, everything gets sold out. So, whom would you trust more with your travel plans - travel agents or technology?

Talking about advancements, there has been a significant upgrade. Travel ‘chatbots’ have turned out to be a highly sophisticated interface between travel businesses and customers. Triggers set intelligently by chatbots are really helpful in ensuring that we get our reservations done just in time. Not only do chatbots significantly reduce operation costs for businesses but the end users are increasingly vouching for them. They have been one of the most efficient use cases of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The travel industry is benefitting great deal out of it. Further developments through deep learning are making chatbots a total win-win by becoming more contextual, conversational and sentimental.

Now that we have established the fact that chatbots are a necessity for the travel and tourism industry, let’s see how Engati can help your travel business in building the best travel chatbot.

chatbots over travel agent
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Provide to-the-point information and online booking services to attract more users

Neither humans nor travel chatbots have the time for small talk or casual banter, specially when it’s time to look for bookings for a vacation. Engati will help you build a chatbot that will understand and interpret the user’s language correctly so that the bot is able to respond with the appropriate answer.

Like for example, famous restaurants and food joints, like Taco Bell, KFC, and others have incorporated chatbots in their website so that customers can add or remove the items of their choice with just one click.And that’s what customers want and are looking for - ease and convenience at their fingertips and freedom to maneuver their choices. Further, travel chatbots that are trained to have contextual conversations with the users are much in demand. People expect a human touch from travel agents but there's a lot more that a chatbot can do. Like-

Chatbot: Hey! What can I do for you today?
User: I am looking for the cheapest flight from Bangalore to Delhi on the 29th of December
Chatbot: Sure, give me a moment.
Here’s the list of the cheapest flights from Bangalore to Delhi on the 29th of December. Shall I book it for 06:00 hours like the usual
Chatbot travel provide to the point information
Photo from MakeMyTrip app

Referring to the last sentence suggested by the chatbot, we know how sophisticated chatbots can become if they are trained to understand sentiments and cut to the chase without beating around the bush much. Definitely, unlike how the regular travel agents work. People like smart chatbots and Engati will build one for your business.

Capture every lead coming to your website or app

Gone are the days when hoteliers and agents pen down the details of their customers to keep in touch for future purposes. We are living in the age of Big Data where complex data sets are solved with statistical power and human behaviour analysis.

Capture every lead coming to your website or app through engati platform
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Many industries have begun integrating chatbots that collect user information right before the interaction begins. The website shows the chatbot icon and when a user clicks on it, the text comes as follows-

Chatbot: Hey! Care to share your name and email address?
User: Name- Jenna; Email address- jenna.99@hotmail.com
Chatbot: Great, thanks! What shall I help you with?

And that’s it. You have captured the most crucial data of a potential customer who has visited your website and might be interested in your services. An intelligent bot will be able to push follow-up notifications and device an entire experience around the user with the help of machine learning and deep learning. Travel agents will take your customer's money but won't get any of it done.This is the case of just one user. Imagine the amount of data you will be able to generate over a period of time with much more data sets.

Create a bot that becomes your customer’s personal assistant

When you have a trained travel chatbot that knows its job, creating a brilliant user experience is not difficult. Industries are heavily investing on voice recognition. Amazon, Apple and Google have set the bar really high in that front but the sooner you begin, the better it gets. We have listed down a few ideas that best explain the travel agency life cycle. Once you start working on these ideas and witness a sense of contentment in your customers, you would want to automate the entire process so that you can share the happiness with more and more customers-

  1. Plan your customer’s trips
  2. Share deals and promos
  3. Compare and make bookings
  4. Provide better and faster support
  5. Share reviews for trips
  6. Facilitate status checking

All of this gets easier when you move on from travel agents and have a chatbot that provides interactive and useful features.

Engati create a bot that becomes your customer’s personal assistant

The Travel chatbot features provided on the Engati platform are manifold-

  1. LIVE chat support so that you have total control over the system. You can dive in whenever you feel is the right time and take over the conversation from the chatbot and directly interact with the customer.
  2. Rich Analytics will help you track and manage the performance of the chatbot and measure customer satisfaction.
  3. FAQ upload allows you to upload each and every question that you feel your customers might ask or would want to know about your services, deals and packages. You can upload all FAQs from csv/xls and get started.
  4. Easy training will enable you to train your bot without any downtime. The better your chatbot is trained, the better experience it will provide to your customers.
  5. Multi platform support integrates your work apps - Skype, Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram, Kik, Viber, Line, and more, on one single platform.
  6. Intelligent paths helps you build a sequence of tasks and take control over lead generation, decision-making and more.
  7. Easy integrations framework will help you be connected with any existing systems for the micro-services, CRM, portals and more if open APIs are available.
  8. Multi-lingual support gives you access to 20+ international languages like English, Bahasa, Arabic, Turkish, etc., along with providing the RTL feature.
  9. E.Sense NLP Engine will enable your chatbot to better understand the user query variations and provide the most relevant answers.

We bet your travel agents won't offer any of these features. Technically, they can't because where technology wins, it wins big.And trust us, you will be able to better gauge the impact of a travel chatbot on your business once you employ it and make use of it over a period of time. The best part about building a chatbot with Engati is that you can incorporate a bot for free. And further, get up to 1,000 interactions with the end users for free. Plus it’s the holiday season and your target audience is busy making plans. Why not help them out a bit with your chatbot?

Feel free to schedule a chatbot demo and our experts will help you understand how we can serve your business!

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