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How to use WhatsApp chatbots for Insurance

Jeremy DSouza
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October 30, 2023
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WhatsApp chatbots for Insurance

So, you realized that your insurance company needs to reach your customers and prospects where they are hanging out. You’re considering getting an insurance WhatsApp chatbot, but aren’t too sure how you could use it and what benefits you’d get out of it, right?

Don’t worry, we’ve got answers to both these questions right here in this article.

How can you use a WhatsApp chatbot for insurance?


Lead generation

WhatsApp chatbots can be extremely helpful in generating leads for your insurance company. If you add a widget for a WhatsApp chatbot on your insurance agency’s website, your customers can directly chat with you on WhatsApp, the app they use the most. They could also reach your WhatsApp bot if you display your WhatsApp Business phone number on your physical and digital properties and if you display your QR code.

When they initiate a conversation with you, you can directly capture their phone number and name. 

While conversing with the prospect, you can go on to collect other information from them like their email address and any other information that you consider to be critical to your lead generation process.


Lead qualification

When your prospects are engaging with you over your insurance chatbot on WhatsApp, they don’t have to wait for any of your agents to become available and ask them qualifying questions. Your WhatsApp bot can ask all the qualifying questions that you need answered like the prospect’s monthly income, the value of the asset being insured, any loans undertaken to overpower the premium amount, the premium amount that the person is willing to pay, the prospect’s health conditions and medical history in case they wish to purchase health insurance, etc.

By automating the lead qualification process with an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot, you’ll save your agents’ time, allowing them to work on tasks that actually require their attention. The automation of this process will also help your sales agents close these leads at a faster pace.


Lead nurturing

After collecting data about your prospects and qualifying them, your insurance chatbot can also engage and nurture your leads on WhatsApp, answering all the questions they have. It makes it much easier for them to get their questions answered because they don’t have to bother about making a phone call and speaking with your insurance agents or even sending an email and waiting for hours to get a reply. Your WhatsApp bot replies to their queries instantly, making sure that your leads get answers when their intent is high and they are more likely to take action and purchase a policy from you.


Policy selection

Your WhatsApp bot can recommend policies best suited to your prospects’ needs, share details regarding those policies and help your leads pick and purchase the policy that would work best for them. You can set up FAQs about policies so that your bot can answer any questions that your leads may have. But, the process of training your chatbot to answer these questions can be much easier and quicker than that. 

Using Engati’s DocuSense technology can help you train your chatbot faster than ever before. All you would have to do is upload your policy documents to the chatbot, which would then use cognitive search technology to parse through the documents at a speed of 12 pages every 8 seconds. It would then pull answers to your lead’s questions from the document, and even allow them to access the actual document, highlighting the section from which the answer was pulled.


Document submission

You don’t want your customers to have to hop across apps in order to get their work done, it’s a rather frustrating experience for them. You knew that they open WhatsApp around 23 times a day, so you made it possible for them to interact with you and even browse policies right there. Now you can make the process even easier by letting them upload their documents directly over your WhatsApp chatbot. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption ensures that their personal information remains secure. This makes life easier for your customers and helps your company get their documents faster so that the application processes are not held up and your customers can get insured in a quicker and easier way.


Database entry

After collecting information from your leads and customers, your team would have to manually enter it into a database, right? Not any more. Now you can just use your WhatsApp chatbot to automate this process as well. If you’re using an insurance chatbot from Engati over WhatsApp, you can integrate it with Google Sheets, your CRM, and any other database that you use, letting your data flow seamlessly from your bot to your database, without human intervention. This speeds your processes up and ensures that your agents get to spend time on work that actually matters, rather than spending their time entering customer information in your database.


Premium payment notifications

Your policyholders have a lot going on in their lives, it’s not too surprising for them to forget about their premium payment due dates. Now sure, you might send out an SMS or an email reminder, but with the sheer amount of marketing SMSes and emails that they get on a daily basis, it wouldn’t be too hard for you reminder to get buried under a pile of other SMSs and emails, never to be seen.

WhatsApp messages, however, are far more likely to be opened. Since users are accustomed to getting WhatsApp messages primarily from friends, family, and other people whom they know, they’re much more likely to open these than an email or an SMS. In fact, WhatsApp messages have an open rate of 98-99%. 

All you need to do is set up template messages on your WhatsApp chatbot and use them to send notifications about premium payments due. These template messages can also be used to push out notifications about policy maturity, claims, dividend declared, and much more.


Customer service

This is probably the most obvious usecase for your insurance WhatsApp chatbot. You get to engage your customers and their questions instantly right, over the app your customers use the most - they don’t even need to visit your website, call you up, or send you an email. 

Your WhatsApp chatbot can answer around 80% of your customer service questions instantly, routing the remaining ones seamlessly to your live chat agents. This means that your human agents only have to deal with the most complex questions, reducing their workload substantially and allowing them to actually serve your customers well and tackle those complex queries more effectively.


Claims and renewals

The long processes involved in making insurance claims can leave your customers frustrated. A lot of customers tend to feel like they received substand service while going through the procedure of making the claim and also get annoyed by delays in claim processing. 

An insurance WhatsApp chatbot can help speed things up and reduce delays. It even allows your policyholders to submit the documents required for making claims in a faster & easier manner and instantly answers all questions that your customers may have while trying to make claims.

Your bot can also be used to remind customers when they have to renew their insurance policies and can even assist and guide them through the policy renewal process.


Policy cancellation

WhatsApp chatbots even make it easier for your customers to cancel their policies if they need to. They don’t need to go through any complicated process or even email or call your support team up. They just need to have a quick chat with your bot and share the reasons why they want to cancel their policies. 

The bot will then inform the customer about any applicable deductions and after the policyholder approves it, the bot will can complete the cancellation process.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp chatbots for insurance?


24/7 support

Your customers and prospects get answers to their questions all day, everyday. Your bot does not take breaks, never falls sick, and is always on, ready to help your customers, working 24/7 without holidays.


Answering customer queries in their language

Using an insurance WhatsApp chatbot allows you to engage your customers and answer all their questions in their own language. An Engati chatbot lets you converse with your customers in 50+ languages without needing to build separate bots or conversation flows for each language. Just build it once and use language keys to translate it into any language from Spanish to Arabic.


Scaling up your customer service

You won’t ever have to worry about getting drowned in customer service requests again. It’s all smooth sailing when you have an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot that can handle all your routine, repetitive queries (which usually make up 80% of all support queries). These monotonous queries get instantly replies 24/7 via your WhatsApp bot, so that you live chat team can focus on the complex queries. 

It allows you to scale up even further since your agents can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, unlike on phone calls where they can only deal with one customer conversation at a time.


Understand your customers to a greater extent

Your WhatsApp chatbot would help you understand your customers on a deep level if it makes use of conversational AI. It can even judge their emotional state using sentiment analysis, so that it can give a situationally appropriate reply.

By making use of chatbot analytics, you would even be able to see trends in user queries, helping you understand what your customers are concerned about. This helps inform your future marketing and sales approaches and can even help you curate personalized customer experiences for individual customers.


Reducing customer confusion

Buying insurance can be a confusing task for your customers. There’s too much jargon involved and comparing different insurance policies can be quite difficult. An insurance chatbot can help simplify things for your customers, explaining things in layman’s terms and helping your customers understand the various insurance policies available and pick the policy that would work best for them.

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