Mic Drop 5.1: More release features

Chitransh Naman
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Mic Drop 5.1: More release features

Sometimes, we are too fast in rolling out updates and features.

Here comes another Mic Drop.

We are so delighted to bring you the newest features and enhancements on Engati chatbot platform.

Shiny New Features

  • Broadcast

With Broadcast, you can send a proactive message to your users and start a conversation without any action required from the user. You can broadcast messages either immediately or at a scheduled time in the future, according to a pre-defined Date and Time. You can also save them as as drafts before publishing, and you can reschedule them or save as new draft.

  • Time Delay

The purpose of Time Delay is to create a better conversational experience for the end user by introducing a small and customisable delay between each message. In between each message, the typing indicator will appear. Now, your chatbot interactions will be more human-like.

  • Intent Suggestion

Our FAQ Smart-Match or FAQ Word-Sense algorithm changes the way your bot responds to queries. Now, our NLP engine has more sense of a word is used in a sentence, when the word has multiple meanings.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to add cool and useful new features. We appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestions as we improve Engati. We believe in keeping the system transparent and flexible.

As always we are here for you and pride ourselves to be responsive to your inquiries and support needs. Please feel free to reach out to support@engati.com for further questions.

You can try all our new features by building your own business bot. It will only take you 10 minutes and you don't require any programming knowledge. Our in-house experts will help you with it all. Our Customer Solutions Engineer will guide you to build your business chatbot.

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