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WhatsApp Newsletter? Learn how to use it the right way.

Ananya Azad
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October 18, 2023

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Whatsapp newsletter

All businesses want is to send out a newsletter and not have it get lost in spam.


What if we told you this long-lost dream is now easily achievable with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp newsletters get a 90% open rate and give a way higher response rate than any other marketing channel.

Do you want to leverage WhatsApp’s incredible potential for your brand?

And send newsletters that actually make a difference?

Then this article is exactly what you need.

Let us dive into the world of unconventional opportunities.

What is a WhatsApp Newsletter?

Similar to any other newsletter, WhatsApp Newsletter is a message sent from a WhatsApp Business account to its intended audience, sharing valuable and relevant information to initiate active conversation and engagement with them.

A WhatsApp Newsletter leverages WhatsApp's broadcast feature to share a number of updates. Including but not limited to:

  • Special offers,
  • Exclusive discounts,
  • New product announcements,
  • Content updates,
  • Images, videos, links and documents,
  • Promotional and Brand Awareness campaigns.

What is Conversational Marketing?

Inspired by the impact of messaging platforms, conversational marketing is a dialogue-driven, customer-centric form of marketing that focuses on real-time engagements to quickly move customers through the buyer's journey by driving 2- way conversations across channels.

Why is WhatsApp Newsletter the best marketing tool?

WhatsApp is a proper example of pure conversational marketing. The instant messaging app is a globally accepted and adopted messaging platform, turned into a conversational marketing tool. Created to keep people updated on each other's business, it soon became one of the biggest messaging apps in the world to promote personal and business interactions.

The WhatsApp Business has some exceptional features curated specifically to aid businesses in their journey.

A WhatsApp newsletter is a bulk messaging strategy that leverages one of many such features:

The WhatsApp Broadcast. WhatsApp Broadcast is one such feature that has changed the marketing game forever.


Here are some more points highlighting how WhatsApp Newsletter is the best marketing tool:

1. It has reach

WhatsApp is currently the leading messaging app in 133 countries around the globe, with over 2 billion comfortably active users, exchanging more than 65 billion messages on a daily basis. This conversational format of the app ensures that once the newsletter is sent, it gets delivered instantly and is opened almost a 100% of the time, immediately increasing the response rates. WhatsApp’s popularity makes it the best app to reach all kinds of target audiences for every business.

2. It provides opportunity

WhatsApp is a conversational marketing app that allows brands to be more intimate with their customers and interact directly with them to guide them through the sales funnel. Every interaction, right from the newsletter to its follow-ups, creates a conversation that can be built on. This allows marketers the opportunity to interact with their customers on a one-on-one level and build trust by being accessible to chat, seamlessly collect data and nurture prospects into customers with personalised targeting campaigns and real-time responses. It also lets brands enjoy some really helpful features that help them establish authenticity and order in their online business channel. WhatsApp also makes it easier for brands to keep their customers updated and build valuable, long-term relationships with them.

3. The Broadcast feature

WhatsApp’s broadcast feature is one of the primary features that brands leverage. WhatsApp broadcast allows businesses to send bulk newsletter messages seamlessly.

Once you get your message template approved by the app, you can segment and select your targeted customers as recipients of that message, and similar to BCC emails, the recipients cannot see if there is anyone else receiving the message. So, you send out a promotional bulk broadcast message, but the WhatsApp end users see an individual chat opportunity with your business that they can choose to respond to.

4. It takes consent

WhatsApp Business Platforms are GRPR-compliant, which means that brands need customers to opt-in for conversation to connect with and send updates to them. This is also called permission marketing and makes it mandatory for brands to create a subscriber list by taking consent from interested users instead of randomly mass-messaging any contact they find. Since WhatsApp does not have a spam folder, this format of collecting consensual opt-ins saves businesses from getting blocked for spamming, as the prospects receiving these updates are the ones who want them.

5. It supports media

With WhatsApp, you can make your newsletters as content-rich and interactive as possible. The app allows you to attach images, videos, locations, clickable content links, documents, and even interactive CTA (click-to-action) buttons along with your written content. Sharing multimedia content makes Newsletters interactive and attractive for the end users. The CTA buttons can also be sent in various formats of mini menus and shareable product catalogues, making the entire experience more engaging than any other digital marketing channel.

6. It Upgrades with Automation

Automation can ease and improve operations on any digital channel, but WhatsApp as a channel is the most seamlessly enhanced by the technology. There is no question that WhatsApp’s conversational tone is perfectly complemented by conversational AI technology. WhatsApp Business API is meant for upgradation through integration, so by installing a WhatsApp chatbot to your business profile, you can truly appreciate and profit from the app's features. For instance, by adopting engati's no-code conversational WhatsApp chatbot, you don't just get to leverage automated query solving and customer engagement, but you also get to enhance other features. With WhatsApp automation, Engati provides you with a broadcasting list limit that exceeds over 10,000 customers and allows you to segment your newsletter recipients based on different demographics and attributes to improve your user-targeting process. You also get to schedule these updates and messages to automatically be sent at the required times, making digital marketing an easier and more rewarding process for your business.

7. It is Multi-talented

WhatsApp’s interactive interface and WhatsApp Commerce feature allows it to be the most versatile channel for businesses. It is not only the perfect platform to nurture customers with marketing but equally excellent for conversational commerce (sales) and efficient customer support. By employing a WhatsApp chatbot into the mix, a business can cover all aspects of business operations. Right from generating leads to making sales and maintaining loyal customers with the retention strategy of round-the-clock support and intelligent personalisation, WhatsApp is the future of new-age marketing and sales.


How do I create a WhatsApp NewsLetter?

To create a WhatsApp newsletter, you need to first have a WhatsApp Business Account. 

Click here to learn about the benefits of creating a WhatsApp Business Account for your brand.

You can be using the WhatsApp Business app or WhatsApp Business API, depending on the size of your business.

Once you have your business account set up, the next step is to leverage its built-in broadcast feature. 

You can send your newsletter on the WhatsApp Business app with the following steps:

  1. Click on "New Broadcast"
  2. Select the contacts you want as recipients in your broadcast list
  3. You can add up to 256 contacts in one list
  4. Now click on the green checkmark to create your own newsletter list.

You can click here to learn everything about WhatsApp’s broadcast feature.

Here at Engati, we make it easier for brands to use and benefit from WhatsApp newsletters to the fullest. All you need is a WhatsApp Business API account and Engati’s reliable and effective WhatsApp Business Solutions. Once you are set, we will help your business get verified with that authentic green tick and aid you in leveraging all of WhatsApp API’s incredible features to their fullest potential.
With WhatsApp Business API and Engati, you can:

  1. Send all of your broadcasts from the back end.
  2. Create 1M+ broadcasting lists
  3. Add more than 10,000 customers to your broadcast list.
  4. Segment your contacts based on certain specific demographics or customised attributes.
  5. Directly create message templates on Engati’s back-end system. 
  6. Retarget customers using old templates and lists.
  7. Schedule broadcast messages to drive successful newsletter campaigns and more.

All with our full support and guidance, along with an intelligent WhatsApp Chatbot, every step of your way.

How do I get subscribers on my WhatsApp Newsletter?

To get subscribers for your WhatsApp Newsletter, you first need to collect WhatsApp opt-ins from users who are interested in your brand's products and services.

WhatsApp provides you with certain tools to directly collect opt-in from users. 

These tools include WhatsApp click-to-chat links, website chat widgets and unique QR codes that you can generate especially for your business and share on different online and offline channels. 

Here is a complete guide to building a 10,000+ WhatsApp Broadcast list for your business.

Best practices WhatsApp Newsletter Campaigns

WhatsApp broadcasts are used for many different purposes, especially sending cart/checkout abandonment messages, shipping updates offers and much more. One of the best practices you could follow to boost your newsletter and marketing is backing it up with WhatsApp omation.

Here are some use cases for WhatsApp newsletter campaigns that you can send to your contacts:

  • Notify customers on a waiting list when a product is back in stock.
  • Offer special deals to loyal customers who purchase early.
  • Send holiday-themed newsletters to customers in specific geographic areas.
  • Provide monthly updates about your company.
  • Send new product updates
  • Send security announcements to people attending events.
  • Update customers who have outstanding orders about any technical issues.
  • Invite people to the opening of a new location.
  • Send announcements that may prompt customers to ask questions.

How can I measure the success of my WhatsApp Marketing Campaign?

Every conversion can be tracked along with every conversation that happens. Since WhatsApp is a conversational platform, it lets you guide your prospects throughout their buyer's journey. On top of that, WhatsApp Business API allows you to partner with automation solutions that help you with tracking and analysis of your interactions and process, alongside providing you with omnichannel support that helps you keep track of every conversation regardless of the channel of communication. 

This helps you stay updated on every conversion throughout the marketing and sales process, thereby helping you measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Do you want to make marketing campaigns that produce quality results?

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Ananya Azad

Ananya is a content writer at Engati with an interest in psychology and literature. Ananya enjoys ghostwriting and brand stories that elevate others in innovative ways.

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