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Aish Sankhe
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October 26, 2023
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CX tool that will help your brands to grow

While customer experience is all about your customers’ perceptions of your brand, customer experience management is all about managing and improving interactions with your customers across all channels and touchpoints of your customer’s journey. It’s about designing and reacting to your customer interactions to exceed expectations.  

It’s about optimizing customer experience.  

The pandemic has left a lot of customers in a vulnerable position which is why you need to need to make customer experience management a top priority.

According to Forbes, 72% of companies have declared customer experience management as a top priority.  

Customer experience management is more than serving online customers. It's about knowing and caring for them, so you can deliver a personalized holistic experience. And for you to succeed in doing so, you need to have access to the best CX tools.

But before we get into what the best CX tool is, we must define the goals of customer experience management.

What are the goals of Customer Experience Management?

When we deploy a CX tool, we aim to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Foster customer loyalty
  • Encourage advocacy
  • Make customers feel like they have a relationship with the brand

How do CX tools help?

The best CX tool will provide you with a 360-degree view of your what’s happening with your customers. By gathering customer feedback, you’ll have the ability to create a personalized experience that’s perfect for your customer.  

With the right CX measurement tools, you’ll have access to the history of earlier customer interactions. You’ll be able to understand how your customer feels with direct feedback. But to understand how you customers feel, you must start conversations with them, maintain relationships with them, and then ask for feedback. Why use multiple platforms to do this when this is possible with a single CX tool?

Have you met Engati?

Originally a chatbot platform like Engati provides an excellent first point of contact for new customers.  

Engati understands how challenging it can be to provide quality customer service remotely, which is why it has turned to conversational automation. When a new customer registers with your company, don’t waste your employee’s energy. Use an intelligent AI-powered chatbot as the first step towards building a relationship.

5 things to consider when choosing the right CX tool


The first point of contact

With 14 channels, and over 50 languages to choose from, Anyone can create an customer support chatbot with Engati which can be deployed across multiple channels and in many languages so you can connect with customers from all around in the world, in a channel and in a language they prefer.  

Now go ahead! Use your chatbot to make the first move towards creating a meaningful relationship with your customer.


Developing a connection

You've set up the first building block of the customer-brand relationship. Great. But how do we take it further? Use a AI chatbot. Use it to poke your customers every now and then to check on them. Use the chatbot to ask for feedback on how the product or service is helping the customer out, and if there’s anything you can do to make their experience better. By using a chatbot to maintain this relationship, you’re able to create a relationship between your customer and your brand.

This form of loyalty also provides a safe space for your customer to open up. Say they’re facing difficulties with your product; if there’s no relationship with the brand to begin with, they’re more likely to start searching for answers using a search engine. But as a brand, you want to show that you’re there for your customer, so use your chatbot to show that. So that when they face a difficulty, they know exactly who to ask.  


Providing proactive service

Say your customer is facing a difficult query. While Engati chatbots that are backed by DocuSense technology can answer virtually any question, the human touch is necessary. Which is why a Customer Experience Management tool with Live Chat is extremely important.  

Did you know you can answer queries in less than 10 seconds when you integrate live chat into your CX tools kit?

When dealing with a complex query, your chatbot can transfer the conversation to your live agents to address concerns in real-time. Tough problems get addressed with quick resolution times so you customers end up being satisfied. Quick service garners delighted customers.  


Quality feedback to provide quality service

Engati can also be used as a fun way to gather feedback. You’ve been a customer before; you know how annoying it is to fill out the same survey form to help companies understand how “they can serve you better.” Chatbots can take the same form, but make it more exciting. Instead of filling out a boring form, chatbots can engage with your customers to get the same answers. Instead of picking out answers from a generic multiple-choice form, customers can explain how they really feel by transforming the form into something more conversational.


OneView dashboard

The best CX measurement tools provide a one-view of what’s happening in real-time. The best systems, like Engati, provide analytics via role-based systems. Your managers don’t need a one-view for every metric, only metrics that are useful for them, which is another reason why Engati is the only CX tool you’ll need.

Having access to all this data in one place allows you to have better visibility of the impact of your customer service interactions. Combined with customer feedback, you can really drill down and understand your customer, thus providing an overall more holistic experience.  

Here's a good guide on online reputation management!

Ready to reach new heights of CX?

Using the right CX tool helps you understand all this data and will help you:

  • Improve your customer satisfaction score
  • Foster customer loyalty to your brand

So, get Engati and watch your CX metrics reach new heights. Register with Engati and improve your CX now.

Aish Sankhe

Aish Sankhe is a content writer and co-host for Engati CX, specializing in topics like Customer eXperience, Digital Transformation, and Technology.

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