How to build a Facebook Messenger chatbot in 10 minutes

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How to build a Facebook Messenger chatbot in 10 minutes

We live in a connected world where communicating across distances doesn’t involve any pigeons or postmen. Social media is essential in all urban lives. From the past 15 years, there sits the king of all social platforms- Facebook!

Facebook brought in a new era and coined the idea of how ‘online socialization’ should be. With over 2.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide today!

What are Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

Though Facebook remains unbeaten, there are many emerging conversational platforms that provide the same ‘social’ experience but in different ways. One such conversational platform that’s caught all the marketers’ attention is an AI-equipped chatbot! AI chatbots have been used extensively, across all the sectors of the industries. From your bank organization to your home, everything has turned ‘intelligent’, bringing upon the age of smart-living. Businesses were looking to use this AI-driven chatbot technology innovatively. And that’s when the idea arose- “Why don’t we integrate chatbots on social media platforms? Facebook has 1.4 billion daily users, so won’t that be a great platform to connect our business to a wider audience?”

Fast-forward to today

It’s been a couple of years since Mark Zuckerberg announced that you can make Facebook Messenger chatbots for business accounts and everyone’s been going gaga ever since! Facebook is the largest messaging platform available today with over a million people on Messenger. According to the stats, the top 4 messaging apps have more users than the top 4 social networks! With businesses leveraging all the benefits from Messenger chatbots, there has been an increase in the number of registrations.

There are more than 300,000 active chatbots on Facebook's Messenger! Chatbots can take on the burden of time-consuming business tasks and handle communications with your visitors, becoming the first point of contact. This is accelerating communication between businesses and customers on a faster-scale. And facebook data shows that!

  • 61% of people in the UK messaged a business in the three months between March and June 2018
  • 53% of people are more likely to interact with a business they can message directly
  • More than 50% of people consider business messaging the modern way to communicate

Now more than ever, there are benefits of adding a bot to your Facebook page in order to respond to customers quicker than ever and provide them with a high-quality service.

YET, there are many businesses that refrain from merging bots into their pages on social platforms! The reason why? It’s because they think making chatbots is expensive, time-consuming and not a cup of tea for those unfamiliar with coding. And yes it is, but only when you build a bot manually!

Benefits of a messenger bot

The advantages of Facebook chatbots are many. But to list them down conceptually, here are a few benefits of Messenger bots as follow

Better open rates

Messenger marketing crushes email when it comes to engagement. A competitive email marketer can expect to achieve 5-10% open rates. But with Messenger marketing, open rates skyrocket to 70-80% in the first hour.

Better engagement

facebook bot provide a better channel for businesses to engage with their customers and reach a wider audience.

Automate Q&A for common queries

Chatbots can be the first point of contact for your business and with integrating them on Facebook, you can be easily available to your customers and provide assistance for common queries 24/7.

Deliver daily or weekly messages

Engage your audience by sending in notifications, suggestions, news on discounts, etc through your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Prompt users to book services

You can make use of carousels and provide CTA buttons on your Messenger to book services or buy your products. By providing CTA through your chatbot, your customers don’t have enough time to change their minds and move down the sales funnel faster.

Send special offers or coupons

If you’re an e-commerce enterprise, Facebook marketing seems to be the ideal strategy for you. Sending your customers special offers and discount notifications through your Messenger chatbot is a lot more effective than sending emails that end up going in the spam section. Your message is communicated clearly and effectively with chatbots.

Conduct polls and surveys

One interesting way of collecting information- Polls and surveys. You can now create polls on your chatbot and send it to your customers and collect their feedback easily or even make statistical analysis.

Announce new blog posts or send new content to subscribers

One great way of marketing your brand and increasing ROI is through blog posts and articles. And with chatbots, you can increase your traffic by sending your audience announcements, links or even a piece of content.

Inform any new updates or features

Facebook chatbots are ideal for communicating any updates and new features in your business. You don’t have to spend any time on promoting your new updates, you can just do it cost-effectively through your chatbot!

Save time and money on customer care

Customers expect 24/7 availability, but they hate waiting on hold. They also ask many of the same questions over and over (and over) again. If you’re spending a lot of time helping people track deliveries, check your return policy, or book appointments, a little automation will go a long way. Free up your focus for the tasks that a Messenger chatbot can’t do.

Identify leads

As your bot greets potential customers, it can identify their needs, ask basic questions, (i.e., “What’s your budget?”) and immediately direct high-quality leads to your human sales team.

Handle e-commerce transactions

With the right script, bots can do the selling, too. And because everything happens without leaving the comfort of Facebook Messenger, drop-off rates are lower than in a traditional ad-to-webpage pipeline. Also, conversational commerce leaves room for personalized upselling as the bot makes suggestions. Everything from “Seems your flight won’t be leaving until 4 PM. Would you prefer a late check-out?” to “Fries with that?”

How to build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot in 10 minutes?

Did you know that chatbots have single-handedly contributed to an increase in profits by 25%?

Also, 43% of the millennials leverage social channels to engage in customer support today. Chatbots at social platforms allow businesses to automate conversations with people who click on your Facebook Messenger to start a discussion. Through this, people can easily get in touch with your business.

Well, that sounds worthwhile, and you know what? Anyone can build this bot! Using bot building tools such as Engati, all you need to be is S-M-A-R-T. There is no coding required at all! Convenient, isn’t it?

So, to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register with Engati
    Register with Engati for free to get started right away!
  2. Go to the Bot Marketplace
    Explore Engati’s Bot Marketplace. Then select your use-case, go through 150+ bot templates and download one that’s a perfect fit for your requirements.
  3. Construct and customize your conversational flow
    You can add carousels, build paths, use multilingual features and much more. You can also customize your own welcome message and default answers, though they’re already inbuilt in our bots using the NLP engine.
  4. Go to the ‘Deploy’ section after you’re done building the bot
    This section lets you integrate your bot on any platform of your choice. Our bots can be currently integrated on 12 platforms like Slack, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Kik, Telegram etc, including Zapier and JSonAPI that allows more integrations to be possible.
  5. Make sure you have a Facebook page already and your account is connected
    To integrate a bot on your Facebook page, having an existing Facebook account is a given!
  6. Link the bot to your Facebook page
    To deploy the bot on Facebook, copy your Facebook account URL, paste it in the deploy bar, hit the deploy button and voila! Here’s your new Messenger bot!

Facebook Messenger chatbot best practices:

Here are some hard-earned tips from the experts, aimed at those of you who are ready to build your own Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Set your expectations

No bot can do everything—yet. When you’re designing your first campaign, select one goal or use case for the bot to handle. Popular ideas include customer service, lead identification, product promotion, or discovery.

Keep it simple, and walk before you run.

Set your customer’s expectations

This works the other way, too: often, your bot will be teaching the user how to interact with it as it goes. Alas, utopian-minded people who expect your appointment-booking bot to pass the Turing test may be disappointed. And folks who have no idea what a bot is could be equally frustrated.

Clearly define the chatbot’s role in initial interactions to keep everyone on the same page. Then, throughout the interaction, program the chatbot to take the lead in guiding the user through the experience.

Invite personalization

Segmenting your customers and getting to know them drives engagement. Bots that invite a person to identify their preferences and narrow down options have much higher click-through rates. Build a bot that people genuinely want to interact with.

Get to the point

Bots are still pretty novel, but ultimately the goal here is to save users time. According to Engati CX influencer Dan Gingiss, you have to give customers exactly what they want, with zero effort.

"If the process takes 3 clicks, make it 2 clicks. If it’s 2 clicks, make it 1 click".
-Dan Gingiss

P.S check out our panel discussion with Dan, Shep Hyken, and other here!

Always have a human on-hand

A bot’s success depends on its ability to recognize when a human being is needed. Automated conversations are fabulously speedy and responsive, but they can’t replace human connection.

Customers should have the option, at any point in the conversation, to connect with a person. Pro tip: Hootsuite Inbox supports the Facebook Messenger handover protocol, so you can manage and reply to all your direct messages in one place, including ones initiated by chatbots.

Be transparent

While a bot’s ability to store and remember information is one of its most attractive features (everyone wants to feel like a regular!) be upfront with users about data retention. What data will be stored? How will it be used? How can a person opt-out?

Give your users power over their private information.

Keep learning

Once you’ve built it, integrate your bot into your marketing calendar and your overall Facebook strategy. Your Facebook Messenger bot isn’t replacing email, customer service agents, or apps yet, but it offers features of all three, which means it must be treated like the unique beast it is.


Engati has been listed as the top 10 Facebook messenger chatbot tools of 2019 by If you’re trying to grow your business through social media, integrating a chatbot to keep up with customer demands is the ideal option. Ultimately, what contributes to an increase in sales and building good brand value in the market is customer satisfaction.

So keep your customers happy by paying attention to their queries. According to a recent study, 90% of the customers require immediate solutions, while only 49% of them actually receive it. Chatbots are the answer and can increase customer satisfaction by 10%.

So what are you waiting for? Register with Engati to build your first messenger bot now!

Here's a youtube tutorial demonstrating how to build Facebook Messenger chatbots!

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