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Live Chat

What is Live chat?

Live chat allows real time communication with the customer service representatives on a website.  Rather than having to talk with a representative on the phone, visitors when visited to a website can interact with agents in a chat window available on the website itself. 

Quite a few entrepreneurs consider live chat just to be another technology, similar to email or telephone, that can be deployed to connect with the clients. Because they are unaware of its advantages or maximum utilization capacity.

Live chat is one of the most adaptable tools you can use on your site. While email and phone can be pretty fast and allow real- time connection but live chat overrides both the customer service tools since it also lets you see who is on your website and engage with them immediately. 

It is a contemporary, perpetual, and contextual way to bolster clients needing assistance and help to drive more sales and retain customers for the long haul. It helps you to grow your company by drawing on the right possibilities at the right time by creating a huge number of new leads. It also comes with personalized customer experience, better brand engagement, a dynamic leading edge and a way to feel the pulse of your clients.

What is a live chat agent?

Live chat agent is a specialist, who responds to customers queries and inquiries through live chat. Live chat representatives must be effective with the chat software, ability to revert quickly and they must have information on the product/service they are providing service for, web administrations and furthermore organization's items and administrations. The most important element of communication with customers is the live chat agent behind the live chat software.

To create great customer service experience, one needs live chat specialists who need to convey expertly and close live visits with clients unflinchingly and affably. 

The most crucial component of communicating with clients is the actual human agent behind the software. What's more, that is the reason, for making extraordinary customer service experience encounters, one need to have to procure specialists with these five fundamental live chat agent abilities at the top of the priority list: 

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Quick response time
  • Multitasking
  • Adaptability
  • A human touch

What is live chat software?

Live Chat is a tool that helps your company to communicate with your website visitors. You can utilize live chat tools to initiate discussions with first-time website visitors, connect with returning visitors, and bolster your current clients continuously. 

Live chat not only offers personalized customer experience, better brand but also an approach to connect to your client’s heartbeat. Executing live chat for your business is valuable for all client ventures and over your showcasing, deals, and customer experience groups.

Why is live chat important? 

Customers need live chat to find smooth and helpful solutions to their inquiries on a website. While, enterprises need a live chat not only to retain existing customers but also to acquire new leads and convert them into clients. And helpdesk groups need this to take care of client issues quicker and bolster them better. 

As per survey of American online consumers, 68% engage in live chat and 63% prefer getting back to a website with live chat to repeat the purchase. 

Live talk is extremely important for online organizations to attract leads, decrease bob rate, and cut down the quantity of leads dropping on the website. Additionally, live chat programming can help B2B organizations to build long-term relationships. When customers feel their voice is heard or they chat with an actual person from the organisation, it’s more likely that they’ll have a stronger connection to your business and share their positive experience across.

What is the best live chat software? 

Engati is the best live chat software with Automated replies. 

Why Engati is better than other Softwares 

  • e.Sense Proprietary NLP - Get proprietary NLP and NLU with Engati 
  • Live Chat - Let the customer speak to the human without and hurdles and then the human can again 
  • Bot Templates - Extensive library of 150+ Bot Templates for accelerators across a wide range of use cases
  • Multichannel  - Build one bot and deploy it over 14 channels with Engati 
  • Voice Bots - Speak to the bot and let the bot speak to your clients! 
  • Multilingual - Give your customers support in their preferred language 
  • Conversation Flow Builder - Best in the business. Building conversation flows is now as easy as drawing user journeys
  • Intent & Entities - Use Engati’s enhanced Intent & Entity recognition for a variety of standard intents from date, location, time & more to custom entity support

Live Chat VS Chatbot 

Before understanding the difference let’s first understand the meaning of both the terms: 

Live Chat:Live chat allows real time communication with the customer service representatives on a website.  Rather than having to talk with a representative on the phone, visitors on a website can interact with agents in a chat window on the website itself. 

Chatbot:  A chatbot is a software powered by AI and Machine learning that allows you to interact with your users via a chat interface without human intervention. Chatbots were developed to overcome human mistakes and also to save time and money on  esources.

“This will be the next generation of intelligence to be met in daily experience, sooner rather than later,” according  to Prof Björn Schuller, a computer scientist at Imperial College London

Live Chat for Online Business 

Numerous entrepreneurs consider live chat to be so far another instrument, same as email or phone call, that can be utilized as a  contact point for their customers. They either don't have its advantage or do not realize the potential of the tool. 

44% of respondents said that having a human to answer their questions during their online shopping experience made it very simple. Rather than phone calls or email customers prefer Live Chat. 

Live chat has all types of analytics like the website traffic, the number of visitors, segmentation in terms of geography, time spent on-page, the operating systems used by the visitors. The above analytics can be used by the companies to predict the buying behavior of the customers.

Not only that Live chat can actually play a major role in boosting the business by having more conversions and a better ROI by having the latest features like co-browsing it helps the non-technical customer in all possible ways. Moreover, this feature helps SaaS business as well.

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