Travel chatbot - A different lifecycle at Engati

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Travel chatbot - A different lifecycle at Engati

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Engati brings you a detailed presentation to show you why Engati is the choice of so many operators in this industry. Hope you find it useful.

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Therefore, chatbots are a new-age interface that can help you interact with your customers. The interaction is both, human-like and personalised. Indeed, they respond to your customers within no time with the maximum possible information. Chatbots only get smarter with more time and more data.

Travel Agency has a lifecycle of its own

It all depends on the customer and agency interaction. Planning, promotion, execution, everything is interlinked and involved. Customers review the best deal before they go ahead and plan their bookings.

Why Engati for travel?

Rich analytics and live chat are only a few examples of the many support channels provided by Engati. It has a unique use-case in the travel lifecycle that customers enjoy.

Natural Language Understanding and Contextual Conversation feature will enable your travel chatbot to interact with your customers in the most efficient way. It gives more clarity to the speech of the chatbot such that customers find it easy to talk. With time, your chatbot will store and analyse data for returning customers. It will make your customers feel that someone cares about what they like and what they are looking for. For instance, if your customer prefers traveling over the weekend, then the top results will be for the weekend.

Moreover, customers love it when you make them feel special. There is nothing extraordinary that you have to ensure. All you have to do is reduce your response-time and provide solutions. For instance, if your customer is facing any booking difficulty and you are able to help them right away, you will gain their trust and keep them coming back to you.

Work with ease

We have in-house experts, who can run you through the entire Engati platform. It will give you more clarity around how Engati can provide unique solutions for your travel business and make you stand out in the industry. In fact, you will be able to build your own business bot for free without any prior programming knowledge.

In addition, it only takes 10 minutes to build a bot on Engati. It is very easy to use and you can get it customised for a nominal charge.

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