Mic Drop 6: Updates and features

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Mic Drop 6: Updates and features
The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe and we’re lucky to have one. However, that does not stop us from having an average attention span of only 8 seconds and a particular characteristic of feeling weary by doing the same task repeatedly. In other words, we get bored. Fast.

Engati is capitalizing on this to introduce new features for its users to explore, so they’ll always have more! As with every Mic Drop, we are excited to bring to you the newest additions to Engati over the last month. We have expanded our capabilities and reach by adding Zapier, so you can integrate with all the tools you’re familiar with and love, and added the largest Messaging platform in the world to the long list of channels that Engati supports.


As we all know, Zapier is an application aggregator that’s doing a magnificent job in automating parts of your business and therefore, making your business life easier.It can help you:

  • Update Engati bot user details to Google Sheets
  • Create leads into the Hubspot CRM from the already collected bot user details
  • Create calendar events on Google Calendar using details extracted from the bot
  • Add bot users to a subscription list on Mailchimp
  • Connect to 1000+ other applications that the bot can work with


Given the worldwide popularity of this messaging platform, allowing bots to be deployed on Whatsapp was our primary mission. We’ve capitalised on the fact that Whatsapp is among the most user-friendly messaging platforms and can now be integrated with Engati for a seamless user-experience and broad outreach.You’ll love it when you make use of these features while working on Engati. We can provide a demo & free trial period so that you can try these features and gauge its impact on your business.Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to add cool and useful new features. We appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestions as we improve Engati.

As always we are here for you and pride ourselves to be responsive to your inquiries and support needs. Please feel free to reach out to support@engati.com for further questions.

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