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Introducing Engati Live Chat

Imtiaz Bellary
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Introducing Engati Live Chat

Laura is an active user of the Muzeekmee app on her smartphone. Muzeekmee is a leading music streaming app available on both Android and Apple iOS, has over 1M downloads across both the app stores. Laura purchased a professional version which was priced at 29 USD per month and provided up to 5 GB of storage.

One day, as Laura was traveling to work, she noticed that she was unable to login into the Muzeekmee app and was receiving an error repeatedly. She quickly opened up the Muzeekmee website, navigated to the support section and found 3 ways to reach out – Web chat, FB Messenger and WhatsApp.  

As she was very upset with the experience, she quickly opened Muzeekmee over FB Messenger, and even reached out to them via web chat and WhatsApp. She was now conversing with 3 different agents on 3 different messaging channels and each of them was asking her the same set   of   questions.   Frustrated   with   the   experience, Laura   decided   to uninstall the app.

Many businesses like  Muzeekmee are losing loyal customers to poor customer experience. It is touted that customer experience is a key differentiator along with the traditional 4Ps of marketing that influence a buying decision.

At Engati, with our experience of chatbots in the customer experience domain, we have a vision to help businesses improve experiences for their customers and  thereby retain them and grow revenues. Engati Live Chat is the first step in our vision of revolutionizing customer experience for businesses.

So, why do you need Engati Live Chat for your business?

uses of live chat software

Reason 1 – Make every conversation count:  

Engati Live Chat allows you to respond to customer conversations coming in from 14 different messaging platforms – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Web chat, Mobile etc.

On top of that, you can stitch conversations from the same user across multiple channels together. The agent responding is cognizant of the customer’s previous conversations across channels.

Reason 2 – Improve agent productivity real time:  

Agents can now work on a one-view inbox with conversations from across the 14 different messaging platforms in a single view. Agents can converse, upload images/files, send emojis etc

Reason 3 – Build a cost-effective support organization:  

Engati Live Chat comes with native conversational automation and AI capabilities that allows the chatbot to respond for self-service queries and conversational flows across 14 different messaging platforms.  

Imagine having the chatbot resolving 80% of the incoming conversations and only transferring to an agent if required.

Reason 4 – Reduce response time & Improve CSAT:  

According to EConsultancy, 79% of consumers favor live chat support as it allows for almost instant responses. Engati Live Chat has native skill-based routing capability. Assign skills and channels to manage per agent. Set up business rules based on incoming conversations and leverage automation to drive routing in real-time.

Reason 5 – Manage team efficiency in real-time:  

With Engati Live Chat, you can monitor the team in real-time. You can even allow supervisors to take over conversations and administer team performance with real-time dashboards.

Reason 6 – Do more with Integrations:  

Allow your agents and supervisors to work with other enterprise systems within the one-view inbox. Setup the system (chatbot included) to work with CRMs, ticketing systems seamlessly

Reason 7 – Reach a global audience:  

Be it the chatbot or the agent, you can converse in 50+languages with Engati. Multilingual chatbots can understand customer queries in multiple languages and respond to them.

Reason 8 – Flaunt your branding, build recall:  

Customize the web widget for logos, colours, font styles etc., to drive and grow your brand recall

Reason 9 – Work with a global product:  

Engati has over 30,000 customers across multiple industries (including governments) in 186 countries who leverage Engati’s automation and AI to scale up and speed up their conversations. Engati even provides technical support round the clock over email and calls.

Engati Live Chat is available at $19 per agent per month (billed annually) with a 7-day trial to setup your team.

There's a 10x decrease in the odds of making contact with a lead after just five minutes without a response.
- Neil patel on Live Chat Marketing.

The road ahead

This is just the beginning, Engati will also provide for group chat, voice/video chat, screenshare etc., in the next few months.

Excited? Try our Live Chat platform for free.

If you register with us right now, you can get started with Engati’s customer engagement platform with unlimited live chat agents, free for 30 days! Click the get started button now!

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