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Live Chat Support

1. What is live chat support?

Live chat support allows customers to have a conversation with the support teams in real-time. Using live chat software on your company’s website can help in clearing your customer’s queries. 

Live chat/chatbot is that proactive chat window that greets you once you enter a site. Due to their ever-increasing demand, it's not hard to find them nowadays. Clicking on them connects you with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot which is trained to answer all your queries in real-time. Live chat software provides you with an added bonus of having an agent as a fall back for all the conversations. This allows the chatbot to resolve primary queries and pass on the conversion to a live agent for complex issues if the need arrives.

2. Why is having live chat support better for your customers?

Live chat support is particularly important to keep your customers engaged and happy. No customers like waiting to receive a response to their query. As per a survey, customers prefer receiving a reply to their query in under 5 minutes.  

Live chat windows are strategically placed throughout the website to help your customers in their journey. It's a fast and effective way to start a conversation and to provide a seamless customer experience. It also comes in handy for those customers who don't have a lot of time to surf through your website. They can use your live chat platform to reach their destination. Since most of the customers prefer typing than being on call, live chat is much more preferable to them.  

Customers also prefer live chat over emails, because live chat conversations are more casual when compared to emails;  another reason is the immediacy of the response. Due to all these reasons having live chat support is preferable to your customers.

3. Why is live chat support better for your business?

Live chat support helps businesses provide good customer support and meet service level agreements. It includes reducing waiting time, starting conversations, solving customer queries, etc.  

Additionally, the ROI of having a live chat platform is immense. Which makes it a preferred choice for a lot of businesses.

4. What are some of the best practices to implement on your Live Chat platform as a manager?


  • Ensuring that the incoming volumes are manageable:

Customers look for quick responses from your team. If the volumes are more than the team can handle, the response time would be affected. This would lead to an unsatisfactory customer experience. Having a live chat platform would help in keeping track of the incoming queries, and act only when needed. This helps in maintaining a balance and works as a solution where everyone benefits from it.

  • Ensuring your support agents aren't overloaded:

Handling more than 3 customers at the same time might get exceedingly difficult for your agents. It might affect their service quality as well.  

Having a live chat software allows you to set the maximum number of chats an agent can handle at a time. This helps in increasing the efficiency of your agents, thus improving the service quality of your business.  



5. What are some of the best practices to implement on your Live Chat platform as an agent?


  1. Manage the conversation
  • Make sure you are understanding your customer’s problem before answering them.    
  • Be honest and clear with them. Let them know beforehand if they need to wait before receiving a response from your side.
  • Always be ready for tough situations. Keep an answer ready to deal with such situations.

  1. Be quick & responsive
  • Be quick with your responses, don't make your customers wait for too long.  
  • Improve your typing speed to multi-task. This will allow you to switch through different channels quickly.
  • Used a template. You don't always need to type a new answer. Using a template can save a lot of time.

  1. Keep it short and precise.
  • Try to keep it short and simple. Don't include long explanations and historical explanations. Keep it to the point.
  • Have a good knowledge of your product. Know what your customers would like to hear and exclude all the irrelevant stuff.  
  • Be specific and use simple language while interacting with your customers.

  1. Supply relevant information
  • Ask small questions. Don't include a lot of questions in a single sentence.  
  • Introduce one topic at a time. Providing too much information may just confuse your customer.  
  • Be a good listener. Listen to customers query keenly and provide them with the best possible support.  

  1. Educate your customers
  • Don't just try to solve the problems of your customers, try to educate them. Understand your customers, look for opportunities to share your knowledge.  

  1. Don't try to close a deal before solving the problem
  • Confirm whether you have completely solved your customer’s problem. Don't be too pushy to sell your service.  
  • Don't ghost your customer, try to be helpful in each chat you have.  
  • Thank them for their time and show them a clear direction to move ahead.


6. What’s the difference between live chat and messaging?

Live chat is a more conversational platform due to its authenticity and informality. This makes customers feel comfortable and satisfied.   

Messaging apps such as WhatsApp, and Insta DM's acts like a support channel for your business, but it’s important to understand the difference. The primary difference is the time it takes to resolve an issue. Live chat is a session-based platform, communication ends only when the problem is resolved. The only problem here is the communication history isn't available for the customer. One good thing to solve this issue is that the agent can make notes from the communication with the client which would help in future communications.  

Messaging on the other hand has continuity to it. Since it happens on a 3rd party channel, the entire history stays visible for both parties.

Chats and messaging are both equally important for businesses to provide omnichannel support, but the current developments in AI and chatbots enable the companies to provide live chat/chatbot support even on multiple channels. This solves a lot of problems for businesses and makes them a go-to choice to provide a seamless customer experience.  

7. What’s the difference between a live chat and a chatbot?

       A. Chatbot:

  • In Chatbots, the interaction is carried out by an automated bot which can translate human interactions and answer them swiftly using Artificial Intelligence.  
  • Modern chatbots can pair conversational data with personal data of the customer. This helps in providing a customized experience to their customers.  
  • AI-driven chatbots can be trained to handle complex queries as well.  
  • A chatbot can deal with multiple customers at once, making it a perfect option to solve your customer queries.
  • Chatbots are very crucial for a business, especially when it comes to answering simple and repetitive questions. This saves a lot of your agents time and allows him to concentrate on complex issues.

       B. Live Chat:

  • In Live Chat, the interaction is carried out by a human (agent). Live chat enables the agent to interact based on your customer’s emotion.
  • Live chat agent needs personal information of the customer to provide them with personalized service.
  • One advantage of having live chat is its ability to answer complex questions. A knowledgeable agent can do an excellent job in answering complex questions of the customers.
  • An agent is not so effective when it comes to simple and repetitive questions.


8. What are the benefits of having a Live chat platform in your business?

  • Live chat is preferred by your customers.
  • It saves a lot of money for your business. The ROI is quite high.
  • Live chat provides you with a competitive advantage over your competition.  
  • It saves a lot of time when it comes to responding to customer queries.
  • It helps increases sales for your business.
  • Live chat helps you in building a long-term relationship with your customer.
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