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Messenger chatbots: All you need to know about Facebook Messenger bots

Jeremy DSouza
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Messenger chatbots: All you need to know about Facebook Messenger bots
No one wants to install a new app for every business or service they want to interact with.

That’s what Zuckerberg said in his keynote speech while launching Facebook Messenger chatbots.

But chatbots had been around for a while, even before he said that. How did he plan on changing the game with his Messenger chatbots?

What’s different about Facebook Messenger chatbots?

Mark’s major advantage lies in the fact that Messenger notifications pop up rather overtly on the user’s screen. This causes them to be noticed and replied to even if the user isn’t on the app at that point in time.

This is pivotal since native chatbots living in websites & mobile applications could only reach users if and when they were using these websites or apps. 

Zuckerberg literally blessed marketers with the ability to push promotional messages & content in a way that people will notice.


Facebook made it really easy for users to find your bots. They can search for them through the Messenger application. 

But the good folks over at Messenger didn’t want to force you to leave discovery up to chance. They’ve given you opportunities to be proactive and promote your bot for the users to interact with. Here’s a rundown on some of the methods you can employ to get your bot out for the masses to use:

Messenger links

Facebook generates links to your Messenger bot, using your Facebook page’s username. Users clicking those messenger links will get be taken directly to your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Customer matching

This lets you connect customers that are already in your database to your bot. Messenger lets you add them by their phone numbers. You can use their phone numbers to send them messages directly in your Messenger bot.

Messenger codes

These are essentially QR codes for your Messenger Chatbots. They can be printed out & stuck in physical locations and work in a fashion similar to Snapchat and Instagram codes. On being scanned, they redirect users to your chatbot.

Messenger buttons

Facebook lets you embed these buttons into your website. This allows anyone who clicks on them to initiate a conversation with your chatbot.

What’s the world doing with them?


HP came up with a Messenger chatbot that allowed people to print documents, files and pictures through any connected printer. PrintBot let people send images directly from Messenger to a printer, regardless of where they were. They no longer had to be physically present and hunt for connection wires in order to get something printed.


Marriott created their very first Facebook bot back in 2016. It allowed guests to combine their reward points when Marriott purchased Starwood hotels.

This Messenger bot took off so well, that Marriott created an entire fleet of chatbots. From making reservations to showcasing content from the Marriott Traveller Magazine, their bots can do it all. They even send you tips, tricks and suggestions to make your stay with Marriott a better experience.

Amanda Moore, senior director of Social & Digital Marketing at Marriott International, said that they utilize chatbots in collaboration with humans. She said, “We truly believe the machine experience is best paired with a human. They can always signify if they want to speak to a real person. If the chatbot can’t answer a question, it can route to one of our associates.”

Marriott essentially utilizes a live chat function to give their guests a choice between speaking to a bot and a human, improving their customer experience.


Chromeo is a Canada based, Electro Funk band that uses a chatbot with TONS of personality to connect with their raving fans. They making talking to a bot feel like the absolute opposite of robotic.

Chromeo sends song recommendations to their fans via their Messenger Chatbot. It pushes out suggestions and essentially markets their own music while making it a fascinating experience.


Fandango knows that a lot of their users don’t want to take the effort to switch apps just to access a bit of content. Sure they could just wait for users to download the app, navigate to the movie that they’re interested in and then read the review or watch the trailer. But that’s more effort than a lot of the users want to make.

That’s why they came up with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot from which users can watch trailers and even find local showtimes.

How can I use them?

Generate & qualify leads

Messenger bot makes it easy to generate leads. You can actually collect email addresses by simply asking for them and then, using Zapier, transfer their replies into your Email CRM (eg. MailChimp & Salesforce)

You even qualify leads, using the decision node to find out whether they fit certain criteria.

Build relationships

The only way someone will buy from you is if they trust you. And the best way to get them to trust you is by establishing a relationship with them.

Messenger bots allow you to build a relationship with your potential customers. Especially if you use these bots to share content that provides them with value. Sending them content that is beneficial and/or educational to them gets users to trust you, and that’s when your chances of getting a sale go up.

Diversify service lines

You can only handle so many service requests via phone calls. If that’s your only way of taking care of your customers, your lines will certainly get swamped. Using  Messenger chatbots, you can provide support to multiple customers at the same time.

Even if customers want to have a conversation with an actual human agent, with Live Chat software, the agent can handle more than 7 customers simultaneously.

Solve the ‘abandoned cart’ issue

An issue that has been plaguing E-Commerce operators ever since E-Commerce came into existence. Abandoned carts are the one thing that E-Commerce businesses have nightmares about.

Messenger chatbots reduce cart abandonment by making the checkout process substantially easier.

They even help in retrieving carts that were already abandoned. By sending the users reminders and offers, E-commerce chatbots can lure them back into completing their purchases.

Educate them!

There’re some things about your product or service that your users need to know in order to utilize your offerings to their full potential. But a lot of them aren’t too keen on digging through your knowledge base to find a bit of information. It’s too much effort. A Facebook Messenger Chatbot would be a simple and effective way for them to access information about your products and services.

All they’d need to do is type in the query they have in mind and then could receive the information directly in chat format. Alternatively, they could even get a link that takes them to the exact spot in your online knowledge base that explains the topic that they’re interested in. No need for them to take the effort to painstakingly navigate through your knowledge base (and possibly give up before finding what they need).

What’s in it for me?

Good question. The benefits of employing Messenger Chatbots are numerous. Here’re a few ways in which you could use a Messenger bot to improve your business processes.

Catch them where they are

Your users are already chatting on Facebook. That’s where you bait them in. You don’t have to make the effort to send them to an external site or a different application (which they may not even want to download in the first place). Make it easy. Comfortable. Minimize the effort that they need to put in to reach you and you’ve got yourself a winning strategy.

Make it personal(ized)

Your Messenger bots can collect customer preference data, based on their conversations with the users. Now, using this information, they can curate marketing messages, offers, promotional messages and content relevant to the users’ interests.

Personalized content and offers are more powerful than average marketing messages. Messenger chatbots help you employ this with ease.

Get ‘em clickin’

Messenger Chatbots boast phenomenal ORs and CTRs. On average, Messenger chats have Open Rates of 70-80% and Click-Through Rates well above 20%. Send them content that interests them enough and they will take action.

Make it obvious

One of the biggest advantages of deploying a bot on Messenger — notifications are obvious. The chances of readers missing out on what you have to say are tremendously reduced. And you can thank Facebook Messenger's 'in-your-face' style of sending notifications for that.

If your users have conversations with your Messenger chatbots on their phones (quite likely), you’re in luck. Facebook Messenger sends out notifications that are the absolute opposite of subtlety. And clearly, it’s working. The Open Rates and Click-Through Rates above make that quite obvious.


Zuckerberg clearly created a winner when he launched Facebook Messenger Chatbots. Missing out on these would be a mistake that you would definitely not want to make. 

We can make it even easier for you to make and deploy a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. With Engati, you can build and create a chatbot without having to know anything about coding. But we don’t just stop there. We let you deploy your bots on a variety of platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, and even your own website.

Build your own Facebook bot today! Try Engati for free!

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