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What will recruitment be like in 2021?

Manpreet Kalsi
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What will recruitment be like in 2021?

Chatbots have entered in the market rather recently and they’ve been taking over all the business and industries with its versatility ever since. Many companies have been quick to develop fast automated systems that make the lives of many professionals easier and simpler. Hence, the recruitment industry hasn’t left out this technological development as well. Let’s see how.

What are recruitment chatbots?

If you’re a recruiter, you will understand the tedious issues you face while doing your job. The main goals of a recruiter is to find the right talent from huge masses. But that’s not about it. Modern day recruiters are compelled to do a lot more than just talent hunting. They’re actually piled up with additional responsibilities like strategizing business goals, setting benchmarks, gauging the competitors moves and much more! Taking responsibility tasks is for these easier said than done. There has to be a person who takes care of the repetitive tasks so that recruiters can focus better on strategic and decision-making work. Hence, this is where recruitment chatbots come to the rescue.

Recruitment chatbots are basically conversational interface platforms that automate the monotonous tasks in many ways. Let’s check out the many use cases, capabilities and potential that results in a breakthrough.

What do they do?

HR chatbots have many advantages to it. To name some of them-

  1. They provide fast and customised replies to any enquiry.
  2. They fasten the appraisal process by reviewing the annual performance.
  3. They provide accurate analytics, like collecting employee data, most frequently asked questions and much more and create a more efficient process.
  4. Chatbots manage employees, answer official questions and easily access into HR information.
  5. They collect and analyze candidate applications and schedule interviews.
  6. They accommodate and manage leaves, grant sick leaves, change passwords, assist onboarding and so on.  

Why are they valuable in the recruitment process?

The interest in chatbots is increasing due to the benefits it holds for both recruiters and candidates as well.

Advantage #1- Chatbots are easy to communicate with.

With Alexa and Siri booming in the market and being normalised in our personal lives, candidates these days find it a bit more comfortable talking to a chatbot in the initial stages of the application process. In a recent survey, it was found that 58% of the candidates prefer communicating with AI and recruitment bots, basically voice chatbots. And 66% rely on chatbots to schedule interviews and the necessary preparations.

Advantage #2- Automating recruiter's administrative tasks

Chatbots automate processes like-

  • Collect information from candidates like their resume
  • Ask screening questions like knowledge, experience, skills, etc
  • Rank candidates on metrics such as qualifications, recent activity and much more
  • Answer FAQs about the job and the application process
  • Schedule an interview with the human recruiter.
  • All this information can be collected from thousands of people, all at the same time and this information can be stored in the data storage section.

Advantage #3- Automation = Time saved

By automating a large part of qualifying and scheduling candidates, chatbots remove reduce the work of recruiters. Chatbots can also engage candidates better, dramatically reducing the cost of hire and time to hire. But it’s important to keep in mind that chatbot automation can only help human tasks, but cannot replace them.

How will they change hiring?

80% of the companies have admitted that they would want to implicate chatbots and AI in their businesses to automate tasks.

As machine learning evolves, it will be able to do a lot more than its current functionalities. An effective chatbot is here to make your life easier and speed up your hiring process. HR chatbots are the ideal virtual assistants for a busy recruiter, taking up all the repetitive tasks and leaving the recruiter with time to strategize better and qualify candidates.


If you want to build a robust and well equipped HR platform for your business, integrating chatbots can be the best choice for you. But chatbots won’t alone procure to every need in an organisation.

For an overall management of your HR processes , you can also integrate some of the best HR management tools out there, like peopleHum.

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