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How to crush these 6 major chatbot challenges...

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September 8, 2023
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Overcome major chatbot challenges with ease

Before discussing the challenges faced by chatbots, let's start with understanding what are chatbots and what could be the potential chatbot challenges while making one for yourself. We must have heard of and even used Chatbots in recent times. But for those who don’t know what are chatbots, here’s a little insight. Basically, Chatbots are short for “Chat Robots.” It’s a computer program that simulates human conversation with a user in natural language, through artificial intelligence. So what could be the challenges in building a chatbot?

Chatbots are widely used by different industries today, from banking to business, healthcare to agriculture, and education to airlines. Its primary purpose is in the marketing aspect and providing quick and automated solutions to customer service inquiries, thereby improving the customer experience. The concept seems to be very beneficial, reducing time and resource consumption, but is making a chatbot just as simple as it seems to be?

Programming these conversational bots is complex and needs tech teams to work on updating them constantly. The bots need to be capable of understanding user intent and helping users find and do what they want. It requires a collective effort of both, human knowledge and artificial intelligence such as NLP, NLU, machine learning, deep learning and etc. Let’s discuss some of the challenges that come with processing a chatbot and look into different strategies to overcome them the right way.

Challenge 1: “Bot-speak” and cold exchange

As we know, we’re conversing with software fuelled by artificial intelligence, which brings forth a sense of loss of human touch in the conversations. The interactions could come off as cold and robotic, lacking personality and conversational flow. It could result in a clunky and even frustrating customer experience, resulting in less user attention where the customer loses interest midway through an interaction. Hence, your Chatbot's personality is vital.

To overcome such chatbot implementation challenges, the developers must look at different strategies before coding their context. A few best practices to add a human touch to your Chatbots could be -

  • Greet your customer with a pleasing attitude.
  • Inject humor and keep the tone of the conversation light.
  • Engage the customer by making the conversation interactive in different ways, wielding techniques like asking questions and feedback.
  • Keep the language simple. Complex concepts must be crisp and in layman's terms. Don’t overload the context with long messages.
  • Make certain that your Bot is trained and prepared for unrelated questions. When a user asks unavailing questions, encode a response that politely refuses to answer the question, such as “Sorry- I don’t understand what you’re saying”.
  • Use a real voice. This brings in the human element even more in voice-enabled chatbots.
  • If your bot comes across a complex query, it could transfer the query to a human agent using live chat.

Additional insights:Here are 9 more tips for writing the perfect chatbot script!

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Challenge 2: Developing chatbots can be costly

Even though Chatbot development challenges can be cost-cutting in their operation and labor,  it could be costly as it requires a high level of coding.

We use all platforms like websites, apps, etc. Now, if you want to implement different types of chatbots in all those platforms, it will require even more coding, which adds to the cost.

Instead of investing large amounts of time and money, just use a low to a no-code platform like Engati to build AI-powered chatbots that can be deployed over WhatsApp, Messenger, your website, and 10+ other channels.

Challenge 3: Appropriate use of NLP and Machine Learning

First, let’s start by understanding what NLP means and does in a chatbot. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, an AI technology that interprets, recognizes, and understands user requests in free language.

Sometimes it happens that certain chatbots have fixed NLP selection, which might not have all the requirements that you look for. In order to overcome such chatbot challenges, while you plan to leverage machine learning to create your NLP, you must decide upon the model prior to building the chatbot. It is essential to weigh all sorts of models, ranging from generative to retrieval-based models in order to create the intelligent chatbot that you require.

Challenge 4: Making data secure

Usually, all your web data is secure, but adding certain chatbots to it, you can’t be certain that the API will be secure or not.

Data leak and hacking are prone to happen if proper security measures are not taken up. Each enterprise has to focus on encrypting its channels so that no data is leaked through its mediums; Especially when dealing with sensitive data.

While encryption can play a safe role in protecting your data, you can also take up the following measures to further secure your company data. They are:

  • By using the ‘http’ protocol in your chatbot, the user information can be secured.
  • Make sure there is no confidential information of your company encoded in the chatbots. People can collect them by manipulating questions and indulge in fraud.
  • Understand and make sure the platforms where your chatbots are going are secure.
  • How is your product different from and more beneficial than the rest?
  • Before your chatbot goes live, make sure you thoroughly beta-test all the security protocols in order to avoid any sort of mishaps.

Challenge 5: Chatbot testing

This makes the whole process of independently developing chatbots even more complex. Chatbots are continuously evolving due to up-gradation in their Natural Language means. Hence, it's necessary for you to keep testing your Chatbot to check for its accuracy and legibility. Purchasing chatbots from vendors reduces this additional responsibility, thus saving your time, labor, and energy.

Challenge 6: Viability of data

Cluttering your Chatbot with excessive data or even inflicting technologically advanced systems will yield no results if your chatbot does not capture the USP for your enterprise. It is not only necessary for your Bot to be enriched with relevant data but also to equip the capability of reaching out to your target audience through brand identity and awareness. To overcome this, you could follow up on the questions below to keep regular check-ins:

  • Are your virtual agents delivering to the targeted audience?
  • How does it present your business goals uniquely?
  • How is your product different from and more beneficial than the rest?

Chatbots are a gift from AI to the customer service function of businesses.
- Medium article on chatbot adoption.


It definitely is a great idea to involve chatbots in your digital marketing, yielding efficient results in less amount of time. But creating one that meets all the expectations of your organization can be pretty challenging. Measure and implement effective and well-planned strategies before presenting your audience with your Chatbot.

Engati chatbot along with templates is the ultimate solution to all your worries

  • You can build your bots without the need for processing and coding tools. You can literally create bots in under 10 minutes for free! Schedule your chatbot demo now!
  • It is also available on many platforms and is easily accessible. Consisting of one single code base for all, it saves your time and is easy on the pockets.
  • It is a SaaS-based platform. It is built using advanced open stack chatbot technologies, giving you the experience of high-class technology and better performance.

To know more, please visit us at Engati. Also, read our blog to understand more about chatbots ecosystem.

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