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Live Chat Agent

1. What is a Live Chat?

Live Chat allows customers to communicate with the company’s customer service representatives in real-time. Instead of having to speak with a representative on the phone, visitors on a website can have a live interaction with agents within a browser.

2. What are the features of Live Chat?

Let’s take a look at Engati’s top 12 Live Chat features -

(i) Omnichannel conversions: Ability to manage and personalize conversations across 14 plus channels.

(ii) One view inbox: Manage multi-built conversations with numerous customers In a one view box.

(iii) Advanced routing: Reduce the response time plus improve CSAT with advanced skill-based Live chat routing.

(iv) Real-time administration: Agents take over conversations, manage queues, schedule work hours and holidays, monitor agent’s availability, and conversations.

(v) Extensible integrations: Leverage software's advanced integration framework with standard apps along with support for JSON Rest APIs.

(vi) Rich Analytics: The dashboards measure and report on team performance, customer satisfaction, and SLA.

(vii) e.Sense propriety NLP: Proprietary optimized machine learning-based NLP with advanced intent and entity recognition.

(viii) Conversation flow builder: Best in business. Building conversion flow is now as easy as drawing user journeys.

(ix) Deployment models: Flexible deployment - A public cloud on-premise /private cloud, and even hybrid.

(x) Mobile SDKs: Enhancing your mobile app reach with the extension of conversational intelligence using Engati’s mobile SDKs for IOS and Android.

(xi) Exhaustive UI customization Build a best-in-class user experience with multiple customizations and brand the webchat widgets per your needs.

(xii) Multilingual: Converse and engage in self-automation in over 50 plus languages.

3. What are the advantages of adding live chat to your website?

A. User-friendly.

B. Proactive approach to communication.

C. Increase in average order value.

D. Real-time data to further advance CSAT scores.

E. Easier to scale.


4. How does Live Chat work?

Engati Live Chat provides real-time communication between human agents and your customers across 14+ messaging platforms. It includes seamless transfer between self-service and the agent, real-time administrator, or supervisor controls. It also provides the agent with a one-view inbox that stitches multiple conversations for a single user across multiple channels onto a single view.

5. What are the functions of Live Chat Agents?

Live chat agents do all the work for you. They manage your website; take care of your customers’ queries and find potential leads. They answer doubts and questions asked by the website’s visitors. They are also responsible for ensuring all visitors are attended to, whatever concerns they have.

6. Live Chat etiquette tips for your Live Chat Agent.

Rule #1: Never keep your customer waiting.

When it comes to Live Chat, the faster your agent’s response time, the better. You should be having your Live Chat agents quickly accept Live Chat requests to allow customers speedy access to the information they’re looking for.

Rule #2: Correct grammar, spelling, and use of language.

Ensure that your Live Chat agent has good grammar and spelling skills in whatever language they’re offering the support in. A Live Chat agent with bad grammar or spelling will show that the company doesn’t value them and will make your entire business seem very unprofessional. Jargon or technical terms should be kept at a bay to prevent the customer from becoming confused.

Rule #3: Provide a proper introduction.

A bit of familiarity goes a long way in creating an emotional bond between your Live chat agent and your customers. By acquainting themselves, your agents will put a special impact on the communication that will allow the customer to feel more comfortable in exchanging information with them.

Rule #4: Be friendly and cheerful.

The Live chat agent should be encouraged to be a friendly person with a personable tone when engaging with customers. Reports found that almost 75% of all customers expect their customer service agents to be friendly along with being helpful. Customer service friendliness was expected more than receiving the help that was needed.

Rule #5: Always be honest.

Your customer should never be lied to or tricked. In a situation where a customer’s demands cannot be immediately met or there is bad news, your Live chat agent should be realistic with your customer while seeking the next best alternative. If your Live chat agent makes a promise, they should make sure to keep it.

Rule #6: Keep the chat positive.

Your Live chat agent should always strive to frame the conversation emphatically. If there is bad news, your agent should place that news at the beginning of the interaction while “saving” the good news for the end. It has been proved to have a positive effect on customers.

Rule #7: Stay on topic.

While it’s important to be friendly, it’s even more important to never lose sight of the goal of resolving the customer’s problems. Resist the urge to engage in a discussion that isn’t related to that query. Even if the customer would want to keep speaking, the support agent should direct the conversation back to the issue in a polite manner.

Rule #8: Be Caring And Empathetic

At times the support team will face fierce or frustrated customers. Instead of trying to argue with them, your Live chat agent should work hard to solve the situation. They should apologize for any difficulty caused and be willing to spend a flexible amount of time to allow the customer to cool down. Your agent needs to be willing to empathize with your customer, let them know that their feelings of disappointment are understandable.

Rule #9: Check-in.

It is quite common for customers engaged in Live Chat to take breaks. They could be busy or answering an urgent phone call. Whatever the reason, you mustn’t end the Live Chat conversation quickly after getting no response. You will want to give your customers 2-3 chances to return while they’re off, with each chance being at least a couple of minutes before you end the chat.

Rule #10: End on a high note.

Don’t end a chat session as soon as you think you’ve resolved the issue. Your agents should have a chat ending protocol to ensure customer satisfaction, like -

  • Thanking the customer for the time taken to address their issue.
  • Asking the customer whether their problem has been resolved and if they have anything else that they need assistance with.
  • Wishing them a good day.

By training your Live chat agents to follow these 10 easy rules of chat etiquette, there is no reason why your team would be unable to provide extraordinary customer service.

7. Conclusion.

Find all of the advantages in one platform. The combination of live chat with a chatbot platform will allow for the most optimized customer experience, built to support a winning CX team.

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