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7 ways to increase conversions with live chat

Jeremy DSouza
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7 ways to increase conversions with live chat

You read that right. Live chat is not merely limited to customer service. Its powers extend to sales too.  

In fact, it's so powerful, that studies have shown chatters spending 60% more than non-chatters.

And that’s not just for B2C sales. According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), B2B companies tend to see a 20% boost in conversions when they use live chat.

How does live chat software increase conversions?

1. Lead generation

2. Builds trust

3. Answers last-minute questions

4. Provides insights about customers

5. Enables upselling

6. Helps sell complex offerings

7. Increases customer lifetime value

Let’s dive in

Lead generation

Sure, you can have a form on your website. Here’s the thing though, it’s probably going to get ignored.

It’s not your fault. As consumers, we’re so bombarded with forms and buttons that our minds start to filter them out. They’re essentially like ambient noise to us at this point.

One of the best ways to get them to share information with you is to have a live chat software window overtly pop up on the corner of their screen, grab their attention and engage them in a conversation.

Once they’ve spoken to your agents, they’ll be more comfortable sharing information with you.

Builds trust

The personalized conversations they have with your agents will help them trust you more. Especially if your agents are genuinely helpful and not extremely salesy.

But the cool thing is that they don’t even need to have a conversation with your agents for them to trust you to a greater extent.

According to a study into Global Customer Trends, by ATG, 90% of customers said that the mere presence of the live chat widget makes them feel more confident about the organization.  

It shows them that they could get support quickly, as and when they need it. So, they now trust you, even without having a conversation with you.

Answers last minute questions

How many times have you wanted to buy something online, but had a question at the very last moment and couldn’t find an answer for it quickly?

What happened next?

You moved on, right? That’s how we’re wired. As a species, we now have shorter attention spans than ever before.

So, if your customers have questions, you need to provide them with answer, in real-time. They’re not waiting.  

Forrester has even shown that 53% of consumers abandon their online purchases if they don’t find instant answers to their questions. Live chat can be very useful in combating cart abandonment.

Provides insights about customers

With live chat, you get to learn about the people who buy from you. It eliminates the shadows and shines floodlights upon your customers.

You get a clearer idea of who they are, what they want and where they are in the sales cycle. The analytics dashboards on the Engati LiveChat portal even help you understand what they’re asking about the most, which helps you answer those questions faster.

Enables upselling

While engaging your customers over live chat, you have the opportunity to upsell without coming off as an overbearing salesperson.  

You’re not blindly pushing products that only help you with you quotas. You’re had a chance to understand your customers. You know what they want and you’re recommending products that will actually be beneficial to them.

Helps sell complex offerings

Normal, routine purchases may be easy. But some can be rather confusing. Take insurance as an example. Organizations like Qatar Insurance Company and Oman Insurance realized that their customers need help.

They understood that it didn’t make sense to force customers to navigate through multiple webpages to find the policy that’s best for them, so they got in touch with Engati and deployed chat systems to deliver recommendations and drive sales.

Live chat can make your customers’ lives easier, especially when it comes to making complicated purchases.

Increases customer lifetime value

An eMarketer study has even shown that 60% of consumers would return to a website offering live chat support.  

That’s what great customer experiences do; they keep the customers coming back for more. The customers know that they’re going to be treated well and get fantastic support when they visit your site, so they’ll return for further purchases, increasing their lifetime value.

But that’s not all.

They’ll bring others along with them.

Studies have shown that 97% of customers will share the word about great customer experiences. And they’ve also shown that 70% of them will spend more money with companies that provide great customer service.

And since customers prefer live chat to emails or phone calls, it’s a very potent method of increasing your customer lifetime value.

customer satisfaction across support channels

Making the most out of it

Here are a few best practices for optimizing your conversion rate with live chat.

1. Chat in your customers’ preferred language

2. Integrate it with your CRM

3. Respond quickly

4. Use automation along with live chat

Chat in your customers’ preferred language

If you don’t speak their language, they’re going to look at you as an outsider. They won’t trust you, which means that they won’t buy from you.

With a live chat system like Engati’s, you can engage your customers in 54 languages, including, but not limited to, Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic, Persian, Farsi, Urdu, and Hebrew.

Integrate it with your CRM

When you integrate your live chat system with your CRM, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of all your customer interactions.

It helps you understand your customers in a deeper manner, allowing you to curate your offerings to meet their needs.

Your agents won’t have to go back and forth across systems to access the information they need. It will all be in one place and will help them make better decisions, increasing the odds of conversions.

Respond quickly

The longer the wait, the lower the odds of making the sale. With our 8-second attention spans, a customer isn’t going to stick around too long to get a response.

A great way to speed things up is to use Engati Live Chat’s quick replies. These pre-saved responses can be sent by simply clicking on them. Your agent won’t even have to waste time typing the response out.

Engati Platform Quick Responses

Use automation along with live chat

Here’s an even better way of speeding responses up. Your customers would get help whether your agents are available or not. Using an AI chatbot along with live chat services is a fantastic way to be there your customers 24/7.

If websites users can’t find the answer to a question, 55% of them will abandon the site. Live chat is a known way to combat this. This may be part of the reason why live chat helps to increase conversions.
- Go Squared on increasing conversions with live chat.

Optimize your conversion rate with Engati Live Chat

With Engati Live Chat, you’ve got everything you need to drive sales. Leverage our integrations, quick replies and a host of other, powerful features in tandem with our chatbot platform to engage your customers in 54 different languages.  

Try Engati Live Chat + automation for free. No credit card needed. Register here!

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