Hire the faster & smarter way with a recruitment chatbot

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Hire the faster & smarter way with a recruitment chatbot

Do you feel the agony of repetitive queries? Do you dread the resignation of an employee? Fear the long list of candidates you have to scroll through just to get that one good hire?

These can be painstaking and tedious processes for HR teams that already have a lot on their plates. Of course, there’s always that fear of making silly mistakes which we humans tend to do every so often. You may think any other alternative would be very expensive and your company doesn’t need that kind of an investment. Investments are value-driven and many recruiters may not see value apart from in human beings.

That’s where most get it wrong!

Replacing the monotonous tasks of HR teams is now very simple and is being adopted widely across the globe. DBS bank recently adopted a recruitment chatbot called JIM. Interestingly, a veteran recruiter saw potential candidates asking more questions to the chatbot than at any other point in his lifetime. This clearly underlines that humans are shy of fellow humans; they find security in how a chatbot responds and interacts without having to feel shy and thinking of being constantly judged, especially as they could be the company’s next hire.

Chatbots are unbiased

The system of referring a potential employee is still prevalent in most parts of the world. This could be a major cause for the disruption of meritocracy. Recruitment chatbots can help hire the right kinds of people with the right qualifications. Companies can save a lot of time and money on recruitment and paraphernalia, simply by deploying a chatbot that can help in-

- Hiring candidates

- Collecting feedback from employees

- Sorting attendance, salaries, documents of employees

- Answering queries internally and externally

- Scheduling appointments for employees and other routine tasks

Let’s get into the details before you hire

Why should you really consider chatbots for your organization?

Chatbots aren’t only for the big ones out there, they are very helpful for startups too. The growing need for advancement and the race to stay ahead of the competition can only be quenched through Artificial Intelligence Chatbots.

So, what is so intelligent about a chatbot?

Chatbots can hold a conversation with you because of the magic of NLP. Natural Language Processing helps the bot relate to user inputs and send out correct replies. So, a chatbot can scan through candidate profiles, collect relevant data, and store it in a database. As a recruiter, you always have the access to this user data which is secure and safe at all times. Recruitment chatbots can even promote job listings to people who interact with your bot. It can help the candidate choose from the data displayed in the form of text or even images in a carousel format. The candidate will select the relevant job post and can apply for it through the bot itself. From the personal data collected, emails can be sent automatically to the potential candidate for the interview details.

Save time, you have better things to do

Apart from this, chatbots can help in sorting out internal communications in a company that take up so much of the HR’s time. Bots can smoothen the entire process of communication leaving no room for mistakes, whether minor or major. Chatbots can schedule appointments, respond to frequent employee queries in a blink, and even entertain them! All this, you might think, would cost you a fortune to hire. But think again, for chatbots can be very very cost-effective if you have to hire the best talent. Researchers say that investment on chatbot technology is highly value-driven. And the icing on the cake? You don’t have to have knowledge about coding or any programming language, as it's a no-code chatbot platform!

Take a step in the new age of HR practices. Register with Engati and deploy your very own Recruitment chatbot today, for free!

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