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How to use Live Chat for lead generation and nurturing

Aishwarya Sankhé
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How to use Live Chat for lead generation and nurturing

There’s an art to mastering marketing- It’s similar to painting a picture. First, you define what you want to paint and why you want to paint it, or in this case- what you want to market. Your answers will help you determine how to proceed, and fundamentals you need to focus on.

While art is an exploration of creativity, there are a lot of fundamentals you need to nail to become a maestro, and the same applies to marketing. Contrary to popular belief, one is not greater than the other. In fact, creativity and knowledge are intertwined. The more you learn, the more creative you can become, so study your audience to become a pro.

The knowledge you pick up from your market research will then determine your marketing medium. And once you’ve decided what medium to target, then it’s time to pick up your paintbrush and go for it.

Unfortunately, what we’ve found with both painters and marketers is that they painstakingly plan everything out, but cope out on their tools. This results in a poor painting and an overwhelming amount of disappointing customers. 

So let’s uncover the secret weapon on how to master marketing. 

Every marketer’s secret weapon

We’ve seen it all before, we’ve heard it all before- everyone loves Live Chat for customer support. But if you think that’s the only way to use Live Chat, you’d be missing out on a lot of opportunities. Live Chat can work wonders for both lead generation and lead nurturing. It can navigate leads through your products and services, almost like a digital salesperson. So let’s explore how to use Live Chat for lead generation and nurturing.

Why you should use live chat for lead generation and lead nurturing

1. It’s accessible

Let’s start with how to generate leads first. Say your prospect has found your website- according to The Daily Egg by Neil Patel, you only have 15 seconds to make an impression before your prospect leaves your website. 

So, how do we get them to stay? 

An excellent way to break the ice is by using a chatbot to start the conversation. Ask them what they’re looking for, how to help them, and learn about them. The more you engage with the visitor, the longer they stay.

This also shows your visitors how accessible your team is to their demands. Accessibility plays a major role when it comes to converting a lead into a customer. Most customers don’t have a lot of patience, and in an era of shortened attention spans, devices, and multi-tasking, customers and leads prefer quick and convenient communication.

2. It’s engaging

If you’re a prospect, tell us- how likely are you to buy a product you’re interested in based on an advertisement?

Not very likely, right? 

Now compare this with going to a store, and having a salesperson interact with you. You strike up a conversation, and they pitch the same product to you. Since a rapport has already been established between you two, you’re probably more inclined to listen, aren’t you?

So how are your customers any different? 

A live agent is a happy medium between an online ad and a salesperson. While a chatbot can initiate the conversation, your live agents can continue and make the sales process a lot more engaging, while establishing a relationship between your visitors and your brand.

Read our blog on conversational commerce for more information!

3. Allows businesses to define if lead is qualified

What’s the difference between a cold lead and a warm one? 

When your chatbot pokes them through the chat widget of your website, a cold lead will most likely leave your bot on read. Whereas a warm lead will engage with your chatbot, and then your live agent when they take over.

But say your lead does engage with your agent. Your agent can determine whether this lead is warm or not through real-time interactions. 

4. Personalized

So now we’ve talked about how the combination of both Live Chat and chatbots can help in lead generation. Let’s focus our attention on lead nurturing now. 

Let’s preface this with a few stories.

The restaurant

As a youngster, I was quite the foodie. I was always on the lookout for a good restaurant, and there was one that I had my eyes out for. We booked a table, we arrived, we ordered, and we ate. While the food was delectable, that’s not what I remembered. I remembered how lovely the server was to me. I remember them asking me what my preferences were and making recommendations that were suited to my tastes. I remember their smile, their warmth- their aura was so inviting that I was looking forward to my next visit while still dining with them!

In fact, it moved me so much that I did return, with more friends this time- and the same server remembered me. And that’s what moved this restaurant to my top 10 list of favourite restaurants. It’s been over 15 years since I visited that restaurant, and I still remember being treated like a princess.

The shoes

There was frigidity in the air. I could see the leaves turning from emerald to amber, and I knew it was time to go shoe-shopping. So, I went to the mall and had a lovely salesperson approach me and offer me a pair of durable winter boots. It was my first time shopping for boots, and they helped me out immensely- they asked questions about my daily life to make the best recommendation for me, and I was sold. I went back to the same store a few weeks later, and they hardly recognized me. It was a real bummer. 

These two contrasting experiences is what lead nurturing is all about. Think of it as the process of converting a cold lead to a warm prospect. And how do we achieve this? Through personalization

While both stories showed how the power of personalization moved me towards making a purchase, one incident made me eager to return, while the other made me never want to step foot into their store again.

Having access to previous conversations with your leads allows you to create an experience tailored to their interests which leads to a long-lasting relationship. Once they have a slice of how well you can care for them, they’ll return for more.

5. Shortens the sales funnel 

Gone is the need for landing pages to get registrations in for your website. Your live agent can facilitate in a more interactive way- through conversation. 

The entire registration process occurs in the chat window itself, as opposed to using traditional forms. In fact, a live agent asking for contact details appears more trustworthy than writing it out on an empty screen. 


Through the power of automation and Live Chat, you can explore the best of both worlds. Your chatbot starts the conversation for your live agent to close the sale. 

Get started with Engati automation + Live Chat today!

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