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Conversational Marketing

What Is Conversational Marketing? 

Conversational marketing is a new, personalized, and customized approach towards performing business online. It moves the buyers through the marketing and sales funnels by using the power of a real-time conversation. 

In other words, it’s an automated conversation process with your website visitors. You can ask them questions based on their previous responses, so they can give you specific details. 

This way, you get the exact information you are looking for, from your website visitors and it happens at the same time that they are engaging with your business. 

Conversational Marketing is very effective because it helps build relations with your customers in the form of a conversation.

It has been proven as a successful way to use marketing to drive user engagement. It can also help you expand your customer base, develop loyal customers, and grow revenue. So, by making it easier for people to engage with your business, you can actually convert more potential leads. Which means, conversational marketing doesn’t just bring you customers, it brings you relevant customers as qualified leads.


What are Conversational Marketing Chatbots? 

An AI chatbot is an artificially intelligent software program that can talk to your user. They essentially automate one to one conversation. But don’t be fooled, they can do everything from turning your lights on to advising you on what investments you should be making.

Chatbots are a very popular way to use conversational marketing. This is because they do not require a human to actually be responding to the user. That’s why using a chatbot is such a cost-effective way to get started.


What Is Conversational Marketing in live chat?

Live chat is an artificially intelligent software you can add to your business website. It lets visitors send a message to you in real-time.

Live chat is popular because visitors can get answers to their complicated questions right away. It requires a human to be available to help.

Chatbots and Live Chat aren’t just for customer support. They both can provide content that helps nurture the audience and helps with guidance. 

Conversational Marketing is more than just chat. Similarly, it can be used in many different areas of the business, like: 

  • Email Marketing. 
  • Forms/ Surveys. 
  • Landing Pages.
  • FAQs.
  • Voice Applications like Alexa, Google Smart Assistant, etc.

What are some examples of Conversational Marketing? 

Conversational Marketing is a more human way to get data from your website visitors. 

That’s because a lot of businesses are already using this personal experience strategy to gather information. 

Check out these Conversational Marketing examples:


Domino’s Pizza 

Domino’s sends text messages. They want previous customers to order again. 


London & Company 

London & Company uses a Chatbot to ask qualifying questions and to get new leads from their existing potential customers. 



Sephora automatically books appointments through Facebook Messenger. They also use geolocation to bring people into their storefront. 



Casper uses a fun and creative chatbot for lead generation via text messages. 

What is a Conversational Marketing strategy?

The way we communicate online is changing. Today’s consumers don't want to be cold sold to or marketed to. They want to be genuinely helped with services and they want that help right away and quickly without waiting! 

A framework for Conversational AI marketing strategy would be as follows: 

  • Engage 
  • Understand 
  • Recommend 

Successful digital marketers use conversational marketing to build their business online: 

  • Email marketing.
  • Customer feedback. 
  • Support.
  • Sales.
  • Lead generation.  

Conversational marketing strategy for sales: 

  • Qualify leads.
  • Route conversations to reps.
  • Book meetings.
  • Increase in Revenue.

Notice that there’s both an automated and human structure to this strategy and what’s really great about conversational marketing is that it is not an all-or-nothing type of marketing strategy.

You can also use your conversational marketing strategy alongside traditional marketing strategies. You will begin to see the benefits of using automated technology with the help of conventional marketing.


What are some of the best practices in Conversational Marketing? 

There’s a lot of excitement around conversational marketing. These are some of the conversational marketing best practices:

  • Pick the right places, focus on the most popular areas of the business.
  • Keeping your old marketing, Conventional methods are still working great. Use both traditional and conversational marketing.
  • Plan out the customer journey and build around it.
  • Be human. Talk to your customers.
  • Think about visitors. Your goal should be to make your customer experiences easier leaving them satisfied.
  • Keep it simple. Remember that visitors expect a quick, and easy-to-follow process.
  • Keep Experimenting. Test everything and tweak when necessary.
  • Follow-up. Even if you’re relying on marketing automation softwares, always routing people to a human touch at some point, helps create credibility. 


What are some of the most common Conversional Marketing services? 



It is the behavioral analysis that identifies products and content relevant to the customer's requirements.


Targeted offers 

Customization and Personalization. 

Targeting attempts to fit the right promotion with the customer on the basis of behavioral and demographic information provided. 


Ratings and reviews 

Using user-generated ratings and reviews to increase conversion rates, collect feedback, and build visitor's trust.


Email personalization 

An email with embedded recommendations that are tailored personally to the recipient.



It supports a cross-channel conversion platform without losing the previous conversations when visitors switch from the website to the phone.


Call to Action 

This statement is designed to get immediate responses from the person reading or hearing it. It is used in business as part of a digital strategy to get your users to respond.



It is a tool for support agent infrastructure (chat or call) to assist customers in navigating online.


Voice of the customer 

Feedback about products, services, and online experiences is captured through carefully analyzed structured and unstructured data.


Automated guides 

These are predetermined steps that allow a customer to better understand the product’s features and other options to help with the selection process.



The identification of visitors interested in particular products or services depend on previous site browsing data or offering relevant content through targeted ad placement.


What are the 5 Key Benefits of Conversational Marketing?

Allows you to learn about your customers.

Real-time conversations allow you to learn more and gain an insight into the person you’re talking to, enabling you to collect information honestly and openly.

Conversational tools, such as chatbots, are able to monitor what type of questions people ask.

Discovers a new source of leads.

Conversational marketing engages and uses chatbots to start conversations with potential leads. Through human-like interaction of the chatbots, you can begin to build lasting relationships with these leads and encourage them to talk to sales reps.  

Chatbots are great for picking out your potential leads and directing them. By, asking a series of questions, chatbots can determine which leads are the most valuable and respond accordingly.


Creates a more human buying experience.

Customers often find themselves missing the one thing in their online buying experience i.e. human interaction.  

Conversational marketing is able to offer this - through intelligent programming and routing, chatbots and live chat agents are able to assist inquiries through real-time conversations.


Shortens the sales cycle.

Implementing conversational marketing into your sales strategy will definitely help shorten your sales cycle.

Conversations are instant, obligating you to respond in real-time.  

Chatbots have provided direct leads to the most suitable sales rep and schedule demos all in one conversation.


Available 24/7.

Being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a benefit for customers. Think about it, how many times have you needed to call an insurance company or a customer service helpline and you get stopped at their voicemail saying that they’re now closed for the day? It’s frustrating.

Conversational tools such as chatbots allow you to be available every hour of the day, picking up inquiries even after working hours have finished.

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