Mic Drop 7: New release update

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Mic Drop 7: New release update

Engati has recently introduced 2 new release features on its platform.

New Release Update-

  1. Contextual Conversation Feature
  2. The contextual feature will allow the user to have an informal conversation with the chatbot. The intent in each message will be identified by the bot and carried forward across multiple messages. Therefore, the user will not have to specify the context in a message/question every time.For example-

    User: When can I start the machine learning course?
    Bot: You can start the course at any time, as per your availability
    User: What about the fee?
    The fee for the Machine Learning course is $49

    Although the second question doesn’t mention the specific course, the bot is smart enough to understand that the user is talking about the Machine Learning course (taken from the previous message). This is established by tagging the name of the course as an “intent” and carried forward until a new intent is established that replaces the Machine Learning course.The feature has been intelligently built so that the bot can have a conversation with the user just like humans process a conversation.
  3. Engati Partner Program - Administrative account for Affiliates and Reseller Partners
  4. One of the greatest advantages of the Engati Partner community is to leverage the new administrative portal. The portal allows a partner to view all their customer accounts at once and manage them with a few clicks.A few key features include the following:
  • Onboard new customers

  • A partner can now onboard a new customer with a single click. An email invite is sent out to the new customer to register. Once registered, the customer can be managed using the administrative portal.
  • Setup trials for customers
  • A partner can set an advanced subscription plan on trial for customers. Partner also has the option to disable the trial either manually or by setting an end date
  • Manage Subscription Plans
  • A partner can modify a customer’s subscription plan based on their business needs.
  • Leverage Analytics
  • A partner can monitor the platform utilisation by leveraging analytics around bots and interactions. You can access the analytics either at a customer level or at a bot level.

The new release is available for all partners who have enrolled either as a Reseller or Affiliate with Engati.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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