Analytics Dashboard

1. What is an Analytics Dashboard in chatbot and live chat?

There is such a lot of information that we are able to gather from a conversation. It’s just a matter of how we process it and derive it into insights. Apart from that, your goals largely affect the metrics that you simply should be observing — the way you interpret the metrics might change, too!

Here at Engati’s data analytics dashboard, we present you the usage level of your chatbot, popular topics among your customers, as well as how your chatbot and live chat performs.

By using the correct metrics, you'll be able to identify and extract findings that are relevant to your goals. Coupled with the correct analytics, you'll be able to then take concrete steps to enhance or fine-tune your business processes.

2. What are the features of an Analytics Dashboard in chatbot and live chat?

A. Monitor your chatbot in real-time:

You can take a look at your customers’ conversation along with your chatbot, and quickly take over the conversation in real-time.

B. Periodic filtering:

Data can be filtered in line with the time period, so you’ll be able to visualize trends and data points.

C. Integration with other dashboards:

Respond quickly to data, for instance, if the bot reports a low confidence score, introduce more data to user intents that need more training.

3. What are the metrics to consider for an efficient Analytics Dashboard?

A. Chatbot Activity Volume.

1. Is your chatbot getting used frequently?

2. Are the number of users increasing?

B. Bounce Rate.

The Bounce Rate corresponds to the volume of user sessions that fail to end in the intended “specialized” use of your chatbot.

C. Retention Rate.

D. Use Rate by Open Sessions.

E. Target Audience Session Volume.

This indicator is crucial for verifying that you are achieving your goals.

F. Chatbot Response Volume.

This is a concrete indicator that will tell you the number of questions your chatbot has answered.

G. Chatbot Conversation Length.

This metric allows you to gauge the average length of the interactions between your chatbot and its users.

H. Usage Distribution by Hour.

I. Questions per Conversation.

The more questions users need to ask, the longer it'll take for them to get adequate responses.

J. Interaction Rate.

If you want to measure user engagement during conversations along with your chatbot, you’ll definitely want to look at this indicator.

K. Goal Completion Rate.

L. Non-Response Rate.

This metric measures the number of times your chatbot fails to respond to an issue.

4. What are the benefits of Chabot and Live chat Analytics Dashboard?

A. Monitor Conversation Flow:

You can understand how deep into the conversation your visitors are with the bot and keep a watch on where they're dropping off to enhance and A/B test conversation flows.

B. View Geographical Insights:

It can help you understand where your audience is from once they are engaging in a conversation with your chatbot or live chat. This is often crucial when your business is targeted at improving sales and service operations in select geographies.

C. Conversation Funnel Depth:

Gain a more robust understanding of user behavior. Take a glance at how deep into the conversation do users generally go; whether or not they are just opening the chat bubble or interacting half-way. Mapped with goals, you'll be able to identify patterns and correlations that generally might have been missed at the surface.

D. Webpage Engagement:

A website is made of a large number of webpages that are grouped together. Analyze and understand which web page is able to generate the highest number of conversations on your LiveChat or Chatbot software. Update your webpage according to your findings. Update the material provided to your chatbot to be in line with your webpage content. Build stronger rapport with future customers quickly, and watch conversions skyrise.

E. Drop-off Points:

Identify and concentrate on user journeys within the bot that deliver maximum results.


F. Allocate Ad Budget:

Once you know that the chatbot is performing well on a particular page, allocate your ad budget accordingly to maximize conversions.

G. Manage your bots:

Learn more about customer needs, and train your chatbot by identifying misinterpreted or missed messages/intents.

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