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6 ways to use live chat to generate leads and increase conversions

Shane Barker
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6 ways to use live chat to generate leads and increase conversions

Customer service is an important part of any business’ operations. When you serve your customers well, it leads to a better customer experience as well, which, in turn, can help improve customer loyalty.

Live chat is a decisive factor that comes into play when we’re talking about customer service. Nearly 41% of consumers prefer to use live chat support. At the same time, an overwhelming 52% of them even say that they would repurchase from a company that offers live chat. 

According to Forrester, live chat increases average order value for sales

But how does it impact your lead generation efforts and conversion rates?

Let’s find out.

How Does Live Chat Impact Lead Generation and Conversions?

Here’s how live chat can generate more leads for you and increase your conversions. 

1. Real-Time Assistance

One of the biggest advantages that live chat offers is that it helps you assist your prospects in real-time. Whenever the prospect has any question about your product or service, they’ll likely want to learn more about it. 

And how does live chat help with that?

When you’ve got solutions for live chat on your website, your prospects can seamlessly ask their questions and get them answered in real-time. When their questions are answered quickly, it’s likely that those who were sitting on the fence will purchase your product or service.

In fact, about 38% of consumers say that they’re more likely to buy from those businesses that offer live chat support. Even businesses realize this as 79% of them said that live chat has a positive impact on sales.

2. Direct Lead Generation

Live chat can also directly help you generate leads. For this, you can integrate a 3rd party tool with your live chat platform. Whenever a prospect lands on your website and wants to chat with a customer support representative, you can request that they enter their name and email address.

Many prospects will happily oblige if they’re getting to communicate with an agent in real-time. 

When they provide their contact details to you, they’ll essentially become your leads. This way, live chat can help you boost your lead generation efforts with ease.

3. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Yet another unconventional way through which live chat can help in boosting your lead generation efforts is through word-of-mouth marketing. This could, of course, be both positive and negative.

About 20% of consumers have told their friends or colleagues about negative live chat experiences. However, about 29% of them have shared such details about positive live chat experiences too. 

So, what’s the key here?

You need to ensure that your live chat experience is top-notch. When this happens, you’ll benefit from positive word-of-mouth marketing which can bring more leads to your brand. 

A great way to find out if the live chat experience is positive or not is by adding a feedback form at the end of the live chat. You can ask the consumers to fill it out. This can help you identify and rectify any problems with your live chat and deliver a positive customer experience. 

4. Personalization 

Personalization plays a major role in helping you drive conversions for your brand. An overwhelming 91% of consumers say that they’re likely to shop from brands that provide personalized recommendations. 

Needless to say, if you’re not personalizing your offerings already, you’re likely missing out on a big chunk of your customers. 

But how does live chat help with this?

Through live chat, you can figure out the likes and dislikes of each customer and accordingly personalize your offerings for them. 

And the best part?

This conversational manner of finding their preferences works well as consumers would otherwise be put off by long forms. At the same time, you won’t have to go through the process of collecting a lot of data and analyzing it too.

5. Understand Your Audience

Just the way you can gather data on your prospects to customize your offerings for them, you can also use it to understand your audience. 

How is that?

By figuring out your customer preferences, location, and the products they’re looking for, you can understand your audience’s likes and dislikes. 

This data can come in handy as it’ll help you fine-tune your customer personas. As a result, you’ll be able to improve your marketing message for each of these personas. 

This sort of targeted marketing approach would mean that the messaging would be more relevant for your audience. And this, in turn, increases their chances of responding positively to it and becoming your leads or conversions.

6. Source Leads

Yet another powerful way in which live chat plugins can help you generate leads and improve your conversions is by sourcing leads. Instead of waiting for the prospect to approach you for a live chat, you can reach out to them.

A great way of doing so is by adding a prompt a few seconds after they’ve entered your website. This prompt could ask them if you could help them with anything. 

Such prompts can catch their attention and they may start chatting with you in real-time. During this chat, you can help them find the right product for them and direct them to the product page too. 

Doing so can help increase your conversions drastically as the visitors won’t have to spend a lot of time or put in the effort to find the products or services of their choice. 

Final Thoughts

Live chat is a crucial element of any e-commerce business and can help improve both lead generation and conversion rates.

Through live chat, you can provide real-time assistance to your prospects. At the same time, you can collect their contact information and get them to become leads. 

What’s more?

Positive live chat experiences can also aid word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. So make sure you collect feedback from your prospects and implement it. It’s also possible to understand your audience better and personalize your offerings using live chat. 

And that’s not all...

You can even source leads by prompting your visitors to communicate with your customer support team and then directing them to the products or services of their choice. 

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Shane Barker on using live chat for lead generation and conversions

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He is specialized in sales funnels, targeted traffic and website conversions.

He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, Influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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